The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 22


I sit in my office, making calls to other Alphas while my Angel sits across my lap, reading a book about werewolves. I actually forgot I have it here, but Angel noticed it on the bookshelf when I carried her inside.

As I talk to an Alpha from a neighboring pack about the gathering I’m organizing to deal with the Undead issue, I watch my mate, who is completely engrossed in her book, swinging her legs happily. I almost laughed when I noticed that her feet don’t even touch the floor as she sits on my lap.

I feel Angel lean against my bare chest after a while. Looking down to her, I catch cute little yawn escape her mouth, despite her attempts to stop it. I should’ve let her sleep. She must be so tired by now. She woke up at night and hasn’t gone back to sleep till now. I’m such an asshole. I’m already messing this whole mate thing up, my poor Angel must be so disappointed in me.

I quickly finish my talk with Alpha Steven before cradling my mate closer to my chest, placing her across my legs so she’s lying in my arms like a baby. She looks up to me questioningly and I can’t stop myself from pecking her cute face.

“I can see you’re tired, little one. I’ll take you to bed, hmm?” I suggest.

“I’m okay. It’s comfortable here.” She snuggles closer to me, making me smile adoringly at her. She’s adorable. “But I liked you better as a wolf. You were fluffy.” I laugh at her words. No one has ever called my wolf fluffy.

“Don’t laugh. Your fur, well your wolf’s fur, was really soft. And I got used to it.” She frowns cutely, causing me to kiss her pouting lips.

“Demon is ecstatic to hear you say that. He’s been waiting to have some alone time with you, but I blocked him as a revenge for cutting me off earlier.” I chuckle, hearing Demon snarl at me to let him out.

“So your wolf can be in human form, too?” She asks curiously and I lean back in my chair cradling my Angel in my arms, so the side of her head rests against my chest. I stroke her face as I start my explanation.

“My wolf is a part of me. He is like another person inside my mind. We're not restricted to stay in only one form. I can be wolf and he can be human. When you see me have that unfocused look, it’s when I talk to him in my head. I already told you his name is Demon. He is the animal side of me, much more... primal, instinctual and impulsive, so I have to warn you, he’s going to be really touchy if I let him out and I don’t want him to scare you.”

“Have I met him before? As a wolf?” She asks curiously. I chuckle at that.

“You have. About half the time it was Demon with you instead of me. Actually, he was the one that was with you last night.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Okay? That’s all?” How is she so calm about this?

“It doesn’t bother me.” She shrugs. “He wouldn’t hurt me, right?” She adds worried.


“Of course I wouldn’t!!!” I explode, absolutely appalled that she would even think that.

She tilts her head, confused.

“Your voice sounds different.” She leans up in my arms, looking at my face intently. Her cute face melts my anger away. My adorable Angel. Yes, I was the one behind the name. It fits perfectly. Demon and Angel. Perfect duo.

I smile at my little queen as she tries to figure it out and decide to help her a bit.

“I’m Demon, love.”

“Oh!” My gaze immediately turns to her lips that form a perfect ‘o’. Ignoring Leo’s warnings, I lean down and smash my mouth to hers. She tastes divine!

Throwing everything from the desk, I put my mate on it, deepening the kiss. I run my hand up her leg then move up her torso, leaving it on her upper ribs. I can barely stop myself from marking her right here right now!

She is mine! This perfection is MINE! And I want everyone to know that. I pull away from her delectable lips a few minutes later before trailing my mouth down her neck, paying special attention to the spot on the side of it where my mark will be. I don’t know when she’ll let me mark her, but that doesn’t stop me from making my claim known.

I keep nipping and sucking on the delicate skin on her neck, not missing the light moans and whimpers that escape her mouth and go straight to my groin. This woman is going to be the death of me. I’m about to switch to cold showers permanently because of her.

I lean back, putting my arms on the desk beside her, keeping her caged in front of me. My little queen looks at me with dazed eyes, her mouth lightly parted as she tries to catch her breath. I give her one more peck before pressing our foreheads together.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that. I’ve been waiting for you my whole life, Angel.” I tell her.

“Did I cause that?” She curiously asks, unceremoniously looking to the very visible bulge in my pants. I chuckle at her boldness.

Yes, you did. And you are the only woman that will ever cause this.” I tell her, my voice turning deeper.

I pick her up and she immediately wraps her legs around my waist. I keep kissing her all the way to our bedroom, relishing the feeling of my mate against my skin. She's never leaving my arms, that's for sure.

“You are fucking gorgeous, my Angel, I absolutely love you.” I mumble against her lips as I carry her through the bedroom.

Suddenly she tenses in my arms. I pull away, only to see her stare at me in complete shock.

“Angel, what’s wrong?” I start getting worried after a while, as she stays motionless against me

“You love me?” She whispers shocked. I sit at the edge of the bed, keeping her in my lap, caressing her cheek.

“I do. I love you more than life itself, my little Angel. You brought light to my life and you completely captured my heart.” I tell her honestly.

She relaxes in my arms, burying her face in the crook of my neck, tightening her arms around it.

“I have never had anyone say they love me before.” She softly mumbles into my skin.

“Then I will keep telling you that, again, and again, and again.” I give her a light kiss on her temple.

“How do I know if I feel the same?” My angel implores with a curious look.

“Trust me, you’ll know.” I assure her.

“I’ll tell you when I know, okay?” I chuckle at her cuteness.

“Okay, angel.”

We spent the rest of the day in bed, with my mate snuggled tightly into my body and me caressing her face, neck and hair. We only got out of the bedroom to get something to eat. My little prissy chef had to slap my hands away from her all the time, so she could actually cook. I've realized she really loves cooking and learning new things. But I just couldn’t stay away from her when I had the chance to finally touch her without risking her getting hurt.

Once she’s done preparing our food, even despite my constant bothering, we sit at the table. Angel tries to sit next to me, but I quickly place her in my lap.

“I can eat on my own, Demon.” Angel whines a little when I try to feed her.

“I know, but I want to feed you, werewolves like to take care of their mates.” I softly argue. She seems to accept that and opens her mouth.

I keep feeding her, stealing kisses between bites, but she doesn’t seem to mind. We are really comfortable, even Leo is calm, accepting the fact that I’m the one with our mate now.

Yet I can’t stop thinking about what we learned about her. The Alphas are coming here tomorrow, we need a plan to take down that whole facility. Undeads are tough opponents. We need to get other packs on it.

I feel my blood boil at the thought of the so-called boss of the place and what he’d done to my mate. I will rip him to pieces, slowly, painfully, making sure to prolong his torture as much as I can.

That fucker will pay for hurting my angel.

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