The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 23


Leo and I stand in front of his house, waiting for the other Alphas to arrive. He told me there’s a meeting regarding the Undead issue and the facility.

Since there is no real road into the clearing, the Alphas will arrive in wolf forms. Not that I mind, I’ve been living with only wolves around for weeks now. The Death Squad has also stayed here, and within the last 24 hours, over 30 guys joined us, and the others that are not here are working hard on getting even more.

I feel Leo’s hold tighten on my hand, causing me to look up.

“What’s wrong?” I decide to ask. He seems stressed.

“The Alphas are here.”

“Okay…?” I trail off.

Before Leo can tell me what’s wrong, a group of 7 wolves makes their way across the clearing. They look pissed. Something’s not right.

Leo covers my eyes with his hand as the sound of bones breaking resounds in front of us.

“The fuck is going on, Kingston?! There are fucking rogues everywhere!!!” One of the Alphas exclaims enraged right before Leo takes his hand off my face. The men in front of us are all big and burly, packed with muscles. And they are all furious.

But not even one of them is as good-looking as Leo.

“If this is some fucking trap, I will wipe out your fucking pack, Kingston.” Another Alpha adds.

I notice Delta approach us from behind Leo’s house, causing the Alphas to snarl and growl his way.

“ROGUE!” The first Alpha growls out.

“He’s with me. Delta, tell the others to not engage.” Delta turns to me as soon as I speak.

“You sure, boss?”

“I’m sure.”

With a slight bow he gets this unfocused look in his eyes that Leo told me about, meaning he’s contacting the others. I wish I could do that.

“Leo, what’s going on here?” The first Alpha, whose name I don’t know, asks Leo, sounding confused now, but it’s Delta that answers him.

“We are here with the Beast.” Delta states seriously.

“Beast? Who the fuck is that?!” The Alpha looks even more confused.

“It’s me.” I answer him, my voice hard.

“Alpha Armstrong, meet my mate, Beast.” Leo introduces me, not using the name he gave me, per my request.

As if on cue, all of the Alphas’ eyes turn to me, looking up and down my body critically, causing Leo to growl at them warningly.

“Is Beast your name?” One of the Alphas asks shocked.

“Yes, it is.” I tell him, my voice void of emotion.

“Everything will be explained later. Why don’t we head to my office? Delta, are you joining us?” Leo turns from the Alphas to Delta.

“Beast?” Delta ignores Leo completely, awaiting my decision.

“You’re in.”

The meeting went on for few hours, with me in Leo’s lap. We explained the whole Beast thing, the Death Squad and then discussed the Undead issue. We had to stop a few times, when the Alphas got really mad at some things that were being said. They had no idea the facility even existed or that the wolves taken from their packs were brought there and turned into Deads against their will.

“So how do we fucking go about this?” Alpha Armstrong decides to ask first.

“The Death Squad has over 50 wolves at Beast’s disposal. Most of them are on their way here, apart from the 38 that are already here.”

“I can add another 30.” One of the Alphas, I think his name is Blaine, adds.

“I can lend you 30.”



“30, maybe 40 at most.”

The others also decide to lend their warriors, giving us as much help as they can.

“The boss is not to be messed with. Apart from wolves, he has whole army of specialized men that are trained to fight werewolves. They have weapons and the number advantage.” I tell them. I remember the boss talking about acquiring silver weapons a lot. I had no idea who they were meant for.

“It won’t be easy to take the facility down. As far as I know there are three different branches of it. The one Beast was in is where there are the most Undeads, around 25, but there are over 40 more at the other two places. Undeads are the worst threat, since they can control the Deads now that the commander is gone.” Delta continues.

“Commander?” One of the Alphas asks.

“Sort of our own Alpha. Beast killed him yesterday, along with the second-in-command. Now I’m in charge.”

“You said you’re Delta, right? What happened to the third guy?” Alpha Steven asks, clearly catching on the hierarchy of the Death Squad.

“I killed him, too.” I get a confused look from Leo at this. “The scarred wolf.” I add, making him nod in understanding.

“How did you kill the commander, Luna?” I turn to Alpha Armstrong, slightly surprised at the name.

“I ripped his heart out.” I answer him, getting shocked faces from all the Alphas.

“Your woman sure is fierce, Kingston.” Blaine chuckles.

“She is.” Leo chuckles with him, kissing my temple.

I really like how affectionate he’s been with me since he shifted. I was not left alone for more than few minutes to use the bathroom. He was always touching me, constantly running his fingers through my hair, leaving pecks on my face and neck or kissing me. And to be honest, I don’t mind, at all.

We discuss the plans and tactics for the next hour or so. We decide to organize training sessions for the warriors, so the Death Squad and I can teach them how to fight against the Undeads. Since there are so many warriors to teach, we are going to send the Deads to train the warriors. They also agreed to let the Deads in their territories, for which I’m grateful. There is no way all of the Death Squad could fit in Leo’s land, at least for now.

“Beast, there’s some trouble at the border.” Delta suddenly speaks up, sounding alarmed, catching the Alphas’ attention. Leo knows Delta answers only to me, so he says nothing, letting me handle it.

“Is it fucking rogues?” “Who?” “What’s going on?” A chaos erupts as the Alphas shoot questions at the same time. I stay quiet, glancing at Leo, silently asking him to help.

“Quiet!” He growls, drowning other Alphas’ voices. They shut up, but don’t look happy. I guess his heritage as Alpha's King blood gives him authority over them.

I turn to Delta. “How many are there?” I ask.

“Almost thirty. Humans.” He answers.


“Northeast.” I nod in understanding. It’s Duke’s area. I’ve met him a while ago. The Alphas watch our exchange in silence with surprised expressions.

“Send a team of 15 men there, fight in wolf forms, then send 5 men in each direction to aid the patrols. Leo, tell Duke that I want the northeast patrol to disengage and check the border while the Deads deal with the intruders. Delta, did Axe come back with my stuff?” I asked for Axe to bring me my weapons from the armory at the facility. I had my own special set there, made especially for me by some boss’ associate.

“He came back about an hour ago.” Delta informs, before getting this unfocused look again. “He also brought another 20 guys with him, they want to speak to you.” He adds.

“What for?” Leo asks and I can tell he’s not liking it.

“They want to pledge their loyalty to Beast.” Delta answers Leo’s question while still looking at me.

“Alright, then. Are they nearby?” I get up from Leo’s lap before leaving the room, Delta following right after me. I ignore the shocked looks on the Alphas’ faces.

Leo comes out with me, taking a hold of my hand, intertwining our fingers. I know he’s not exactly happy about the Death Squad being here. Demon explained how they give him an uneasy feeling since they are connected to the Undeads. Which makes sense, since Deads were created with Undead's blood. They are pretty much werewolves turned into monsters.

“Beast!” A group of men dressed in jeans, with bags beside them, greet me as soon as I step out of the house. They kneel before me, baring their necks to me. I read in a book yesterday that for werewolves this is a sign of absolute submission.

The Alphas behind us stay quiet, having already heard about the Death Squad’s intentions. Everyone watches in complete silence as the guys get up one by one and place a light kiss to the back of my hand as they pledge their loyalty to me. Well almost everyone. Leo growls lowly each time a guy approaches me.

“We have received the news on Commander’s death. Our loyalty lies with you now.” One of the guys speaks. “My name’s Steele, this is Claw. We are in charge of this team.” I give him a slight nod in recognition as he introduces himself and his friend.

“We have agreed to let your men into our territories, so you can stay wherever you want.” Leo adds, taking my hand back in his.

“Thanks, but we’d rather stay with Beast. The boss knows you’re gone and he’s not happy. He’s preparing a whole expedition to get you back. He's ready for war.” Steele turns from Leo to me. I feel Leo’s hold tighten on my hand as he growls lowly.

“Delta, how’s the situation at the border?” I turn my attention back to the more important matter.

“It’s being taken care of. Other areas are clear.” He answers.


“Your woman sure knows how to take charge.” I hear one of the Alphas chuckle.

“She’ll make a great Luna, Kingston.” Another Alpha adds, sounding impressed? I think that’s the word. No one's ever spoken about me in such manner, so I can't be sure.

I go with Delta to see Axe, who has my weapons with him. Leo doesn't let go of my hand as all of us go behind his house, where Axe and the Deads that didn’t leave are camping.

“Beast.” Axe is the first to acknowledge me, completely ignoring a group of Alphas behind me.

“Delta said you brought the stuff.” I say, stepping closer.

“I have almost everything. But…” He trails off, unsure.

“But what?” Leo implores.

“I couldn’t get your guns. They were already gone when I got there.” Axe admits, bowing his head.

“It’s fine as long as I have my swords.” I assure him. I’ve always liked my blades better. Guns were never my thing. I almost smile at Axe’s heavy sigh of relief.

After a while, the Deads that were sent to deal with the men from the facility come back, while we’re dividing the men into teams to go to each pack.

“Claw, Axe, Steele, Stone, Knife, Shade and Hammer will divide everyone into teams. Each team will go with one of the Alphas to their respective packs. Delta and his team stay with me. I will contact everyone through him. You will be reporting the progress of the packs’ training to your commander and they will relay the message to Delta. When others arrive, we will split them evenly and send them to you. You guys alright with that?” I turn from the Deads to the Alphas as I give orders.

“Sure. It’s your people, Luna.” Alpha Nolan speaks first. At least I think that’s his name. He’s the Alpha of the neighboring pack on the south. Alpha Blaine is from the east side, Alpha Armstrong from the West. There’s also Alpha Steven, Alpha Jones, Alpha Lucas and Alpha Carson. They came from further packs, not minding the long journey they had to take to come here just to help us. Both Leo and I thanked them for that, appreciating their help.

But I know destroying that fucker will not be easy.

The war has just begun.

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