The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 24


It’s finally full moon, so my pack can shift.

I'm currently sitting in the rocking chair on my front porch with my mate cradled in my arms like a baby as we enjoy the night. The moon shines brightly, everything is quiet and no one disturbs us, simply enjoying their time as humans. Angel and I took a long nap during the day, so we could stay up at night per her request. She wanted to see the full moon and after hearing her say it would be her first time seeing it in her whole life, I just couldn’t say no. I stroke my queen’s hair as she watches the night sky, snuggled into my bare chest.

Shane is the first one to approach us, wearing a black shirt and dark jeans. He’s also groomed his short beard and his hair is slightly tousled as if he’s run his hand through it one too many times. He seems almost nervous as he comes closer, and I would find it laughable, if it weren’t for the fact that the situation we’re dealing with is less than perfect, so everyone is beyond stressed.

“Alpha, Luna.” He bows respectfully as he greets us.

“Who are you?” I chuckle at the confused tone of my mate’s voice.

“It’s Shane, my love.” I tell her.

“OH!!! GREY!!!” She happily exclaims, and I watch as Shane frowns slightly, not exactly liking his nickname, but afraid to say anything.

“Luna, I apologize, but my name is Shane. I would really appreciate it if you could maybe call me by it.” He nervously requests, causing my mate to pout sadly. Oh, I can see right through you, Angel.

“But I like to call you Grey.” She mumbles quietly. Shane looks to me in panic, clearly afraid of upsetting my mate.

“I didn’t mean to upset you Luna, I’m sorry.” I can’t stop myself from laughing at his expression. My little Angel scares the most lethal guy in my pack, who also happens to be almost as big as me.

Angel grins cheekily at me. “Got him!”

Shane looks lost for a moment, but soon realizes that Angel tricked him, releasing a sigh of relief, chuckling to himself.

“You’re so cunning.” I shake my head at her in amusement.

“Cunning? I've never heard that word before. What does it mean?” She asks confused.

“It means you’re really skillful at tricking people.” I explain. I absolutely love that she’s not afraid to ask about things she doesn’t understand, depending on me to teach her. Despite being raised by that monster at the facility, she has a quite wide range of vocabulary, thanks to all the books she read. Sometimes, though, there are words she doesn't know, and that's when she uses me. I also noticed she sometimes has trouble with expressing her feelings and emotions, but I guess that's because no one taught her how to address them.

After the Alphas left yesterday along with the Deads, we spent the rest of the evening reading the book she found earlier, with me leaning against the headboard of the bed and my Angel sitting between my outstretched legs, wrapped in my arms. Every time she had a question, she turned to me, waiting for an explanation.

I watch my Angel as she interacts with Shane. Those two hit it off really well, much to my surprise. I don’t have to worry about them, Angel really likes Shane and accepts him.

But what worries me is Mason’s attitude. He’s been avoiding my mate like the plague, which pisses me off. I told him off a few times, but he just can’t seem to get over the fact that she’s human and it clouds his judgment. If this shit continues, I will remove him from his Beta position, friend or not. I can’t have my second-in-command treat his Luna this way. Even now, it’s Shane who comes up to us and not my Beta.

“Leo? Leo!” I feel my mate nudge me, pulling me out of my thoughts.

“Yes, Angel?” Oh shit, I was not supposed to call her that in front of others! I realize my slip up as soon as the word leaves my mouth.

Angel simply raises her eyebrow at me before sighing, and Shane looks confused.

“I was trying to get your attention for a while now. I want to go fight with Grey.” Shane shakes his head in amusement with a small smile, realizing my mate’s not going to stop calling him by his nickname.

“Fight?” What about her leg? It’s not healed yet. “No.”

I get a challenging look from her at that.

“I’m not asking. I’m saying that I want to go.” She states seriously. She clearly hates being told what to do.

“Then I’m coming with you.” I say.

“Okay.” She agrees readily, trying to get off of me, but I keep a tight hold on her. I get up from the chair, adjusting my mate in my arms, so she’s basically glued to my front. I carry her to the training grounds, with Shane beside me.

“Where did this sudden idea of training come from? It’s dark.” I ask.

“Grey told me you appointed him as my bodyguard, so I said I can beat him anytime.” Angel answers, grinning. She looks so happy.

“But what about your leg? It’s not healed yet, I don’t want you to get hurt, Angel.” I express my worries, getting an amused smirk from my Angel as she leans away from my chest to look at me.

“I could beat him with my hands tied. You’re forgetting that I’ve been training my whole life.” I kiss her lightly before I can stop myself. She’s so hot when she’s confident. My woman sure is fierce.

We reach the training area few minutes later. It’s a small clearing slightly away from the pack houses. I put my Angel down, but still keep her close to me. There are few guys here, training hand-to-hand combat.

“Beast.” They greet with a bow, when they notice us. I’m not surprised to see none of my pack members here. I guess they are enjoying their time as humans. I will push them to train later, during the day.

“Hi guys! What are you doing?” Angel asks with a small wave, not getting out of my hold as she addresses the guys.

“Training. Can’t slack off, right?” Delta answers with a light chuckle, causing my mate to turn around in my arms.

“What does ‘slack off’ mean?” She questions with a curious look.

“It basically means being lazy.” I explain gently.

“Oh, okay.” She turns back to face Shane. “Grey? Wanna fight?” She almost bounces with excitement.

“Sure.” He chuckles.

“You’re gonna fight, Beast?” Delta asks surprised.

“Yeah. I’m going to beat his ass.” My angel confidently states, absolutely sure she’s going to beat him.

I gently turn her around to face me, tying a knot on her shirt, so it won’t slip off of her small body and with a deep kiss I send her off to Shane. She’s excited like a child, I couldn’t possibly ruin this for her.

Shane gets into a fighting stance, while Angel just stands in front of him, completely relaxed.

“Are you ready, Luna?” Shane asks, probably waiting for my mate to get into stance, like him.

“Yeah. You can attack first.” Oh, she’s provoking him.

I watch silently as an amused smirk shows up on Shane’s face. He likes the challenge.

He lunges at Angel, intending to tackle her, but she swiftly ducks to the side, kicking his side when she sees an opening, pushing him away. Shane doesn’t lose his balance, though. But before he can make a move, my angel sends a powerful punch to his side, exactly where she kicked him. She dodges the punch that he sends her way before grabbing onto his arm and, using his hip as leverage, she jumps up, wrapping her legs around his neck, wringing his arm behind his head. He taps out before she can break his arm. With a proud grin she pats his head like a dog and gets off of him. I chuckle at the gesture.

She happily skips back to me and I wrap my arms around her, crushing her to my chest as I kiss her deeply. She’s made me so proud right now. I know Shane held back, that much was obvious, but she still fought with a werewolf and won. Not to mention, she did it so effortlessly.

“You are really strong, Luna. Had I not been a werewolf, your kick would break my ribs.” Shane states impressed. Is he serious? It didn’t look like she put a lot of strength into it.

“If Beast was serious, you could end up dead.” Delta adds chuckling, shocking both me and Shane. I look down to my Angel.

“You weren’t serious?” I was sure she was, since it was her idea to fight with him.

“Of course not. Grey is a friend, I didn’t want to hurt him.” She explains.

We stay at the clearing for about 2 more hours, overseeing the guys’ training. I have to admit, they are really good. My mate stays in my arms as she watches them with a critical look, giving comments here and there and the guys take in her every word, implementing her words of advice immediately.

“How about we leave them and go home? I can hear your stomach rumbling.” I suggest, placing a small kiss on the side of her neck as I keep her in my embrace.

“Stupid stomach.” She mumbles, poking her stomach in annoyance, causing me to laugh. Adorable. I don’t think she realizes the whole clearing has heard her cute mumble with our sharp hearing. I notice a few guys try to stifle their laughter as I pick my Angel up. She immediately wraps her legs around my waist, keeping her face in the crook of my neck. She runs her fingers through my hair as I carry her back to our house. I kiss the side of her head adoringly, remembering how she told me she likes to play with my hair because it reminds her of my wolf’s fur.

I’m greeted by the sight of Mason standing on front of our house.

“Alpha.” He greets me with a slight bow. Once I growl at him, he adds a quiet “Luna”, but my mate blatantly ignores him. I get a feeling that she doesn’t really like him. She must’ve noticed him avoiding her.

‘He’s about to fucking get it! I will not let him disrespect my mate!!!’ Demon snarls in my head, feeling as angry as me.

“What is it Mason?” I ask impatiently, wanting nothing more than to get inside and get my mate fed.

“I would like to speak with your mate.” I openly snarl at this.

“She is your Luna, address her properly!” I’m about to lose my temper and my Angel seems to notice, kissing my neck lightly, rubbing the back of my head with her fingers.

“Luna, I would like to speak with you, if it’s possible.” He turns to my mate, who still has her back to him, not even acknowledging him.

“Can you put me down?” She whispers into my ear and I comply immediately.

Once she turns to Mason, her face becomes a hard cold mask. She regards him with no emotion on her face, simply staring him down a she waits for him to speak.

“So you finally mustered up some courage to approach me, huh?” Her voice betrays her irritation. Now I’m sure she doesn’t like him.

“I did not mean to-”

“Don’t give me this shit. You’ve been avoiding me for weeks, turning the other way whenever you made eye contact with me. I have no idea what is it that you have against me, but I will not try to get in your good graces.” She tells him, her voice hard. I notice Mason’s eyes fill with remorse and guilt.

“Luna-” He starts, but is interrupted again.

“No. You’ve made it clear you don’t like me, so I’ll also make my feelings clear. I don’t like you.” I’m surprised. She’s just straightforwardly told my Beta she doesn’t like him because he avoided her. As Mason speaks again, she decides to let him finish.

“If we’re honest with each other, then I want to say just one thing. You’re human. You’re weaker than us, no matter how well trained you think you are. You’ve brought trouble to our pack with you and expect us to help you. You’re a liability and I will not let this pack get destroyed again. Not because of you.” He finishes, not taking his eyes off my mate.

“Mason! How dare-” I growl lowly, but I’m stopped by my Angel.

“It’s fine. At least he’s honest. It’s a good thing.” She sounds satisfied with Mason’s speech for some reason.

“He shouldn’t speak to you this way. You’re my mate.” I tell her.

“I’d rather he spoke to me this way with honesty than pretend to like me.” She tells me, patting my chest lightly, clearly noticing my irritation. I calm down under my mate’s touch, but still berate Mason through the mind link before dismissing him.

“Let's get that tummy fed.” I chuckle when Angel's stomach demands food again. I swiftly pick her up and take her inside. Setting her on the kitchen counter, I get in between her legs with my arms on her sides.

“What does my little Angel want to eat?” I softly ask her, running my hand over her thigh.

“Food.” She answers, causing me to chuckle at her. So cute.

“You’re adorable. But what kind of food do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know.” She shrugs with a cute pout, which I kiss. She’s addictive. My best drug.

I lick over her bottom lip and when she lets me in I’m met by her unique taste on my tongue. I pull her closer by her waist, feeling her core press against my jeans while my hand roams her small figure. I'm trying my hardest not to mark her, but then the little minx bites on my tongue, making my knees go weak and I struggle to stay standing. My little vixen!

I pull away from her, pulling at her bottom lip, eliciting a deep moan from my Angel that almost causes Demon to break out.

“If we keep this up, I will mark you, Angel.” I breathe out, pressing our foreheads together.

“Then do it.” I step back, stunned.

“You have no idea what it would mean, little one. It’s not a light matter.” I tell her.

“I know. And I’m not taking this lightly. I’m not someone who carelessly jumps into something before thinking it over. I know I want you, and I know I’ve never felt the same way about anyone in my life.” She says, and all I see in her eyes is honesty. She means it.

‘Then mark her, you fucker, before I do it!’ Demon growls at me.

“Angel, you know that if I mark you, you’ll go into heat. We went over that. You’d be in pain for one whole week, unless we mate and I don’t want to force you into that.”

“I’m aware of that, Leo.” She leans her head against my chest, and I start stroking her hair, leaving a firm kiss on top of her head.

“I don’t want you to go through that, Angel. The pain during heat will be excruciating. You’re already hurt, I don’t want to add to that.” I cup her cheeks, tilting her head slightly to look into her eyes.

“You are the other half of my soul, Angel, and I would love nothing more to make you mine. But please think this through.” Before I can continue, she cuts me off with a kiss.

“Back there, at the facility, I relied on my brain and training to survive. But the second I saw you in those woods weeks ago, I knew, from somewhere deep inside me, that you were not my enemy. I felt safe with you, I didn’t feel repulsed by your touch, I dare even say – you made me feel happy. I am sure I want to bear your mark before we go to war. I want you to be completely mine and I yours before then.” How can I say no to this? I am speechless, absolutely stunned by her words. I smash my lips into hers, trying to convey my feelings with my actions, since words don’t seem to work.

But before I can deepen the kiss, a growling sound resounds from her empty stomach.

“Shut up.” She mumbles, looking straight at her belly, as if her glare could stop it from demanding food. I peck her angry pout before pulling away.

“Stay here, I’ll cook.” I give her a light kiss, then go to make her breakfast.

As I work around the kitchen, I keep touching and kissing my cute mate each time I pass by while she sips on her hot cocoa. Flipping the omelet, I glance at my Angel, noticing remains of her drink on her upper lip. ‘Lick it off.’ Demon suggests, but I don’t need him to tell me that.

I go to her and with one swift move I lick off the sweetness off of her lips. It’s good, but my angel’s natural taste is still my favorite.

“Your breakfast is ready, my queen.” I softly tell her before putting our omelets on the plates and taking them to the table. I hear my mate get off the counter, so I quickly turn around and pick her up.

“I can walk.” She grumbles, but wraps her legs around me nonetheless.

Sitting at the table, Angel adjusts her position so she sits sideways across my lap. I feed her just like I did yesterday, making a mental note to slowly start increasing her food intake. She eats like a bird and it makes me upset because I know it's because she wasn’t fed well back in the facility.

After we’re done, I place the dishes in the sink, then take my Angel to the bedroom.

If she wants to be marked, then she will be.

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