The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 25


I told Leo I want him to mark me.

After we’re done eating, Leo picks me up and carries me to the bedroom. He’s been carrying me everywhere; I could barely step on the ground. I’m not complaining, though, Leo is really comfortable to snuggle into, he’s always so soft and warm.

Leo sits on the edge of the bed, with me in his lap.

“Are you sure, my Angel?” He implores with worried look.

“I’m sure, Leo.” I assure him with a quick peck. God, do I love those lips. All mine! Wait, love? I tense up at the sudden thought, but Leo seems to misinterpret my sudden reaction. I look straight into his amber eyes, seeing that strange emotion in them that I can now identify. Love. He loves me. I can see my reflection in his dilated pupils, and I feel warmth spread through my whole body, starting in my chest where my heart is.

I love this man. Demon was right, I do know when I feel it.

“What’s wrong, love?” Leo frantically asks, noticing my lack of response. “Angel?!” He cups my cheeks, looking deeply into my eyes, and I feel them water at the overwhelming feelings running through my body.

“I love you.” I quietly say, my voice hoarse with emotion.

Leo’s eyes widen in surprise before a beautiful happy smile appears on his gorgeous face.

“I love you, too, my Angel.” He tells me softly then claims my lips in a passionate kiss.

A moan escapes my mouth before I can stop it at the taste of Leo on my tongue. He’s mine! All of him is mine! I try to convey my message that he belongs to me, and I to him.

He pulls away from my lips then trails his mouth down my jaw and neck, concentrating on that one spot that causes my knees to go weak. I tilt my head, giving him more access to my neck, wanting more of that strange but pleasurable feeling that his lips cause. I run my fingers through his soft hair, tugging at the strands at the nape of his neck, eliciting a groan from Leo. I feel his teeth scrape the skin of my neck, but think nothing of it.

“This is going to hurt, my love. But only for a moment.” Leo warns me. I nod at him, of course it’s going to hurt, he’s going to bite me.

My pain tolerance is quite impressive, so I’m not afraid of pain, there’s only anticipation and excitement. Who knew I'd be looking forward to being bitten?

I feel the exact moment when his teeth break the skin on my neck, drawing blood. The pain is barely noticeable, especially compared to what I went through at the facility. Few seconds later Leo pulls away from my neck, licking away the blood then giving me a deep kiss. I taste my blood on his tongue, but it doesn’t bother me. I’m his now.

“I want to mark you, too.” I breathe out once we pull away. I feel a little tired, as if he took something out of me, but I push through it.

“It that’s what you want then I won’t stop you, my Angel. But I have to warn you, it will disappear, since you’re human.” He tells me, his eyes soft and loving as he caresses my cheek with his thumb.

“Then I will give you another one.” I shrug with a smile, causing him to laugh.

I lean up to his neck, looking for his sensitive spot with my lips. When I hear him groan and his arms tighten around me, I know I found it. I let my instinct take over, licking and sucking the soft skin of his neck before sinking my teeth deep into it, getting a deep growl from Leo as his arms pull me even closer to him. I keep my teeth in his neck for few seconds before pulling away and licking away his blood. I watch fascinated as the wound closes almost immediately, leaving a dark red mark in the shape of my teeth. Amazing.

“You are mine now, little Angel.” I snap my gaze to my man's face, noticing the slight difference in his voice.

“Demon?” I want to make sure I’m right. I can almost differentiate them right away. Demon’s eyes are more golden than Leo’s and his voice is slightly deeper, gruffer.

“You noticed.” He says with a proud glint in his eyes.

“I think I’m getting the hang of it.” I put my head on his chest, feeling tired. I place a kiss on his bare chest before snuggling closer to him. I feel this uncontrollable need to be close to him, even the thought of him leaving me makes my chest ache. Demon holds me in a tight embrace, pressing kisses to my hair as he rubs my back.

“You must be tired, my Angel. It’s because of our mark. Since you’re human, it affects you more than it would a werewolf.” Demon explains, noticing my drowsiness. “Let’s get you to bed.” He kisses the top of my head, before picking me up and laying me in bed. I feel my eyes close against my will as Demon walks around the bed and gets in next to me. Before he can even reach out to me, I turn over to face him and cuddle up to him under the covers, kissing his delicious lips again.

“Sleep, my Angel. I’ll be right here when you wake up.” He wraps me in his arms, keeping me warm as I fall asleep, mumbling a quiet ‘I love you’ right before the darkness takes over.


I watch my angel sleep peacefully for a while, just admiring her beauty. I was surprised when she asked Leo to mark her, I didn’t expect her to do that. My cute mate sure is unpredictable.

My mark will heal faster than a normal wound would, leaving a light scar on the side of her neck. I can already smell the change in her scent as it’s mixed with mine. Every wolf will be able to tell she’s mine.

'Ours.' Leo corrects quickly.

'Yeah, yeah, ours. But still more mine than yours.' I growl possessively at him.

'As if.' He scoffs.

I hear a knock on the bedroom door, pulling me out of my thoughts. I give my mate a light kiss on the top of her head before carefully getting out of bed. I watch amused as my Angel grabs my pillow and hugs it tightly to her chest.

Delta is waiting in the living room. He looks up when I enter, but I see it’s not me he wanted to talk.

“I’m guessing Beast is sleeping after getting your mark.” He states amused, making me snarl at him. I don’t appreciate his smartass attitude. How the fuck does he know already?!

“Don’t get angry, Alpha. I smelled the difference in her scent. - he answers my unspoken question - Now that you’ve marked her, you’ve earned our respect.” He adds.

“Why are you here?” I want to go back to my Angel, so he better cut to the chase.

“I was supposed to give my report to Beast, but I can’t use mind link with her yet, so I came here. Since she’s asleep, I’ll just relay the message to you. All teams arrived at the packs safely, their accommodation is taken care of and the warriors will start training the first thing in the morning tomorrow. I have also received a word that there are more Deads coming here. They will arrive in three days, along with two Undeads, who decided to rebel against the boss. I will next report to Beast once the training starts.” He finishes before leaving my house. Undeads are coming here? I think not!

I go back to my Angel, only to find her awake, rubbing her eyes tiredly. So cute.

“I heard that!” She exclaims shocked, looking at me. “How?”

“That’s the mind link. We can now hear each other’s thoughts and talk through our minds.” I explain, getting on the bed with her, leaning against the headboard next to her.

She immediately moves towards me, straddling my thighs. I bend my legs a little so she slides down to my hips and wrap my arms around her small waist. She takes my hand off her side and starts playing with my fingers distractedly.

‘Can you hear me?’ She looks up to me expectantly.

“Yes I can.” I chuckle. “And here I thought that I would have to teach you how to use the mind link. You’re a natural.” I tell her, getting a proud grin in response.

“Where did you go?” She asks, yawning cutely as she falls forward onto my chest, snuggling into my body.

“Delta came by. He told me that the Deads have safely arrived to other packs and they will start training tomorrow. He also said that more Deads are coming here, along with two Undeads. They will be here in three days.”

“Two Undeads?” She leans back, looking shocked.

“He said something about them deciding to rebel against the boss.” I relay Delta’s message.

Angel seems deep in thought for a while. “I think I have an idea who it is, but I will be sure once they’re here.”

“Who do you think it is?” I ask curiously, rubbing her waist.

“It’s probably Aiden and Asher, Andrew’s sons. After their sister dies during torture and the boss killed their father, they swore to bring him down. They only agreed to become Undeads to get stronger.” I nod in understanding, but there is still a question on my mind.

“Didn’t you say that Undeads lose their minds after the transition?”

“Most of them do. But everything depends on how determined they are and what their intentions are. If they are forcefully changed, there is a higher possibility they will lose themselves during the change, but if they do it willingly, there is higher chance they will manage to stay sane. Since I was supposed to be the first female Undead, I would have to go through the process a few times, which would cause me to completely lose my mind.” I squeeze her tighter to my chest, just hearing about that makes my blood boil.

I’m sure Angel feels my emotions through the bond, as she leaves a kiss on my chest, right above my heart, calming me down slightly.

“I don’t even want to think what would happen to you had you not escaped, Angel.” I quietly tell her, not even trying to hide the pain in my voice.

“But I did. And I’m here.”

We stay in bed for few more hours before heading to the bathroom to take a long bath. I love taking care of my Angel.

As we sit in the tub I keep caressing my mate’s soft skin and hair, disentangling it with my fingers. I massage her scalp, making her hum in pleasure. I lather a sponge with berry-scented soap then delicately wash her skin, stealing kisses every few seconds. Angel turns in my arms, facing me so I can wash the front of her body, taking special care of the lightly swollen area around my mark. She reaches behind me, taking another sponge and placing my own soap on it before taking care of me the same way I do to her.

After she’s satisfied with her work on my shoulders, chest and stomach, she asks me to lean forward so she can reach my back. She leans over me, running the soap over the back of my neck and shoulders before trailing farther down my back. With one arm around her waist to keep her steady, I place kisses on her chest and neck, taking advantage of our position. With my mouth on one breast, I massage the other with my free hand, causing her back to arch and a loud moan leave her lips. She lets me continue pleasuring her with my mouth, running her fingers through my hair and pressing her lips to my head, panting slightly as she melts in my arms.

Even though the water turns cold soon, I feel like I’m on fire with my Angel’s soft body pressed to mine. Leo is trying to get out, yelling at me that I’m hogging our mate to myself. We have to make some plan on who gets our Angel and when, otherwise we’ll just continue to snap at each other. We can’t keep fighting over our mate, it could have bad impact on Angel and neither of us wants her to feel uncomfortable because of our rivalry.

‘Calm down. You’ll get her tomorrow.’ I tell Leo as I rinse the conditioner from our mate’s hair. Her eyes close as soon as I start running my fingers through her silky strands, making me smile at her. Her body is completely relaxed in my arms as she enjoys herself.

‘Just you fucking wait, Demon. You won’t lay a finger on her when I get her.’ Leo snarls at me before shutting the link. I let him be, I get why he’s pissed.

Once I’m done washing my Angel, I pick her up and leave the tub. I put her on the mat, taking a big towel and gently drying her off, careful of her wound that is still healing. The mate bond will help it heal faster, but it’ll still take a while and leave a scar, unfortunately.

Getting another towel, I use it to dry her hair then with a deep kiss I put my shirt on her and set her on the counter before quickly drying myself and putting on my boxers. It’s too warm to wear anything else to sleep. I turn to Angel, only to see her swing her legs happily as she brushes her teeth, watching me.

“Like what you see, Angel?”

“Mmhm.” She doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s ogling my body.

After I brush my teeth and help her brush through her long hair, I pick her up and carry her to the kitchen to make her something to eat. I agree with Leo when it comes to her eating habits. We both noticed that she’s used to eating once a day, so we agreed to slowly make her eat regularly. In order not to overwhelm her, we decided to make smaller meals, but three times a day.

Once we’re in the kitchen, I sit her down on the counter, giving her a deep kiss before getting ready to prepare her lunch. Leo told me she really likes hot cocoa and chocolate, so I give her a cup of it to sip on while she waits for the food.

I keep her in my lap as I feed her and my Angel doesn’t even try to resist me. I guess she’s accepted the fact that we won’t let her do many things by herself. At least not when we’re human.

We really have to get deeper into this whole ‘curse’ thing. I don’t want my mate to wait so long for us to shift. I want to be able to stay with her and touch her whenever I want.

We have to break the curse before we go to war.

And I will make sure we do.

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