The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 26


After we ate, Demon took me for a walk to introduce me to the pack. He told me they’ve wanted to meet me ever since they learned that I’m his mate. Leo explained to me what it entails, and had I been normal I would be nervous to meet so many people. But I’m not an average person, so I’m not scared.

Demon carries me outside, where a big group of people waits for us with huge smiles on their faces. I have to crane my neck to even see them, since Demon still hasn't let me go.

There are over 50 people here, both men and women. I’m surprised to see that there are no kids here, but I decide not to ask.

Demon places me on the ground gently, but still keeps me in his arms as I turn around to face his pack. I can clearly see excitement and happiness on their faces, and it makes me feel warm inside to know they react this way to me.

“Meet my mate, your Luna.” Demon’s voice resounds through the clearing from behind me. “You already know about the situation we’re in, so I won’t tell you again. But I do hope you treat your Luna with the same respect as you do me.” He finishes with a quick kiss to the top of my head as the people in front of us cheer and laugh happily.

We are soon approached by them, one by one, as they introduce themselves to me, telling me how happy they are to finally meet me. I stay close to Demon, his presence enough to calm me down. They told me they’ve waited decades for the curse to be lifted and now that I’m here, it’s finally possible.

“What curse?” I turn in Demon’s arms to face him.

“Our pack is not like others. We can only shift on full moon, and that’s because a witch cursed us almost a hundred years ago. But we all think that with you here, we can finally break it.”

“Why? I’m nothing special, I don’t know anything about curses.” I frown, this is confusing.

“It’s because of what the curse says, Luna.” I turn to an older woman when she speaks.

“What does it say?” I ask curiously.

When gold meets silver, the world will stop. When blood meets blood, it will move again. When soul meets soul, it will reverse its course. Those are the words of the witch. She placed the curse on our previous Alpha when she thought he betrayed her, choosing his mate over her. I strongly believe that you being here is what can finally heal our pack, Luna.” I nod in understanding. This is such a big responsibility, they are putting this whole thing on my shoulders.

“Diana, don’t pressurize my mate.” Demon says, pulling me into his chest, probably having noticed my reaction.

“I’m sorry, Alpha, but after all these years we can finally have hope.” She smiles at us, pure happiness in her eyes as she watches us.

“I know Diana, but it’s a lot to take in on one day. Warriors, you’ll begin training with the Deads now. Get ready.” Demon turns from Diana to the men surrounding us.

“Will you and Luna join us?” One of the men asks cautiously, as if afraid of Demon’s reaction.

“Yes.” I answer for Demon, knowing he was most likely to say no.

Demon looks down at me questioningly.

“I want to oversee the training of your warriors, so I know what I’m dealing with. And you can’t stop me.” I warn him when I see clear refusal in his eyes. I can also feel his worry. He told me we can feel each other’s emotions through the mate bond, along with hearing each other’s thoughts. It’s really cool.

‘You’re not going to let that go, are you Angel?’ I hear his voice in my head.

‘You know I won’t.’ I answer him honestly.

Demon shakes his head in amusement before carrying me to the training area. Once we’re there I climb onto his shoulders so I can see everyone.

The warriors split into pairs, getting ready to train hand-to-hand combat. As I watch them fight, I keep playing with Demon’s hair, analyzing the warriors' fighting styles. They are strong physically, that’s a plus, but they lack technique. There’s a lot of work to do. Why not start now?

“Everybody stop. – they comply immediately – Deads, split up. Teams of three: two warriors, one Dead. I want you to start off with blocking and ground techniques.” I order. I’m surprised to see everyone listen to me with no objections.

The guys get into stances and practice their moves after having them explained by the Deads. As the time goes by, they get better. They sure learn fast.

‘They just needed some warm up, my love. Our warriors are not weak, they just don’t fight much in human forms.’ Demon tells me through our mind link.

“Didn’t you say you were going to join, Luna?” Mason suddenly sneers after being thrown down by Delta.

Neither the Deads nor Demon like the way he just spoke to me, as they start growling lowly in warning. I pat Demon’s head to get him to let me get down.

“I said I would, and I will. But I had to see your level first, so I don’t embarrass you in front of everyone.” I tie the bottom of my shirt the same way Leo did last time so it won’t slip off before approaching Mason. Demon doesn’t even try to stop me, knowing well that I will not back down.

‘Kick his ass, Angel.’ He chuckles through the mind link.

‘I will.’

Everyone steps away, creating a circle around us. Mason gets into a fighting stance, similar to Shane’s but the look in his eyes tells me he won’t hold back like Grey did.

I stay completely relaxed, sure that I can take him down. I’ve been fighting for years against men bigger and stronger than me, so I’m not even nervous.

Mason fails to keep his nerves at bay, attacking me first. He sends a punch to the side of my head, which I counter with a kick. I’m going to end this. I quickly spin around, using the momentum of the kick to give him an elbow cut to his sternum, knocking the breath out of him. Before he can straighten up I turn back around and ax kick the back of his neck, making him fall to the ground. I get on his back, locking my ankles over his stomach and snaking my arms under his armpits to the back of his neck then roll onto my back with him locked in a Do-Jime position with my arms and legs constricting his moves. I could possibly crush his rib-cage in this position, so he better tap out.

I hear surprised gasps around the clearing as Mason starts struggling to breathe. But I won’t let go unless he yields. He tries to get out of my vice-like grip and I hear the sound of bones breaking. I broke his ribs.

“Mason, give in!” Demon snarls as Mason starts coughing up blood, his broken ribs must have punctured his lung.

“I *cough* I yield.” I let go as soon as he finishes. He rolls off of me, trying to catch a breath and I see Doc come up to him.

I jump from my back to feet in a perfect kip-up. I dust the dirt from my shirt before crouching beside Mason, who is wheezing on the ground with Doc checking him over.

“Call me weak one more time, Mason, I dare you.” I snarl lowly at him, not feeling bad about his injury. He’s a werewolf, he’ll heal.

I go to Demon, who’s been watching the whole thing with shocked eyes, just like everyone from his pack.

Once I’m close enough, he pulls me to him, kissing me deeply.

“You were amazing. He’s had it coming ever since he disrespected you.” He tells me after pulling away, his tone proud.

“Take Mason to the infirmary, then get back to training.” He commands, picking me up and settling me on his shoulders. Two guys and Doc take Mason away, while the others team up again. I stay on Demon’s shoulders, playing with his hair again as we oversee the training. After a while Grey comes up to us, sending me a wink as I greet him.

“You really were holding back with me earlier.” He chuckles, amused.

“I told you, you’re a friend, I didn’t want to hurt you. And besides, you were holding back, too.” I tell him, not stopping my fingers in Demon’s hair.

“And I’m guessing Mason’s not a friend.” He challenges.

“He said I’m weak and I won’t tolerate that. He has no idea what I’ve been through so he has no right to judge me just because I’m human.” I tell him seriously. Demon strokes my leg affectionately, understanding my reaction, and Grey simply laughs.

“Well he won’t call you weak after that, I’m sure of it.” He shakes his head, still laughing.

After few hours, Demon decides it’s time to go back, so he dismisses everyone and carries me back to his house.

I get off his back once we reach his house, but he quickly picks me up again, gluing me to his front. He heads to the kitchen, placing me on the counter before getting between my legs with his hands on my legs.

“Is my little Angel hungry?” He softly asks, stroking my thighs.

“Not really, no.” I shake my head.

“Then what do you wish to do, my love?” His runs his hands over my skin, a tingly feeling following his fingers. I just shrug in response.

“When will the heat start?” I decide to ask. I’ve been feeling warm for a while now.

“It usually hits within 12 hours from the marking. Why?” He looks worried now.

“I’m feeling a little hot. But it could be because it’s so hot outside.” I tell him. I don’t feel the need to hide anything from him.

Demon puts his face in the crook of my neck, breathing in my scent.

“Your heat is starting. It’s still early so I couldn’t notice it earlier.” He tells me, looking stressed out.

“How about you take a nice long bath while I lock the windows and doors down, hmm?” He suggests, making me frown in confusion.

“Why do you have to do that?” I implore.

“Your scent will get stronger and it’ll attract other males. In few hours they will know you’re in heat and try to get to you, no matter what. I have to keep them away from you.”

“Oh. Wouldn’t they listen if you told them to stay away?”

“No. It’s our instinct, we can’t really stop it. I’m not even sure I’ll be able to stop myself. But I don’t want to hurt you, Angel, so if you want, I can leave.” Demon offers with a worried frown.

“I don’t want you to leave me alone.” I put my forehead on his chest.

“Angel, in order to stop your heat, we would have to mate. I’m not sure you’re ready for that.” He runs his fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp.

“I wouldn’t let you mark me had I not been ready for this, Demon. I knew the consequences and I accepted them.” I tell him honestly. I did know that we would have to mate soon after marking. I’m not stupid. If I wasn’t ready for this, I wouldn’t ask him to mark me.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Angel. – he groans – I have no idea how much longer I can hold myself back.”

I kiss his bare chest, causing him to shudder. “I love you Demon.”

“I love you, too, my Angel.” He cups my cheeks and gives me a deep kiss.

I barely notice I’m being carried as Demon’s tongue dances with mine. The hot feeling running through my body starts getting worse, making me hold on to Demon tighter. The feel of his skin cools me down, but I crave for more. I have no idea where it comes from, but if Demon leaves me alone, I will kill him.

Once we reach the bedroom, I placed on the bed with him between my legs as he supports his body weight on his forearms, trailing kisses down my face and neck, paying special attention to my mark, which causes a loud moan escape my mouth as a hot wave runs through my body, pooling in my lower stomach.

Demon rips his shirt off of me, making me gasp, then moves his mouth down my chest, trailing kisses along my collarbones, my breasts and over my navel to the waistband of the shorts before moving back up.

“Tell me to stop, Angel.” He pants.

“It burns! Keep going!” I’m breathing heavily as the fire spreads through me, my skin covered in sweat. I pull his face to mine, smashing my lips to his. His touch is the only feeling that cools me down.

“Mine!” Demon growls possessively as he takes off my shorts.

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