The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 27


I pull the shorts down my mate’s legs, feasting on the sight of her naked body in front of me. She is absolutely gorgeous, despite her scars. They are a proof of her strength.

I trail my lips down the length of her body, starting from my mark on her neck, down her ample chest, taking my time on her breasts, then over her stomach before finally reaching her core. Placing her legs over my shoulders, I use my mouth and fingers to bring her to ecstasy. I want her to be ready for me, otherwise she could get hurt.

I lap at her sweet juices with my tongue, periodically probing her opening with it then teasing her small bundle of nerves. Angel squirms on the bed in pleasure. She’s so responsive.

“Demon, stop teasing me!” She pants, completely out of breath as I continue to feast on her.

“So impatient, my Angel.” I smirk, looking up at her from between her thighs.

The only sounds in the room are her moans and my groans, as I continue to pleasure my little queen. I feel her getting closer to the edge, just moments away from reaching her climax.

‘Let go, my angel.’ I tell her through our mind link, my mouth busy tasting her as my fingers pump in and out of her. I’m soon rewarded with a wave of her sweetness and I lap everything up, making slurping noise as I try my hardest not to waste a drop of her nectar. My own personal ambrosia.

I move up her body settling between her spread legs before kissing her soundly. I’m sure she can taste herself on my tongue, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

“If you changed your mind, now is the time to tell me, Angel.” I whisper in her ear, licking her earlobe then trailing my lips over my mark again, eliciting a breathy moan from her. The mark is a really sensitive spot, especially during heat.

“Don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop!” She growls in annoyance, making me chuckle. With last lick of her mark, I position myself at her entrance before slowly pushing in. It takes everything in me not to take her too roughly, but it’s her first time, I want her to be as comfortable as possible. I thrust my hips a little, pushing my member into her core a little further then wait for her to adjust. I feel her walls stretch to fit my girth and let me in, so I lean down and kiss her deeply, swallowing her moans with my mouth. She bites onto my bottom lip harshly, glaring at me.

“Just do it!” So impatient. And here I was being considerate.

I smirk at her, pulling at her lip with my teeth, growling lowly.

“This will hurt.” I tell her hotly, thrusting my hips with force, breaking through her barrier and filling her completely. I look at her face, looking for any sign of pain, but all I get is a small frown, as her body adjusts to my size.

With one of my arms wrapped around her midriff, I pull her closer to me, causing her back to arch, as her breasts press into my hard chest.

When she starts rolling her hips, encouraging me to move, I smash my lips to hers, my tongue probing her mouth the same way my cock does down below. Soon my rutting becomes almost bestial, as my moves get frantic. I swallow all of her moans with my mouth as her fingernails scratch the skin on my back. With each thrust, her legs get tighter around my waist, pulling me even deeper into her.

When she starts trembling in my arms, I start sucking on her nipples then reach to her clit and rub it with my finger to help her get off faster, I want her pleasure before I finally explode. Her moans are like music to my ears.

“Let go, baby. Give me all of you.” I say between thrusts, putting my face in the crook of her neck, waiting for her to come, so I can mark her again.

As we reach climax simultaneously, I sink my teeth into her mark, making her scream out my name as her walls clench around me, milking me for all my worth. I am aware that there’s a chance of her getting pregnant with my seed in her womb, but I couldn’t possibly let some rubber come between us. I thrust one last time, pushing my essence deeper into her as I lick away the blood from her neck.

I stay inside of her for few more minutes, kissing her softly before pulling out of her and rolling onto my back, taking her with me so that she lies on my chest.

“That was exhausting.” She speaks up after a while, panting heavily.

“Did I hurt you?” I ask her, worried that I was too rough with her.

“No, but I will be sore later, that’s for sure. You’re not exactly small.” I chuckle at her boldness. I love how honest she is, telling me what she thinks, no matter what it is.

“Do you want to take a hot bath? It should help.” I suggest, but she just shakes her head.

“In a minute, I can’t move yet. I think you paralyzed me from waist down.” She smiles gently.

But I’m not laughing. Sheer panic surges through me as her words register.

“I’m kidding, Demon. I can still feel my legs, I’m just too tired to move.” She adds, noticing my shock.

“You scared me, Angel. I thought I hurt you.” I groan.

She gives me a quick peck with a smile before putting her face in the crook of my neck, her soft breaths caressing my skin.

I run my fingers through her hair, simply relishing the serenity of the moment. My angel is now completely mine, mind, body and soul.

I sit up slowly, adjusting my Angel so that she straddles my waist, then get up from the bed, carrying her to the bathroom. She tightens her legs around me as I walk, even though she knows I would never drop her.

I sit at the edge of the bathtub, with my Angel still wrapped around me, and fill the tub with hot water, putting in some bath bombs. I know my mate likes the scent of berries, so when Leo asked Nolan to get our shopping done, he told him to buy dozens of those berry-scented bath bombs, gels, salts, shampoos and even hair conditioner. We are going to spoil our mate as much as we can.

Once the tub is full enough, I gently put my Angel in the water, smiling as she sighs in content.

“Isn’t it too hot?” She sinks further in the tub, shaking her head with a smile.

“Why aren’t you getting in?” She scrunches her eyebrows in confusion. My little cutie.

“I’ll just go change the sheets and come back.” I kiss her forehead and leave the bathroom, keeping the door open.

I quickly change the sheets, not missing the small bloodstain that proves that I was the first to have my Angel. After I’m done making the bed, I go back to the bathroom, intent on joining my mate in the bath, but I stop in the doorway, admiring my little angel as she plays with bubbles. I lean against the door frame with a smile on my face as I watch Angel create one more bubble man to add to her growing collection. It’s adorable to watch her enjoy the little things in life. My cute baby.

She turns to me surprised before scooting forward in the tub, giving me a clear sign that she wants me to join her. So I do. I get in behind her, my legs on either side of her and my arms wrapped around her waist. She continues to make her bubble dolls for a while, only stopping when there’s no more room for them in the tub.

Angel turns in my arms, straddling my thighs, as she faces me. She tiredly nuzzles her face into my chest, resting her cheek against my heart.

“Tired?” I softly ask, reaching for the shower head to wash her hair.

“A little. But I’m more, what’s the word? I want you, I feel tight in my lower stomach and I want to feel you again. What’s the word for that?” I almost choke on my spit at her suggestion. She’s horny. That little vixen.

“Horny. That’s the word.” I smirk at her. If she wants to go again, I’m more than happy to oblige.

“Yeah, that.” She nods.

I take her twice in the bathroom, once in the tub, with her riding me, and then in the shower, against the wall. She’s got tremendous stamina, I was genuinely surprised at first. But I can tell she’s getting tired by now. She needs rest. We climax together under the hot spray of the shower, then I quickly put her down and wash her before getting out of the shower and drying her off with a towel. I sit her down on the counter, wrapping a towel around my waist.

We brush our teeth then I dry Angel’s hair, making sure not to pull on the tangles too much. She’s barely conscious by now. I really wore her out.

She wraps her arms around my neck, letting me pick her up and take her back to the bedroom. It’s getting quite late, so I put on some boxers then place a shirt on my Angel and get in bed. I spoon my mate’s small body with mine, letting the sleep finally take over.


I wake up feeling content, the warmth behind my back feels comforting and the arm on my waist gives me a sense of security. I’ve never slept better, even with Leo/Demon in wolf form with me. It’s like I’ve been missing a part of me for my whole life and now I’m finally complete.

I turn around to face my man, snuggling closer into his body. He immediately tightens his hold on me, nuzzling his face into my hair.

“Good morning, Angel.” Oh my god, his morning voice!

“Good morning, Leo.” I can tell it’s him. I don’t think I’ll be able to fail at distinguishing them again.

“You really got the hang of it.” He chuckles, running his fingers through my hair. I love it when he massages my scalp. It’s really soothing.

“Demon had you yesterday, so today it’s my turn.” He says as his hand snakes under my shirt, rubbing my side.

Suddenly a thought crosses my mind. I throw the blanket off of me, pulling up my shirt to see the cut on my side, not even caring that I have no shorts on. But Leo notices and growls lowly, sending warmth to my core.

I look down to my side, where his hand rests, only to see a faint scar where the cut used to be. It shouldn’t be healed yet. I frown in confusion at this.

“It’s because of the mate bond. Now that we’re mated, your body will heal as fast as mine. Your leg is also completely healed.” Leo explains.


“If you don’t pull that shirt back down, I won’t be able to stop myself, Angel.” His voice turns husky as he looks at my bare body in front of him.

“Well, I'm not stopping you.” I whisper.

We stay in bed for next few hours as Leo devours my body in many different ways, each one more pleasurable than the last. We end up in a shower with me glued to his front as he takes me over and over again. I am glad I can keep up with him, this man’s stamina is never-ending. Does he ever get tired?

After our morning workout, we go to the kitchen, where Leo makes me breakfast as I sip on my hot cocoa. It’s my favorite drink, apart from Leo’s juice, which I tasted earlier. I never thought I would enjoy something like that, but I fucking did. It was so liberating to see him completely at my mercy, begging for release. This is my man.

I have accepted the fact that both Leo and Demon like to feed me and carry me around, so when Leo’s done with cooking, I don’t move from the counter, waiting for him to carry me to the table.

He feeds me my food, kissing me between bites. In return, I feed him. I want to take care of him the same way he does to me.

Our little moment is soon interrupted by a knock on the front door. Leo had it put back, along with the windows, after he shifted. I’m glad he did, it means we have more privacy at his house.

Leo calls out to whoever is outside to come in.

As soon as Grey enters the house, he scrunches his nose in disgust.

“You two are freaks. The whole house reeks of sex.” He groans, scowling.

“What’s a freak?” I ask Leo. I don’t understand.

“It means that we’re strange. Basically, he called us weirdos.” Leo explains, sending Grey a glare, causing him to laugh.

“What’s up, Grey?” I greet him with a phrase I learned a while ago. He gets a strange teasing smile on his face.

“You tell me.” He laughs, making Leo snort. I don’t get it.

‘He means my dick.’ I look at Leo, wide-eyed, then back at Grey.

“Grey!” I whine, hiding my face in Leo’s neck, making them both laugh loudly.

“Sorry, couldn’t stop myself. But on to the serious topic. There has been an accident during training. We need you there.” He’s serious all of a sudden.

“Why didn’t you just mind link me?” Leo asks him.

“You blocked out everyone. Besides, do you really want me to interrupt your special time?” Grey chuckles.

‘We should go and check it out. It could be serious.’ I tell Leo, to which he nods and picks me up.

We reach the training area few minutes later, with me glued to Leo’s front and Grey walking beside us in silence.

Once we’re there, everyone’s eyes turn to us. Well, almost everyone’s. One of the Deads is snarling and growling furiously at a male warrior from Leo’s pack. The Dead is in his wolf form, with blood dripping from his stomach, and the warrior is breathing heavily with scratch marks all over his naked torso.

“What’s going on here?!” Leo roars after putting me down. The wolf shifts back when he notices us and my eyes are immediately covered by Leo’s hand.

“Beast.” The Dead bows his head as he greets me.

“What happened here?” I calmly ask. Leo lets me handle this, knowing I’m in charge of the Deads.

“He pulled a silver knife on me. We were not supposed to use weapons.” He snarls, but I can tell his anger is not directed at me.

“Is that true?” I turn to the warrior.

“He shifted!” He yells out.

“Careful, you’re speaking to your Luna.” Leo growls warningly.

“He was allowed to shift. You were supposed to beat him in his wolf form. Without any weapons.” I keep my voice hard as I speak, making my displeasure known.

“No one told us that!!!” The warrior, whose name is Kyle if I remember correctly, exclaims.

“Delta, have you not warned them about this part of the training?” I turn to Delta, who watches everything with calm look.

“I have. This one was late.” I sigh.

“That explains it. What’s your name?” I ask the Dead.


“Jace, you need medical attention, your wound is not closing up. Go to the infirmary. Kyle, your training will be 6 hours longer than the rest. Delta, you’re in charge of him. Give him hell. And again, no weapons allowed, we’ll get to that later. Get back to training.” I order, making Leo squeeze me in his arms.

‘You are so hot when you take charge.’ He growls.

‘You said I’m supposed to be the Alpha Female. I can’t be weak or afraid to put them in their place.’ I tell him honestly.

‘And you’re doing a great job at that. I’m so proud of you.’ I almost melt at his loving tone. I turn around in his arms and kiss him soundly, ignoring the hollering and cheering of the guys behind us.

“You two are disgusting.” Grey shakes his head, but the grin on his face betrays him.

“Just you wait till you find your mate. Just you wait.” I tease him with a side-smile.

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