The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 29

I felt bad about the cliffhanger, so here's an update. It's a really short chapter, but I'll try to give you next one as soon as possible



Midnight strikes.

I feel my eyes water, before a strangled sob escapes my mouth.

I keep crying for what feels like eternity. My heart is about to burst out of my chest.

My whole body trembles as my hands clutch onto the closest thing I can reach.

Leo’s fur.

He whines lowly, nuzzling his nose in the crook of my neck.

‘I’m so sorry my love, I’m so fucking sorry!’ He wails through the mind link, wrapping his front paws around me.

“I want you back! Come back!!!” I scream at him. “This is not funny!”

Suddenly someone barges through the door. My eyes widen in shock at the sight of Grey.

He’s human!

“What the hell?!” He exclaims, seeing Leo’s wolf.

“Why are you human?” I ask through my tears.

“The whole pack is. Leo is the only one who shifted. He called me here.” He sounds distressed. “Everyone’s outside, waiting for you. They want to thank you for breaking the curse. But… how is it that it didn’t work on Leo?”

‘I have no idea. I’m shocked too, that’s why called Shane here to stay with you.’

“What the hell is going on? Why didn’t it work on him?” I hear Grey mutter, confused.

After I manage to calm down, the three of us go to Leo’s office to see if there’s maybe any clue as to why he’s the only one that shifted.

Grey I go through the books on the bookshelves, looking for the one telling the story of the pack, while Leo stays near the couch.

“Found it. It’s this one, right?” I show the thick book to Leo. Once he nods, I make my way to him, sitting on the floor, leaning against his side. Grey sits in front of me and for next few hours we just go through the book, with Grey making notes whenever Leo points out something. I am so glad I can talk to him through the mind link right now. I feel like I would go crazy if I couldn’t hear his voice for so long.

“Look, here. The witch cursed both Alpha and the pack.” Leo and I both look up to Grey. “The witch cursed the previous Alpha and his descendants for the supposed betrayal. This was written by Leo’s father. It says that in order to free the Alpha’s lineage, the witch has to either lift the curse herself or die, otherwise his wolf will remain blocked.” He explains. The hand-written notes explain in detail the events that led to the witch cursing Leo's father and his search of a solution. He tried everything, but found out that the curse is bound to the witch's soul, which is why it's impossible to break it with magic.

“Is this witch even alive? I heard it’s been hundred years already.” I express my worries. I will hunt that bitch down if I have to.

“She definitely is. If she had died, the curse would have been lifted.”

‘Angel, what are you thinking about? You blocked me out.’ Leo’s worried voice resounds in my head. What am I thinking? I’m thinking that whoever that witch is, she’s out of luck. I will hunt her down and tear her apart. Her fucking curse torments my man and I will not tolerate that. It’s been decades!!!

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” I turn my head and leave a light peck on Leo’s muzzle. ‘My cute puppy.’ He licks my face in response.

Grey watches us with sad but adoring eyes. “You two are adorable.”

“Who is that witch that cursed the pack?” I turn my attention back to the matter at hand.

“Uh… – he checks the book – her name is Thalia, she tried to break the mate bond between previous Alpha and his mate. When he rejected her, she cursed him and his pack, supposedly saying his bloodline will cease to exist.” Grey explains.

‘It's true. I was already born at the time, but I never got any siblings because of her. My mother was heartbroken, it’s been her dream to have a big family.’ Leo adds.

“Do we know what she looks like?” I ask.

“There is a picture drawn by previous Alpha, but I don’t know if it’s accurate.” Grey turns the book to me, showing me the drawing of the woman.

I know her.

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