The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 30


The next three weeks go this way: we wake up together, we eat together, then we go to the training area, where I watch my Angel train with the guys, and then we come back, eat dinner, shower and go to bed.

Angel is extremely stressed out, and I think everyone can feel her agitation. During training, she pushes the guys hard, not giving them time to rest. But no one dares to complain. Mason did, once. It almost cost him his life, had it not been for Doc.

Axe went back to the facility, per Angel’s request, but she didn’t tell me why she sent him there.

Ever since she saw the picture of the witch, she’s been blocking me out completely, so I have no idea what’s going on. But I noticed the look on her face. She knows that woman. How? I have no idea. My best guess is that she met her at the facility, but when I asked, she just told me not to worry, which makes me worry even more.

It’s deeply upsetting to see my mate so on edge, so angry and worried about something she can’t control. It’s not her fault that I didn’t stay human like the rest of my pack, but I feel like she blames herself.

As we lie in bed, with my Angel snuggled into me, I keep thinking about everything, the facility, the war with that boss fucker, the Undeads and the curse.

“Leo.” I hear my Angel’s voice.

‘Yes, Angel?’

‘You know I love you, right?’ I look at her, surprised. There is something in her voice that tugs at the strings of my heart.

‘Of course I know, my love. I love you, too. You’re my world.’ I tell her, completely honest. She’s my everything.

Demon whimpers quietly in my head. ‘Something’s wrong.’

I agree with him, something is definitely wrong. There’s just something in Angel’s voice that gets me worried.

‘What’s wrong, Angel?’

‘Nothing. I just can’t sleep.’

I’m not convinced. She’s hiding something.

My paws tighten around her, making her bury her face further in the fur of my neck.

I wake up alone.

When I don’t sense my mate anywhere in the house, I start panicking. She’s not here! She left me!

‘Shane, is Angel with you?!’ I yell into the mind link, getting increasingly worried.

‘No. The Deads are also gone.’ He sounds as panicked as me. Where is she?!

‘Did anyone see my mate?!’ I open the link to the whole pack, but I only get negative responses from my pack members.

I run out of the house, my heart almost ripping through my rib-cage. I would feel through the mate bond if my Angel was hurt, but that knowledge doesn’t do anything to ease my worries. Why did she leave? Where did she go?! Why did she take the Deads with her?!

I try to find a trail, desperate to find my little mate, but all I get is the smell of the Deads, which goes in circles, misleading anyone who would try to follow them.

‘FIND HER!!!’ Demon snarls, getting agitated.

We look around the territory for any sign of my mate, but we end up nowhere.

She’s gone. SHE’S GONE!!!!

For the whole day my pack tries their best not to show how hurt they are over the loss of their Luna. I stay on my front porch, lying in front of the rocking chair where I used to cradle my Angel to sleep. I don’t want to do anything; nothing makes sense without my little queen with me.

I’m woken up by unbearable pain cursing through my whole body. I almost howl in pain. It concentrates in my head, making me whimper. I feel like my skull will burst. I’m not hurt, so it can’t be my pain. Angel?! No, no, NO! Please no!

I hear rustling sounds from the woods, but I can’t even raise my head to look there, my whole body paralyzed.

Then I feel it.


Those fucking tingles.

The feeling of my Angel’s touch takes away the pain, and I can finally move. I raise my head to look at my mate, and I barely stop myself from flinching at the sight of her.

She’s covered in blood, head to toe. I notice few Deads looking the same. As she takes my head and places it in her bloodied lap, hugging me tightly, Delta and the others take her swords away and leave.

Soon my bones start breaking and I shift. What the hell?!

I lie naked with my head in Angel’s lap, as she holds me, leaving kisses on my head and running her bloodied fingers through my hair. I mind link everyone to stay inside and leave me alone with my mate.

“I love you, Leo.” I hear her melodic voice after a while.

I sit up slowly, with Angel’s arms around me, keeping me steady. I’m absolutely exhausted, I can barely move. But it doesn’t seem to bother my queen, since she easily picks me up, helping me stand and leads me inside the house with my arm around her shoulder, leaning most of my weight on her.

When we reach the bathroom, I finally feel better, but I’m still weak as hell. My Angel fills the tub with hot water, making me frown in confusion. The water will be red in seconds. My little queen notices my expression, as always.

“You won’t be able to stay up for too long in the shower.” She softly says before helping me get in the water.

“What happened?” I finally ask.

Angel gives me a quick peck then heads to the shower, not answering my question.

After she’s gotten rid of all the blood on her, she comes into the bathtub, sitting sideways between my legs as she leans her head against my chest, making me wrap my arms around her tightly, nuzzling my face into her wet hair. I can’t even stay mad at her for leaving, I’m just relieved she’s back. But I HAVE to know why she left!

“I killed the witch.” I lean back a little, looking down at her in shock. Did she just say what I think she said?!

“When Grey showed me her picture, I recognized her. – I tense at that – I met her when I was still with my parents. She came to our house once. I don’t know how they knew each other. And then I’ve caught her a few times at the facility. She used to watch the fights.

When we caught her, she wasn’t alone, so it took a while to get through all her bodyguards, or whoever they were. I tortured her just like she tortured you and your pack, cutting her piece by piece, until there was nothing left of her. Right before I slit her throat, she confessed that she was the one behind the Undeads and it was her plan to go to war with werewolves. – she turns her head to face me, leaning up to get closer – I’m so sorry I left without a word, but if I told you about this, you wouldn’t let me go. I had to free you from that woman. I couldn’t bear to watch you in pain.” I stay silent, simply staring deeply into her watery eyes.

She went out of her way, putting her life at risk, to break the curse and help me. How in the hell did I get such mate is beyond me. My Angel, my savior, my queen.

I lean down, claiming her mouth in a deep kiss, expressing all my worries and fears with my lips. I pull her to me, pressing her small frame to my chest as close as possible. Her arms go around my neck, clutching onto me tightly. She finally opens up her mind to me and I feel everything. Each emotion she feels is engraved into my heart as if it’s my own. She’s not leaving me, not anymore. I adjust her so she straddles me and pull her onto me before entering her with one deep stroke, claiming her once again. I’ve been deprived of her for too long. Pulling my lips away from her lips, I smother her neck in kisses, making sure to tease her mark, which causes her to sigh in content. She climaxes three times before I finally reach my release. I made a deal with Demon, so he doesn’t disturb me during my time with Angel. He’ll have her tomorrow.

Once we’re both satisfied, we finally begin washing up. We stop a few times, simply unable to keep our hands to ourselves. We are absolutely insatiable, and I fucking love it. I might have been a little too rough with her, taking out my anger on her for leaving, but she didn’t complain and her moans of pleasure told me she’s enjoyed it.

After we leave the bathroom, I lead Angel to the kitchen. She’s been gone for the whole day and evening and then we’ve been going at it for hours, so we’re both famished.

My little queen is on my back, with her arms and legs around me, as she watches me cook. She keeps distracting me with kisses to the back of my head and neck, which almost causes me to burn the steaks. Her bare breasts pressed into my back are not helping my case. Good thing she’s at least wearing my boxers, or I would take her on the fucking table.

“Love, you’re playing with fire.” I growl when she starts nibbling my earlobe.

“No, I’m playing with you.” My knees turn to jelly as she bites my ear before licking the sting off. That damn vixen!!!

I growl loudly, turning my head to kiss her. My little minx is ready for me and leans forward, our mouths locked in a passionate kiss, as her chest rubs against my shoulder.

“Your food is ready.” I say as we pull away. She licks her lips, looking hungrily at the steak in front of her. I give her last peck and take everything to the table before adjusting her so that she sits in my lap, her bare torso in full display for me.

Oh Goddess, give me strength.

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