The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 32


They’re here.

Of all the possible times they could come, they choose the ceremony!

Those motherfuckers!

“Delta, get the Deads ready and contact others. Axe, how far are they?” My Angel takes charge immediately, while I mind link the females and pups to hide. We have hidden basements under every house that serve as hideouts, and the only people who can open them are the pack members.

‘Don’t leave the hideout until I tell you it’s okay.’ I tell them before going to the dungeon with the Deads, my warriors, and my mate. I feel her hand tense in mine.

‘My love, you should hide with the others. I don’t want you hurt.’ I try to reason with her, but all I get is a furious glare sent my way.

‘Like I will let you handle them alone! Don’t even think about it!’

“Beast, they’re getting closer. The Dead patrol won’t be able to stop them.” Delta says, getting a message through the mind link.

“How many are there?” I ask as we get inside, heading straight to the armory. We may have been wolves for decades, but a array of weaponry is a must for every pack.

“Too many. WAY too many. We need help.” Axe answers as I put on the bulletproof vest and gloves then load up my silver knives and guns.

“Number.” Angel demands. She’s in full battle mode, like when the Deads first came here. I still remember how she pushed me away, but I know that's just how she is when threatened.

“Over 200.” The warriors and I turn to Axe in shock. Only my mate is not surprised as she gets ready, silently seething. Fuck. The others may not arrive here in time.

‘Calm down. The first rule of fighting – don’t panic, no matter who’s your opponent. We’ll be fine. Your warriors are strong and they know what to do.’ Angel’s calm voice resounds in my head, silencing Demon and causing a peaceful feeling surge through my body. I have no idea how she does it, but with just one word Demon becomes a putty in her hand. Also, since she’s Luna, her emotions affect the pack a lot. We all feel when she’s on edge, angry or upset. Thankfully she knows how to block her mind from the pack. I don’t even want to think about them feeling my mate’s emotions while we’re in the bedroom. That would be a nightmare.

We leave the dungeon few minutes later. Aiden and Asher, who came here few days ago after spending time in Blaine's pack, take charge of the Deads, while Angel and I manage our warriors.

“Deads – human forms, pack – wolves, since you’re more accustomed to it. You’ll take care of the shifted Undeads, or humans.” My Angel orders as she fastens her harness. She has a lot on her, knives, katanas, a bow, arrows and her favorite dagger that she straps to her thigh. Had it not been for the situation we’re in, I would’ve laughed at her look. Wet hair roughly pulled in a ponytail, my shirt, wrapped in a harness, my boxers and bare legs, with a dagger strapped to her thigh. She looks adorable and badass at the same time.

“Let’s move! We have to get the fight as far away from the pack as possible. Don’t die on me, guys!” I command before pulling Angel to me and giving her a passionate kiss, crushing her into my body.

“I love you, Angel.”

“I love you, too, Leo. And Demon.” She adds after few seconds, making Demon howl in my head.

We march in the direction from where the enemy’s coming, but we don’t make it far. They are closer than we thought. We don’t even reach the border.

“GIVE ME MY PROPERTY BACK, AND I’LL SHOW YOU MERCY!!!” An older man yells out when we reach them. The whole army of what seems to be about 250 men and wolves stops, waiting for orders.

“SHE’S NOT YOUR PROPERTY!!!” I growl, my voice mixed with Demon’s as my anger rises.

“Yes, she is. And if you don’t give her back, I will destroy you and everyone that gets in my way.” The man threatens.

My mate steps forward, making me tense. She holds her head high, crossing her arms across her chest.

“I am not, and WILL not be your property. You created the Beast, now you’ll finally face it.” She furiously snarls at him, with no ounce of fear. I notice a proud look cross Aiden’s face. I was right when I first met them – they treat her like sister. Angel unsheathes her swords in a swift motion.

“ATTACK!!!” The man commands.

And the hell breaks loose.


Two armies charge at each other as the man’s voice resounds through the woods.

Beast slashes through the wolves with her silver blades, then whoever’s behind her finishes the enemy off. Aiden and Asher work with Leo as her sidekicks, efficiently killing off the Undeads at the front. The sounds of gunshots can be heard throughout the whole area, alerting every living thing about the bloodbath taking place there.

Beast tries to make her way to the boss, but he leaves the battlefield as soon as the fight starts, leaving his men to deal with the enemy. Soon the difference in numbers between the armies becomes too great and even the help of the Deads doesn’t do much as Beast's side is forced into defense.

Beast is circled by a group of Undeads as they try to separate her from her mate and Andrew’s sons, getting her alone.

“Nowhere to hide, little girl. You’re ours now.” One if the Undeads taunts, pointing his gun at her leg. “Our orders are clear, keep you alive. Doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with you, now does it?” The other guys laugh as that, oblivious to Beast’s movements. She slashes the first guy’s throat open then, like a whirlwind, she spins around, running her blades through the others’ stomachs, cutting them open. With quick moves, she stabs their hearts before they manage to heal.

A loud howl drowns every noise on the battlefield before a group of furious Deads attacks the boss’ men, ripping out their throats and crushing their necks. Despite the chaos around her, Beast smiles gratefully at the newcomers. Steele just grins wolfishly at her after spitting the severed head out his maw.

“Steele, help the others, I’ll be fine.” She hurriedly tells him as she turns around and cuts off the head of the guy behind her. Steele just barks a laugh before leading his group further into the fight.

Soon the tables turn, as Beast’s side is aided by the warriors and Deads coming from the neighboring packs, now outnumbering the enemy.


I quickly search the area for the boss, but I don’t see him. My whole body is covered in blood, my swords are dripping with the remains of it and the whole area around me is splattered with guts and body parts I severed, painting the ground red.

I hear thundering footsteps storming my way, so, gripping my swords tightly, I turn around and slide under the Undead, slashing him open, then stab his heart to kill him.

From the corner of my eye I notice a man approaching one of the wolves with a knife. I quickly retract a small throwing knife from the belt of my harness before throwing it at the man, aiming at his head. It hits him with perfect accuracy, killing him right away. Human.

I throw almost all of my knives at the armed men, taking them out one by one. Since I’m to be captured alive, the guys concentrate on everyone else, probably thinking that if they reduce our numbers, it’ll be easier to get me.

As if!

I’m not just an ordinary woman, I’m the BEAST! I’ll kill them all by myself if I have to!

Two Undeads are trying to sneak up on me and I pretend not to notice them until the last moment. They are wolf Undeads, so I have to be careful. Most of the wolf Undeads were dealt with by the Deads and Alphas, since they’re stronger physically and as I saw them, I realized that the training really paid off.

When I feel the two get close enough for me to smell them, I spin around, kicking the closest one in the muzzle with the heel of my right foot, then, finishing my spin, I ram my fingers in the other’s eye before he can even react. With flowing moves, I slide on my knees under the blinded wolf and thrust my hand into his chest before ripping his heart out, effectively killing him. I roll over from under him before he can crash me with his body, and using my position beneath the wolf I kicked first, I kick the back of his left front leg with my right knee, then as I’m on the ground I shoot out my left foot backwards, making him lose balance and fall on his side. I ram my fist into the soft area under his ribs, earning a pained howl in response, then drive my hand through his insides, blocking his maw with my leg so he can’t bite me, before finding his heart and crushing it in my fist. I get up, and seeing as I have no blades left, I climb up the nearest tree and prepare my bow and arrows. They’re silver, like every other weapon I use, so I aim strictly at the wolves so I don’t waste them on humans.

I take out one wolf after another, shooting them with pinpoint accuracy, while some of the Deads, along with Leo, Aiden and Asher guard the tree I’m on, killing everyone who even gets close. Sometime during the fight, Shane brings out 2 sets of arrows from Leo’s dungeon before throwing them to me, so I have more ammunition.

I’m on my last arrow, as the body count rises, when I see that the wolf behind Leo is still alive and reaches for the gun near him. It’s a tough shot, since Leo is in the way, but I’m good at this shit, so I decide to take my chances. As long as Leo doesn’t move, he’ll be okay.

I take my aim carefully and fortunately the wolf doesn’t look my way, concentrated on the weapon next to him.

But Leo notices.

I see his eyes widen as he realizes where I’m aiming.

His eyes get teary as he looks at me with absolute hurt and betrayal. I see the wolf behind him grab the gun – I have to act fast! – I bend the bow and without looking at Leo’s heartbroken face, I shoot, letting the arrow pass by Leo’s head closely and hit the wolf’s head, going straight through it, pinning it to the ground.

I get off the tree, not missing the shocked look on Leo’s face as he turns around to see where the arrow hit. I can’t believe it!

“Angel, I-” Leo starts, but I cut him off. This is too much!

“I know I’m a monster, but even I have my limits!!!” I yell at him, with angry tears streaming down my cheeks. He shouldn’t have done that! He actually thought I would shoot him!!! Everyone’s the same, even him. Once they see the Beast, they assume the worst. I honestly thought Leo would be different, that he would accept me for me, but he’s just like others. I opened my mind and heart to him, and he thought I would kill him, as if our bond meant nothing!

“Wait, please, I-, let me explain. I’m sorry-” He tries to speak, but I don’t give him a chance to finish.

I look him straight in the eye as I drag my fingers through his mark on my neck, ripping the skin. He falls to his knees, clutching his chest, as if his heart hurts. But it can’t even compare to the pain I’m feeling. I will not go through this again.

“I should’ve known.” I quietly mutter before turning around and leaving him behind me. I will never trust him again, not after this. Of all the people around me, he was the one who was supposed to believe in me, to trust me! That’s all I ever wanted.

I hear him yell out a pained "NO!" right when I’m thrown to the ground by a huge body. I feel teeth sinking into my throat before the huge weight is pushed off of me, but I can barely breathe.

Lying on the ground with my neck bleeding out, I turn my head to look at the love of my life for one last time. I see him storming towards me, but before he can reach me, everything goes black.


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