The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 33

JUST KIDDING!!! We're not finished yet!

Here is a short chapter, so you don't think I'm heartless. ~(^v^)~


I watch my mate’s chest rise with every breath she takes, as she lies in our bed motionless.

It’s been over a month since the battle. I almost lost my little angel. Why did I think she would shoot me? Hurt me? I honestly hope my Angel will forgive me for this, even though I will never forgive myself. This will haunt me for the rest of my life, knowing that I’m the reason she’s an Undead, something she didn’t want to be.

I cradle my mate’s body in my arms, trying to stop the bleeding from her neck.

“Get Doc!!!” I yell out in absolute agony. I know he’s somewhere around, helping the guys who got hurt. I feel as if my heart will burst out of my chest from the pain I’m feeling right now as my mate’s blood spills through my fingers, along with her life. She can’t die!!! I won’t let her die.

I notice Shane rip the fucker who attacked Angel to shreds with his bare hands. He’s one of the few who were fighting in human forms. The Deads, along with Aiden and Asher look furious.

“She won’t make it like this.” Aiden tells me, making me growl.

“You’re thinking what I’m thinking?” Asher turns to him. All of us turn to the two, waiting for them to elaborate.

“What are you thinking?!” I snarl. Where is Doc?!

“If she was an Undead, she would heal from this.”

“NO! We did not go to war with those fuckers only to let her become an Undead!!!” I yell at him, putting pressure on my Angel’s wound.

“Then she’ll die within minutes.” Doc adds, getting closer. He takes one look at my mate before shaking his head dejectedly. “There’s nothing I can do, Alpha. It’s too deep.” He sighs. I look up to Aiden.

“How can I save her?” I demand.

“We will have to give her our blood. It will help her heal.” Asher is the one to answer.

“She doesn’t want to be an Undead! Is there really no other way?!” I’m desperate to keep her alive, but this is something she tried so hard to avoid. How can I make this decision without her?!

“Save her.” I tell them when I hear Angel’s heartbeat drop.

I noticed the change in her scent right after the first blood transfer. The pack noticed it too when I carried her back to my house. Some of them commented on how she smells different, but for me, her mate scent is still stronger. I remember my Angels saying human Undeads smell burnt, but her scent is different. Unlike any Undead I encountered.

I’ve been staying with her whenever I could. Between my Alpha duties, dealing with the outcome of the battle, the search of the boss of the facility, and the funerals of the lost warriors, I didn’t have a lot of free time, so I slept next to my mate, just keeping her close to me.

Demon has also been quiet, not even bothering me like he used to. He hasn’t talked to me much; he’s just withdrawn, staying hidden in the back of my mind.

“Alpha, it’s time.” Delta knocks on the door, but doesn’t enter, knowing it’s my private time with Angel. The only people allowed to stay with her, apart from me, are Shane, Delta, Aiden and Asher.

I kiss Angel’s forehead after adjusting her blanket. “I’ll be back later, my love.” I quietly tell her before leaving the room. Aiden is already waiting outside. Whenever I’m not with Angel, he’s the one who stays with her, in case she wakes up.

“How is she?” Alpha Blaine asks once I enter my office.

“Still unconscious. But she’s looking better each day. At least she’s alive.” I take my seat at the head of the table. It’s our first meeting after the battle. We decided to have those every 6 weeks, to exchange information. We need to stay focused, despite winning against the facility. The boss is still out there and we all know he will not give up on my mate, especially if he somehow finds out she’s an Undead now, just like he wanted her to.

The meeting goes on for the next few hours, before we wrap it up. Before any of the Alphas even move from their seats, an agitated Asher barges into my office.

“She’s awake!”

My eyes widen as I almost fly out of my chair and run to my bedroom, where I’m met by the sight of my mate. She's sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard as she looks out the window. She hasn’t noticed me yet.

Or so I thought. I notice her nostrils flare as a hard look crosses her face. Oh, right. She can smell me now.

“Beast, Leo’s here.” Aiden informs her, but she blatantly ignores him.

“Angel?” I try, but she doesn’t even acknowledge me. Did I lose her?

Suddenly she gets up from the bed and heads my way. I stand still, just waiting for her.

But she passes by me and leaves the bedroom, making my heart break. I go after her, but when I reach her and try to take her arm to stop her from leaving the house, I’m slammed into the wall with great force. I can tell I broke a few ribs from the impact, hearing the Alphas gasp from the hallway.

“Angel, please, just listen to me!” I run after her, begging. And I’m not fucking ashamed. I will grovel before her if it makes her stay.

But my attempts end up futile. She doesn't even stop, just marching through the woods, ignoring everyone who tries to get her attention.

“Angel, I’m begging you! Please, give me a chance!” I’m fucking crying as I get in front of her. But what I meet as I look into her eyes shatters my damn soul.

There’s nothing.

Absolutely nothing.

It’s as if her soul left her body, as if she doesn’t feel the mate bond. She may have ripped my mark apart, but the mate bond is unbreakable, so she has to still feel it. It’s not like she has no soul, right?

“Love, please.” I croak as my voice breaks. I hear Aiden’s sigh before he leaves us alone.

“You betrayed me.” She finally speaks and all I hear in her voice is coldness and hurt.

“I didn’t. My love, I would never do that to you.” She gives me a hard look hearing this.

“You thought I was going to shoot you. Actions speak louder than words. Your lack of trust is the worst betrayal.” She passes by, leaving me frozen in shock in the woods. It’s my fault! I lost her!!!

I fall to my knees as a pained wail leaves me while my heart shatters into pieces. But my angel doesn’t even turn back. I watch paralyzed as she crosses the border of my territory and gets out of my reach, with the Deads, Aiden and Asher following right after.

She's still my mate. I have to get her back!

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