The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 34

5 years later


I watch the fight in front of me with a critical look. The person winning is not exactly fighting fair, but in the battlefield it doesn’t matter that much, so they have to know how to deal with their opponents in a situation like this.

“Beast, how long will you make them do this? Claw looks exhausted.” Aiden laughs from beside me, as I sit in what they call ‘the throne’.

“Until they get it right. They can’t keep relying on their learned techniques, the instinct is important too.” I answer him, not taking my eyes of Claw and Hammer in the ring. Hammer clearly has the upper hand, since he takes my every advice seriously.

“You’re still so ruthless.” He laughs. “Axe said something about trouble at the border, what do you want to do about it?” He gets serious suddenly. I know exactly which border he's talking about. Leo's been trying to get to me all the time for the last years, but it's still to early for me to see him. I fear that I'll hurt him if I do that.

“Ignore them. Unless they come here, we won’t acknowledge them, you know that.” I tell him, but I’m still thinking about the last few years. So much has happened after I left, so much has changed. I'm not the same naive girl I used to be.

When I left the pack, along with all the Deads and Aiden and Asher, we came here, to the source of our problems – the facility, where I was being kept most of my life.

We expected to find the boss here, but he completely disappeared, leaving the place empty. We took advantage of that, settling here for good. We redecorated the whole mansion, turning the cells into bedrooms for our people, the arena where the fights used to take place is now our training area, and the bar, where the boss’ guests used to have fun, is now our buffet. It was a surprise at first when I found out that Knife and Shade can cook, but I got over it pretty fast.

Since the place has an elaborate security system and a lot of useful gadgets, we use those to keep the place safe and try track the boss down at the same time. We checked the other two branches of the facility, but he wasn’t there either, and neither were his goons, making me wonder if he actually got all of them to fight against us 5 years ago. Not that I care about it now.

“Okay, you’re done here! Clean up and get some rest, we’ll go over this tomorrow. Again.” I command, seeing as Claw is clearly trembling with effort to stay standing.

I get up from my throne, as everyone calls it, and head towards the buffet to get something to eat. I’ve been overseeing the training for hours, and my stomach finally decides it’s time to fill it.

My eating habits have changed a lot during those few years; I’m finally eating 3 meals a day, getting the proper nutrition. My so-called brothers, Aiden and Asher, always join me for meals, making sure I finish everything in my plate.

We’ve grown really close over the time we spent here. Since they are both Undeads, like me, we get along incredibly well. Everyone says we’re like real siblings, which feels nice, since us getting close has always been Andrew’s wish. We've been working hard on getting stronger and controlling our bloodthirst better. Now there's no one who can match our strength.

“Did Claw finally die?” Asher jokes from behind the bar, pouring me a cup of coffee.

“No, not yet. But if sis keeps it up, he will eventually drop.” Aiden laughs, stealing my coffee.

“Get your own, you thief!” I whine, giving Asher a pleading look so he can make me another. Whenever Asher makes me something, Aiden steals it, simply because his brother will never cook or make drinks for him.

“You should stop using her to get free food. There will be time when her cute face won’t work on me.” Asher threatens half-heartedly.

“Nice joke brother. Like that will ever happen. You know can’t say ‘no’ to this adorable little cutie pie.” Aiden taunts him, squishing my cheeks for good measure.

“Damn it, why do you have to be right?” I hear Asher mumble, begrudgingly making me a fresh cup of coffee. “Single or double sugar, lil’ sis?” Asher hesitates before putting the second teaspoon of sugar. I show him two fingers with a grin. I love sweet things!

“Where’s Hunter? I don’t see him anywhere.” I look around, searching for him.

“He’s probably with the guys in the game room.” Asher hands me my coffee as he answers. “Why, miss him already?” He teases.

“You know I do. I like having him close, you know that.” I trace the rim of my mug with my fingertip, thinking about Hunter.

“I know you love him, and he loves you, but sometimes he just needs some time with us guys, too. You two can’t always stay joined at the hip. Just like you need privacy, so does he.” Aiden tells me and I know he’s right.

We eat in peace, with occasional breaks as the Deads come and go.

“The trackers picked up an Undead’s scent near the second branch. You want them to follow it?” Delta sits down on my left, taking some of my fries from my plate, for which I send him a glare. My food!

“No, let it be. If it’s an Undead, he’ll eventually show up on the radar again.” I dismiss him.

During the last few years, there had been some sightings of Undeads, making it clear that the boss knows about my transition. What he doesn’t know is that I did not become a mindless monster like he wanted me to.

We found out about it after we claimed the mansion as ours. We searched the whole building, looking for any clue as to why the boss was so obsessed with me ever since he got me.

After a thorough search of his office, we managed to find some documents about me. There was everything, my real name, my age, my parents, my family background. Reading it all, the reason of boss’ actions towards me became clear.

I am a direct descendant of the first Undead that the witch, Thalia, created – my grandfather. He had a child with a human then my father also had a child with a human, which is why my Undead side stayed dormant.

The blood transfusion I received from Aiden and Asher woke up that side and enforced it, which is why my mind remained sane. I did not lose myself in the bloodlust, unlike many others before me, mainly because I carry Undead's genes.

Ever since the guys found out about that, they announced me their queen as the first born Undead, even though I’m not a pureblood. The boss has always wanted a child of two Undeads, and now that I’m fully Undead, he is more persistent in his attempts to get to me. That’s why I’ve been pushing the guys so hard during the training. We need to be ready for him.

“I’m gonna hit the bed for the night. Hunter is probably waiting for me.” I check the clock behind the bar, seeing it’s already past 11 p.m., before going to my room.

Hunter is already here when I enter, greeting me with a smile.

“Were you waiting for me?” I ask him, making my way to him and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Mhm. – he nods – But bath first.” I grin at him then we head towards the adjoined bathroom. Hunter takes a bath, while I settle for a quick shower, too tired to spend an hour in the bathtub with him. Unlike him, I woke up early in the morning and have been on my feet ever since.

After we’re done washing up, we brush our teeth and get ready to bed.

“Did something happen?” Hunter asks as he gets in the bed next to me, already changed into his pajamas.

“Not really, just a long day.” I tell him, turning on my side to face him, giving him a quick peck on his forehead. “Don’t worry about it.”

“I don’t want you to overwork yourself.” I see his eyes droop soon after his head touches the pillow.

“I know. I’ll make sure to take it easy, okay?” I run my fingers through his hair, since I know he loves it.

“Okay.” He’s barely conscious by now.

“Goodnight Hunter.” I softly whisper into his ear, closing my eyes and letting the sleep come.

“Goodnight, mommy.”

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