The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Chapter 35


I’ve been watching my Alpha get consumed by depression and self-hate for 5 years.

And I can see that he can’t take it anymore.

Luna has to come back to him, heal him, bring him back.

The whole pack is struggling without our Luna, and it’s been like that for years. I tried to at least talk to her, but the Deads on the border never let me in their territory.

They claimed the No Man’s Land as theirs, establishing a pack of their own, with OUR Luna as their leader. It’s now the Undead Land, as people call it. Other packs have tried reaching out to them, too, but with no results. They have completely cut themselves off from everyone.

Today is my last chance to change Luna’s mind. Leo is planning on taking another Luna for the pack, giving up on his mate. And the woman in question is not a Luna material. AT ALL. She’s materialistic, snobby, obnoxious and demanding. How the hell did she seduce our Alpha is a mystery, but I think she managed to do that because she made herself look like Beast. She dyed her hair, wears contacts and makes everyone call her Angel, just like Leo used to call his mate. She must’ve caught him in a moment of weakness, since he didn’t object when she asked him to mark her.

And it’s going to happen tomorrow.

Or not.

I will not let it happen.

And neither will our pack.

Mason convinced the pack members to join us on our quest to bring our rightful Luna back. We all know we’re basically committing treason against our Alpha, but we just can’t see him being manipulated by that bitch Olivia. She copied her whole look after Luna, just to get the position. Power hungry bitch!

“Are we all ready?” Mason asks everyone as we’re near our border, getting ready to cross into Undeads’ territory.

A loud and definite ‘YES!’ resounds from the pack. I exchange anxious looks with Mason before we move.

We’re swarmed by a bunch of Deads before we can even reach the first mile.

“State your business or get the fuck out!” Steele’s angry voice is the one to greet us. I’ve fought side by side with him, but he treats us like fucking rogues.

“We need to see our Luna. Steele, please try to understand us. Our whole pack is crumbling without her. We’re about to lose everything!” I plead with him, and I see his expression drop as my words register.

“I know what’s been going on in your pack, so you don’t have to explain.” He sighs dejectedly before leading us further into their territory. I knew he would understand.

“Beast, there are some people here who would like to talk to you.” He speaks as soon as we all enter the huge mansion.

The sound of quiet footsteps reaches me as Luna walks down the hallway. The sight of our whole pack in front of her makes her eyes widen for a split second before she schools her expression into a hard, cold look.

“Arena.” She says just this one word then turns and leaves. She’s looking much better than our Alpha. There is this aura of authority around her, and the leather she’s wearing makes her look even fiercer than before.

Steele gestures at us to follow him and I’m assuming he’s taking us to this ‘arena’ Luna spoke of.

The area we enter is a huge empty space with a ring in the middle and rows above rows of seats around it. In the corner of the room there’s a big armchair. Luna makes her way straight to it, sitting down.

“Take a seat. Let’s hear it.” Her cold tone almost makes me flinch. She’s so different.

Mason is the one to speak first.

“We need you, Luna.”

“That’s funny coming from you.” She crosses her arms across her chest, leaning back in her chair. I’ve been aware of her aversion of Mason, so I decide to take over so we don’t get thrown out.

“Luna. – I get her attention – Leo is getting worse and worse with every passing day. He needs his mate, and we need our Luna. We all came here to ask you to come back.”

“If Leo is having such hard time, then why didn’t he come here?” Her emotionless expression doesn’t reveal anything. I have no idea what she’s thinking.

“He’s completely broken down. For the longest time he didn’t eat, sleep or take care of himself properly. The mate bond is still there, it’s unbreakable, and the distance between you and the loss of a mate is killing him.”

She sighs heavily. “He betrayed me, Shane.” I flinch at the sound of my name. I used to be ‘Grey’ for her. “He treated me the same way everyone else in my life did. He only saw me as Beast, not as me. It fucking hurt, Shane! The one person who’s supposed to love you, trust you, support you suddenly sees you as enemy and think you’re going to kill them. I was trying to protect him, but he thought I would hurt him!!!” She finally shows her true emotions, as angry tears run down her cheeks. I know she was through a lot and I guess Leo's actions were just the last straw.

“He didn’t know! He didn’t know that there was someone behind him!” I defend Leo. Even I didn’t notice that the fucker behind him was alive.

“He should’ve believed in me. TRUSTED ME!!!” She erupts.

“Luna, please give him a chance. I know you miss him. I know what it feels like to lose a mate, and I don’t want you two to go through this. It will either kill you or drive you crazy.” Diana intercepts as she cries, most likely remembering the sorrow she felt after her mate passed away.

“Diana…” Luna trails off, coming up to the older woman and engulfs her in a tight hug, which causes Diana to wail even louder.

“Don’t lose what you two have because of stubbornness. You’re Alpha’s mate, his queen, his Angel. Give it a chance before it’s too late.” I feel my eyes turn into saucers as I hear Diana’s words. Luna notices it too.

“What do you mean?” Luna gets suspicious.

“Leo’s given up. This bitch Olivia used his weakness to manipulate him into taking her as his mate. As your replacement. That’s why we’re here. She’s using him, she only cares about the money and position. She even made herself look like you, just to confuse Leo and make it easier for her to control him. She demanded that the pack should call her Angel, like Leo calls you.” I lay it all out, deciding that it’s no use to hide anything from her.

“Mommy!” A small boy suddenly runs into the room and pure shock crosses Luna’s face as a collective gasp resounds through the place.

“Hunter! What are you doing here?” She softly asks the boy, crouching in front of him.

“Uncle Aiden said I can meet daddy!” Luna releases a frustrated growl.

“Do you want to meet daddy?” We all watch in shock as she interacts with her son. Is he Leo’s? He looks old enough to be his.

“YES!!! Can we go to daddy?!” The kid, Hunter, jumps in excitement, making Luna sigh softly. She ruffles his hair and turns him towards us.

“You will have to ask uncle Grey if he will take you with him.” She smiles gently at the boy, who turns to me with an expectant look.

“Uncle Grey?? That uncle Grey?!” He exclaims with wide eyes.

“Yeah. So what do you say when you want something?” She cajoles in a soft voice.

“Can you take me to daddy, please?” I almost melt at the look on Hunter’s face. I turn to Luna in panic, but she only smiles at her son adoringly, giving me a minuscule nod.

“I was going to bring Hunter to Leo on his 6th birthday, since it’s when the Undead gene sort of settles down. I wasn’t sure about bringing him to the pack earlier, in case we couldn’t control his bloodlust. But I guess we have to move up our visit.”

“So you were going to come back?” I ask, flabbergasted.

“Leo’s mine. I’ve already forgiven him, despite what I told you earlier. But I couldn’t stay anywhere near him or the pack when my bloodlust was out of control. Everything will be explained when we reach the pack. First things first, I have to deal with that wicked wench that decided to put her hands on what’s mine.” She tells me with a stern look, making us all sigh in relief.

“Then why haven’t you come back earlier?! Or you could just tell us that you were going to come back! Do you know how HURT Leo was?!” Mason explodes, shouting in Luna’s face.

“DON’T YELL AT MY MOMMY!!!” Hunter counters with equal ferocity. He sure is his mother’s son. He seethes at a man so much bigger than him, protecting his mom.

Hunter’s loud voice alerts whoever’s been outside, so it doesn’t take long for us to be surrounded by the Deads.

“At ease.” Luna orders, and the guys comply immediately.

“Bad man yelled at mommy!” Hunter tells Aiden, who sends a glare to Mason, clearly knowing who the boy’s talking about.

“I’m going to meet with Leo. Apparently he’s in a much worse condition than it seemed.” Luna announces, while Hunter clings to her leather clad thigh, hiding his face in his mom’s leg, occasionally peeking at me with a shy look.

“It’s okay. You can ask him.” Luna assures him. Ask me? What?

“Uncle Grey… - he trails off - Can I ride your wolf when we go to daddy?” He shyly asks, playing with the material of Luna’s shirt as he looks up at me.

“Of course you can. If your mom allows it.” He immediately turns his gaze to his mom, who nods at him with a smile.

“Asher, help him pack, while I talk to others. We’re leaving soon.”

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