The Beast (Alpha Trilogy Book 1)

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Everything is as it should be, my man is lying next to me in our bed and my son is happy.

After Hunter threatened Leo, we went inside, deciding to catch up with what happened during the time we were apart. As Leo was cooking us dinner, Hunter explored the house. It’s much smaller than the mansion he was raised at, but he loved it, especially his dad’s office, since there’s a huge flat screen there. He said he wants to sleep there, but I explained to him that it’s where his daddy is supposed to work, so we can’t really let him do that. Leo told me that if Hunter likes it so much, then he can just move his stuff to the guest bedroom and set his office there, making the current one into a bedroom for Hunter. When I argued that he doesn’t have to do that, he just said that he doesn’t want his son to sleep in a room where that woman was. That’s when I gave up.

The pack arrived hours later, while we were talking, but both of us ignored them. They knew how important this was for us, so they steered clear of our house, except for Grey, who came in for a moment to take Hunter out.

Once we were alone, the old feelings that came back when we met again basically erupted with unbelievable force. We barely made it to the bedroom, unable to keep our hands to ourselves. God, how I missed his touch.

For 4 days straight Leo showed me just how much he missed me, and I returned his passion with equal fervor. I really missed how he can make me scream with pleasure. Those 5 years without him were so empty. I know that me leaving him for so long was overreaction, but I couldn't risk his safety with my unstable state. The transition brought severe mood swings and unbelievable bloodthirst. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I hurt Leo in one of my angry outbursts. Now, though, I'm sure I won't be able get my hands off him.

Thankfully, Grey and my brothers took care of Hunter, so he didn’t witness something I didn’t want him to see. He’s way too young to know how he was made.

Now we’re lying in bed, resting after the intense workout we just got. Leo’s stamina is still as tremendous as it used to be. I’m pretty sure Hunter will have a sibling soon with the amount of ‘love’ Leo left in my body. But I don’t mind and I’m pretty sure Leo wouldn’t either. He’s missed so much of Hunter’s life, his first smile, first word, first laugh, first step, first scraped knee, first hug. I cannot and will not deprive my man of witnessing his child’s life again. I never experienced my parents’ love, so I want to give my son a chance to live in a loving family.

“You’re still the same, zoning out when relaxed.” Leo chuckles as I mindlessly trail patterns on his chest with my fingers. He got a tattoo of an angel riding a ferociously looking black wolf on his chest. I absolutely love it, especially the wolf. I know it’s him because of the golden eyes. And the angel is me. It brought me to tears when I saw it for the first time. Leo said he had to have something that would stay with him for the rest of his life, that reminded him of me, while I was gone.

“And you can still tell when it happens.” I don’t stop my hands movements, loving the feeling of Leo’s smooth skin under my fingertips.

“You always trace my pecks and tease my nipples when you’re lost in thought, when normally you pay more attention to my eight pack.” I snort at that.

“You’re lucky you still have it. I would leave again if I found it gone.” I joke, loving how easily we slipped into our normal routine. I was worried it would be hard to get back here, but Leo still loves me, even despite me treating him so harshly.

“There’s more to me than my abs, Angel.” He jokes back, clearly expecting something from me.

“I know, you’ve been giving it to me for days.” I move my hand down his hard stomach, making him growl.

He immediately settles his body between my legs and gives me my prize again and again, taking turns with Demon as they continue to bring me to ecstasy countless times.

“I love you, my Angel.” Demon tells me right when we’re at the peak of pleasure.

“I love you too, Demon.” We seal it with a deep kiss as he erupts inside me.


I wash my mate’s body after we’re finished, enjoying the feeling of Angel’s body against mine. This beautiful body gave me the best gift of my life, a baby, so I’ll keep worshiping her for the rest of eternity. I don't care that she left, all that matters now is that she's back. I sure won't let her leave me again.

I dry her off then put her gently on the counter, wrapping a towel around me. This feels right. It reminds me of our time 5 years ago. We bathed together, then I helped her dry off, then we brushed our teeth and went to sleep after professing our love to each other with our bodies.

“Mommy?” I hear the shy voice of our son from the hallway as we get dressed.

I open the door for him before taking him in my arms. “Hi daddy.” “Hello little one.” We say simultaneously as I carry him further into the room.

“Hey, baby. Is something wrong?” Angel asks him softly.

Hunter plays with my beard before hiding his face in the crook of my neck. My adorable son.

“C-can I sleep with you tonight?” He peeks at his mom shyly, as if afraid of her reaction.

“Of course you can. You don’t have to ask.” I tell him, stroking his hair with my free hand as I balance him on my hip.

“Daddy? Your voice sounds different.” He leans up in my arms with a curious look and I hear Angel’s cute snort. She said the same thing years ago, except the ‘daddy’ part.

“It’s daddy’s wolf - Demon. I told you about him.” Angel explains before I can.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! The wolf daddy!!!” Hunter exclaims as understanding crosses his adorable face.

I see Angel turn around as her shoulders shake with silent laughter.

‘Wolf daddy, it's time to feed your son.’ She laughs through the mind link.

‘This daddy will make you scream when we’re alone, just you wait.’ Angel’s eyes widen at the suggestive tone, before her face turns mischievous as lick her lips sexily. Vixen.

My mate sits on the counter in the kitchen, with our son in her lap. He plays with her long hair, waiting for food. I cook for all three of us then carry them one by one to the table. The habit of carrying my mate everywhere did not disappear, I still love doing it.

“Don’t eat mommy! Mommy is mine!” Hunter yells when I kiss my Angel, handing her the plate.

“Baby, daddy’s not eating me. He just gave me a kiss. – she pecks his cheek – Like that.” My mate explains, while I dish out the pasta for Hunter.

“Okay. – Hunter gives up then turns to me. – Wolf daddy?”


“I want more.” I look at his untouched plate pointedly as he holds it up to me.

“You haven’t eaten it yet.” I chastise.

“It’s too little. I’m a big boy, I eat a lot.” I stare at him quizzically. He will get sick if he eats too much.

‘He does it a lot. And he loves pasta.’ Angel tells me.

I put two more spoonfuls of the spinach chicken penne on his plate, getting a huge grin from my son before he digs in, swinging his legs happily as he eats. Such a cute kid. I still can’t believe he’s mine.

After we eat, Angel says she’ll take care of the dishes so I can give Hunter a bath. I’ve never been as dumbstruck as I am at this very moment.

‘Make sure he takes a bath, he often slips in the shower.’ Angel warns me before giving me an encouraging kiss.

“You’ll be fine. Besides, you need some practice, in case we have another one.” She whispers into my ear, patting her belly. I almost growl at the thought.

I am going to put a baby in that belly, that’s for sure.

“Wolf daddy! Bath!” Hunter demands, raising his arms for me to carry him.

“Okay, little one, let’s get you clean.” I pick him up, settling him on my hip and take him to the bathroom.

Hunter lets me take care of him with no objections, but what I didn’t expect was that I would have to bathe with him or get splashed with bubbles every time I try to wash him, or get the sponge thrown in my face. He sure is playful in the bathtub.

About an hour later I notice Hunter’s eyes start to droop, so I quickly dry him off and dress him in his cute wolf onesie.

My Angel is already in the bed when we enter the bedroom, smiling teasingly at me when she sees that I’m in a towel. My clothes got ruined by Hunter when he splashed me with the shampoo.

‘You knew I would end up like that, didn’t you?’ I ask her as I go to the closet, while Hunter heads straight to his mom.

‘Of course I did.’ She answers smugly.

I lay down in the bed, next to Hunter, while Angel is on his other side. He snuggles into my chest, burying his face in my shirt. I leave a firm kiss on the top of his head then kiss my Angel over him.

“Wolf daddy?” I turn to Hunter when I hear his voice.


“Do you love mommy?” He suddenly asks, surprising me.

“Of course I love mommy. I love her more than life itself.” I seriously tell him.

“Then, do you love me?”

“Of course I do. I love you just as much as I love your mommy. You’re my son, my blood, my joy.” I stroke his hair while I speak and he looks up at me with pure wonder in his eyes.

“Does daddy love me too?” I’m puzzled for about a second before it clicks. He means Leo.

“He does, just like me.”

“Okay, good. I love you too, wolf daddy.” He tells me, snuggling even closer to me.

“I love you too, wolf daddy.” Angel says with a soft look and I kiss her deeply.

“And I love you, my Angel mommy.”

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