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Autumn's Light

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She was the new girl in school, but what light comes out her dark past and bad luck? Can she find her light again through the Jock, the boy next door, or the bad boy with a secret? A story of friendships, heartbreaks, and a mystery that ends up shaping her future.

Romance / Humor
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The Move

You all are crushing it with the love for this story! A second book will be in the works, but it will be released after the Scot's Mates series. Thanks for all the support loves!

You remember the days you were happy. You remember the days you almost died too. If that wasn’t the case, your life would have dull memories.

As for me, well moving to a new school in your last year of high school was probably on the line of wanting to die memories. My father got promoted to police chief of a small town in Texas. I had spent my entire life living in Montana till now. My friends were back there and my future. I already tried running away, I already tried screaming till my voice gave out, I even tried telling my dad that the money didn’t matter.. well he didn’t believe me on that one all I got out of that was “Autumn lose the dramatics already.” With that ended, we were packed up and following the moving van to flat ground BFE..

I sat in the back of our SUV muttering to myself under my blaring headphones of music. My brother Bryce was sitting on the other side of the backseat, his headphones blaring too. He was a whole 5 minutes younger than me, but he acted like he was the older twin. Back home he was our school’s jock, the hero football player. Girl’s dropped at his feet. He got mom’s dark hair and blue eyes but dad’s dimples and amazing teeth, he got the good genes believe me. But now he was ripped away from his life too. Except he was happier to move on to Texas with bigger football leagues to try to get into. He was always seeing the bigger picture, wish my mind worked like that.

Montana was my life. The mountains, the nature, the horses. I had everything there. I was the state champ in Barrel racing and Cheer Captain. I hope they had some kind of rodeo world out here. I was heartbroken to give up that world. Now I was going to a town where they didn’t know my name and they didn’t know my ability. I had to start new, that was the hard part.

I looked to my father driving. He was swaying back and forth to the music he had on the radio. I smiled a little. Me and dad looked way more alike, from our almost grey eyes and auburn hair. His hair was much lighter but I got a mix hair color. That made for a solid deep auburn color, but I bleached it out blonde in highlights. Suddenly I hear my father’s voice singing along to the song. For a police Chief my father was extremely laid back. He was always making me and Bryce laugh or die of embarrassment, either one.

I’m sure your wondering where my mom is? Well, she died when I was 12. Drunk driver. My dad is still not over it, never moved on. That’s why I think he took this job. To get away from the memories and start new. I’m glad he finally realized that, but I wished he would have when I first started highschool not in my last year of it.

We pulled onto a neighborhood street and stopped at the fifth house down. I stared out my window and turned off my music, taking out my ear buds. There in front of me was a southern style plantation house. The wrap around porch made my eyes pop. I LOVED porches. The roof was a light blue and grey mixed together and the rest was white. It also had a tower attached by the garage, I was so going to that room first. It was two levels with a garage on the side. My father pulled to the curb and stopped. The moving van was in the driveway.

“We’re here! “ He said so loud thinking my music was still playing, instead my ears bled from his screams.

“OKAY!!!” I yelled back at him. Pointing at my bare ears. He didn’t realize I didn’t have my headphones in, so he laughed at me.

“Whoops. Well least it got your awake, Now HOP TO IT!” he unlocked the doors and I slapped Bryce’s shoulder as my dad got out of the car.

He jumped and looked at me, pulling out his ear buds. “WHAT?!”

I pointed to the house “We’re here dumbass.” I stuck my tongue out at him and he tried to flick me in the forehead but I was out of the car too quickly. I ran up the pathway to the front door, where my dad was unlocking it. Bryce came around the car and looked at me with a glare. I smiled at him with a smug look on my face. I hate to say it, but me and my brother actually got along. That kid was closest thing to a best friend just with the sibling perks of pissing them off every other minute of the day.

My dad opened the door and I rushed in. “FIRST DIBS!”

I was running up the stairs so fast with a thud after every second step I was skipping.

“YOU CHEATER!” I hear Bryce’s feet after mine.

I got to the landing and took off to the right. I opened the last door and stepped in. There was a huge room with a second loft in it with its own stairway. I heard my brother so I jumped and made an x with my arms and legs across the doorway.


Bryce’s face appeared in front of me and he grumbled.

“Aw come on!” he opened the door next to mine and grumbled more.

“How come yours has a loft and this one doesn’t?!”

I shrugged. I win. I shut the door and made my way around my new room. I went to the window and looked out. The garage was below me and the only reason this had a loft was because the tower, the loft was in a circle shape and I loved it. It had its own window on top and enough room to put a love sac or comfy thing. The view from there was amazing. I looked down at the neighborhood around us. Nothing too crazy, but I knew I would like this spot.

If you would like a playlist for this story please continue reading. If not, click next to read on!

1. What hurts the most - Rascal Flatts
2. Brave - Sara Bareilles
3. Stronger (What doesn't kill you) - Kelly Clarkson
4. Honestly - Gabbie Hanna
5. Shape of you - Ed Sheeran
6. Hip to my heart - The Band Perry
7. The Climb - Miley Cyrus
8. Somethin Bad - Miranda Lambert
9. Wasting all these tears - Cassadee Pope
10. House Party - Sam Hunt
11. Your Guardian Angel - The Red jumpsuit Apparatus
12. All mixed up - 311

That's all for now, don't wanna give away the ending ;) this is not in order of events, just in case your wondering.

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