Autumn's Light

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Come Clean

The next two days went by in with no problems. Now it was Friday, the day of the football game. My first appearance with the squad, which we have been practicing and got our routine down. We even recruited new girls to replace Evie and Adrian. Coach Kim kicked them off the team indefinitely. Me and Harley became inseparable and she was even more around me than Hendrix was and Bryce or even Ryder have been. No one really brought up the break down. Which thank god for that.

We drove into the parking lot and parked. Bryce jumped out in his football jersey and I jumped out with my new cheer uniform on. I kept pulling it down, their outfits were more revealing then my old ones in Montana. But it was a lot colder there so that made sense. The off yellow and Black colors meshed together on the skirt and my hair was pulled into a high ponytail with a black bow in the band. My hip was making a recovery. It was sore, it was bruised but it was healing. My shoulder was almost all but gone, just a scar there from the skin being torn apart.

As for me and Hendrix? We got closer. He called me the last two nights. We flirted at practice. Bryce has even eased up and him and Harley have been hanging out, I would be down for that match. I was just glad to be back at some level of normal.

We walked into the front doors, Bryce high fiving a couple guys on our way in. Me smiling at a couple. We were definitely a school name now. Even after just a week. I ran to my locker and met with Harley who was already standing there.

“EEE!! You look like American girl doll!” She screamed at me, making some of the students in the hallways shoot her a look.

“Greeeattt..” I said in a sarcastic tone. Who wanted to look like a creepy kids doll? Guess it was a compliment coming from her though.

I pulled out my books and set them in my locker as Harley leaned against the locker next to mine, waving at other students she knew and engaging in small talk.

Suddenly the world went dark and someone was covering my eyes with their hands. I immediately knew who would pull that.

“RYDER HANDS OFF THE FACE!” I smacked his arms down and he laughed, when I turned around to face him.

“Whoops, forgot. You guys have to wear the full face of makeup today.” Motioning to his face with a disgusted look.

Harley gasped and smacked him too. “Excuse me. We look damn good mister.” She did a little head bob and I laughed. Don’t mess with Harley.

Ryder rolled his eyes and came and leaned on the opposite locker of mine, ignoring Harley. “So, your coming to the party tonight after the game right?”

I shot him a look. “I might as well, your noise next door will keep me up anyway..”

He smirked. “Damn straight!” then his face went into a scowl as I heard a familiar voice approach.

“Autumn, walk with me?” Axel's handsome face came into view, he had his hand reached out at me to take it. Me and Axel started having regular morning talks since we had no classes together. He was harmless in my book.

Harley shot him a look then looked to me. She didn’t know me and Axel were maybe kind of friends? He engaged in small talk with me the last two days. He hung out at the office mostly when he was in trouble, so I saw him every day. Gotta admit, that boy had that bad boy presence that you just couldn’t resist the temptation.

“Sure!” I smiled and grabbed his hand, shutting my locker and looking back to Ryder and Harley. “See you two in class!”

He led me down the hallway then stopped around a corner, we stopped in front of his group of friends I met the other day while they were in trouble too. There was Mason, Ayla and Blake. Mason had the personality of a rock. He never smiled, never laughed and rarely talked. He was so rough around the edges and not in a good way. Ayla was the typical Rebel princess. She was pretty. Brown hair and brown eyes, but lots of black everything. Blake though, Blake. He scared me. That kid stared me down like a piece of meat. I mentioned it to Axel and he told me to not worry. My smile ended when we reached this group though, they weren’t that inviting like Axel was.

“Ax!” Blake yelled then looked at me. “Oh its miss cheerleader.” He smirked at me.

I made a face at him. “Well hello to you too.” This guy, I swear.

Ayla was chewing gum and popping bubbles over and over again then finally got bored of the silence and got up. “My god Blakey chill, she's harmless. Well except if your name is Adrian.” She winked at me.

Yeah the whole school thought Adrian was out on medical leave because of how bad I beat her. I was okay with that. At least they didn’t say it about Evie.

Before I could say anything else my attention shot to Hendrix, he was walking into the school with Carter. His famous smile on his lips. He looked up and caught my gaze. Then a look of confusion appeared on his face. Probably because of the company I was around.

I turned around and patted Axel on the shoulder. “I have to go. See you in the office?” he laughed and smirked at he same time. “As always lovely.”

I smiled then took off down the hall to Hendrix and jumped into him. He caught me as I bear hugged him with my legs wrapped almost around him.

“Well hello to you too!” Hendrix was laughing and holding me against him.

I pulled back but he was still holding me around him. “Hi.” I smiled and jumped off him to the ground. “Hi Carter.” I smiled at him.

I turned and walked next to Hendrix as they started talking about football. We passed Axel’s group and Blake’s glare was on me the whole time. I shivered a bit and picked up my pace to appear slightly in front of Hendrix’s side. He grabbed my shoulder in response, wrapping his arm around me.

“You ready for the game today?” He looked down at me, while shaking my shoulder.

I laughed a bit and then noticed the entire hallway had turned and was watching us. I just realized that was the only time they have seen me and Hendrix so close. I mean his arm was around me. My anxiety peaked. I cleared my throat and jogged to be in front of him now.

“Yep! Got to jet, see you in class?” I smiled at him and took off down the hall by myself. I know I left him there confused but I’d explain later. He was in my class.. but whatever.

I got to history and sat down in my regular seat, Ryder came bouncing in and when I mean bouncing I mean he was bouncing up and down and jumped into his eat. I shot him a raised brow. He looked at me and laughed his famous Ryder laugh. The one that makes everyone around them laugh too.


I rolled my eyes, good god. He and Bryce are two people that shouldn’t ever have coffee. Like never ever. Bryce came stumbling in and sat down behind me. I turned around in my chair to see him.

“What’s on your mind…?” I knew something was.

“First game Ott.” That’s right. It was his first game here. He was probably nervous.

I punched his shoulder and he gave me a death glare. “Don’t be such a baby” I stuck my tongue out at him and turned around when the bell rang.

I heard his grumbles behind me and Ryder’s snickers from beside him. Hendrix’s seat was still empty. Where was he? I just saw him.

Because it was Friday our classes were extremely short. 15 minutes in I pulled out my phone and texted Hendrix.

‘excuse me sir, but your presence is needed in class.’

He didn’t respond. I shot a look to Ryder and he shrugged at me, as if saying he didn’t know where he was either. I immediately raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom. Bryce gave me a weird look when I left the class. Adrian was also in class now, I didn’t even realize she walked in but she didn’t even glance at me.

I went down the hallway trying to figure out where he would be. I got to the parking lot figuring if his truck was here he was somewhere. I got out halfway to the parking lot and saw him, by the bed of his truck. But he was talking to… EVIE?! I snorted and must’ve made a sound out loud cause they both looked over at me and I glared and spun back around and ran back into the school. I was such a damn fool. He said they dated, he said she was a cute girl. He was NOT over her. He should be in here with me, not her. What am I even talking about?! He's not mine.

I booked it back into class and slammed myself into my seat. Even the teacher jumped when I did. Ryder and Bryce looked at me at the same time. I crossed my arms and stared out the window. Bryce kicked my chair and I didn’t even budge. I heard them talking to each other then the bell rang and I was up and out of there before either of them could catch me.

I ran to my locker and sent Harley a text to meet me. She was already waiting by it. She took one look at me and her eyes went wide. “Girl what the hell!” I slammed my locker open, still with a glare on my face. I was pissed. “Hendrix.”

“Oh god, what did he do?” She put her hand on my back. I was on the verge of breaking. “Remind me to never date jocks.” I grabbed my backpack and put it on.

She was shaking her head when Bryce’s hands went around my shoulders and pushed me back to meet his gaze. “What in the hell happened!” Ryder was running up too, clearly out of breath from running after Bryce.

To make matters worse, Hendrix walked up at the same exact time. Harley’s eyes went to him and glared. “You have some effing nerve asshole!” and pushed him away and grabbed me and we both walked down the hall, her shielding me from looking at any of them.

I was on the verge of tears. It has only been a week but I solidly liked Hendrix and thought we could make it into something. We got down the hall when we ran into Axel.

“Whoa whoa Princess, what’s wrong?” He shot a glare down the hallway then to me. “Did he hurt you?”

Harley answered for me. “We aren’t speaking of that prick right now.” She made us push past him too but he turned and jogged up to keep up with us. “Where are you going?” Harley again answered.

“Ice cream.” Harley’s idea of fixing everything, was always ice cream. Axel backed off and let us go out the doors to the parking lot. We got into her car and took off. I hadn’t said a word since we left the school. I was processing.

“He was talking to Evie.. Out in the parking lot.. when he was supposed to be.. in class.. with me..” I spat out in spurts.

“What a dick.” She turned to me and then the road again. “Don’t worry girl, there’s plenty of fish in the sea and with your looks and personality you’ll have another guy in no time.”

I huffed to myself as we got to the ice cream parlor. She ordered for us as we sat down at a booth. I put my phone on the table and stared at it. Should I text them? No. I need my sanity. But I saw Harley pick up her phone and answer.

“Serves him right, but we’ll be back soon.”

I shot a look at her when she slid in the booth. “What was that about?”

“Oh nothing.” She smiled at me and pushed the ice cream closer. “Now eat up!”

We both ate the ice cream in silence then got back in her car back towards school. It was lunch period now.

After entering the school. The hallway talk seemed to quiet down suddenly and everyone’s eyes were on me. What the hell was going on. I shot my glance to Harley and she smirked nervously. “What? I didn’t do anything..”

She wandered off down the hall and I rolled my eyes, figuring I needed to check my phone now. I had too many missed calls and texts.

I texted my brother to meet me at the lounge. It was the spot you could hang at during lunch with couches and beanbags. I slumped down onto a couch and sighed. This day was just stupid. The door opened and in walked Bryce, with Ryder in tow.

Ryder flew onto a beanbag and Bryce sat down next to me. “What were you thinking just taking off like that?”

I shrugged. “I was not okay.”

Ryder interrupted. “We could tell.”

Bryce gave him a shut the hell up look then turned back to me. “Shit went crazy when you left. I’m actually glad you were gone.. for..”

Suddenly Ryder jumped up. “IT WAS INSANE! First Axel was like you are a dick and then Hendrix was like no you don’t even know her like I do, then Axel was like I know I wouldn’t make her cry and leave the damn school and then caBAM!”

I rose a brow. What the hell did he just say? “Excuse me?”

Bryce was trying not to laugh then sighed. “He MEANS.. Axel and Hendrix got in a fight. Which I’m actually glad about because I was about to punch him myself..”

Ryder nodded. “Yeah, it got bad sweet cheeks.”

They all got in a fight over me?! What the bloody hell. I’m allowed to handle my own business. “Where are they?”

They shrugged. “Last I heard they were in the office.”

I checked my phone and saw the missed texts from Hendrix. Most of them saying sorry then the last one caught my attention.

‘I’ll explain everything. Meet me at my truck.’

The hell I’d meet him the same place he met Evie. So I replied.

‘Like hell.’

I crashed back against the couch. Bryce and Ryder exchanging looks. Ding.

‘The bleachers then?’

I huffed.


I stood up and grabbed my bag. “He wants to talk. I’ll hear him out. But I swear to god if he says anything I don’t like, I’ll punch his ass out.”

Ryder laughed and Bryce stood up with me. “No that’s when you text me and tell me to come out and punch his ass out.”

Ryder now stood up too. “And then Ryder gets to clean up this whole mess.” He nodded with a smirk.

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