Autumn's Light

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It's Offical

I stayed up all night watching over Bryce and his throwing up every hour adventure. My dad never came home the entire night. I fell asleep on the couch around 4 am only to be woken up by Bryce groaning from the kitchen. I looked at my phone, it was already 2 PM on Saturday now.

Stretching I walked into the kitchen to see my brother head down on the kitchen table with a cup of coffee next to him. I laughed to myself. He went way too hard last night on the booze. But I can’t blame him, he hasn’t been able to have fun in quite some time. He didn’t have the same head space as me about mom’s accident. He believed the guy made the choice to drink and drive, not the drink’s fault. I accepted what he thought and he knew I would always look out for him when he drank anyway. If dad found out though, we’d be in major trouble.

I sat down across from him making sure to make the loudest sounds I could. He grumbled and looked up at me.

“Could you not?!” He mumbled and laid his head back down on the table.

I shook my head at him. Poor guy. I took his empty cup of coffee and began filling it again from the coffee machine we had on the counter. Dad lived on this stuff. Speaking of, he never came home last night? I wonder what call he was on to do a full almost 24 hour shift. I walked to my phone in the living room to call him when a knock came to the door.

I shot a look at Bryce, He was out for the count. So I decided to open it myself, even though I had not showered or got ready and was only in a tank top and shorts.

Opening the door I saw Ryder standing there with a bag and a couple drinks in his hand.


I almost shut the door back on his face, but he caught it with his leg and opened it with his body.

“Oh come on, he wasn’t that bad was he?”

I pointed to the kitchen where Bryce was now almost falling off his chair laying on the table.

“Yikes.” Ryder came sliding into the kitchen and dropped the stuff he was holding onto our counter. Bryce sat up at the sound and turned to look at us.

“What in god’s name..” Bryce spat out rubbing his eyes and head.

“Hey now, God didn’t make you drink.” Ryder laughed at this own comment and I had to contain a snicker as well.

Ryder started pulling out things from the bag. Then handed me a smoothie from the drinks he had in a drink carrier.

“On the house for being such a good nurse and bad ass party bouncer.” He winked at me.

Then he pulled out a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and handed it to Bryce along with a ginger shot smoothie and a Gatorade. Then got out three cup o’ noodles and put one in the microwave. I shot him a look.

“Are these some miracle hangover cures or something?”

He nodded. “YEP! It may not make sense, but literally these save my life every time. “ He sat down by Bryce who was now eating the sandwich and drinking the smoothie. When he made a face.

“What in the bloody hell did you put in this?” Bryce slammed the drink down and drank the Gatorade instead.

Ryder laughed. “Its good for ya.” He slapped Bryce’s back. I let those two have their time and went upstairs smoothie in hand. It was good. Banana and strawberry, my favorite. I decided to get ready for the day and make myself look somewhat human like.

I stepped into the shower and turned on music. The thoughts of the recent events went through my mind. Everything seemed to be fitting into place. My kiss with Hendrix.. the football game.. cheer.. friends? This place might not be so bad after all. I even broke my no football player rule. But let’s be honest, Hendrix is not the typical male jock.

I got out of the shower to get changed into leggings and a long sleeve tunic length VS shirt with leopard print on top and on the sleeves. I slipped into black tennis shoes and brushed out my hair. My music was still blaring when there was a knock at my door.

“Come in.” I said while finishing up my makeup.

My dad appeared when the door opened. I smiled at him then it faded when I took in the look of him. He was tired, blood shot eyes and dirty. I ran over to him and grabbed his arm.

“Dad! What the hell.”

“Language Autumn.” He mumbled.

Of course THAT’S what he is worried about right now. “Where have you been dad? I went to call you..”

He put his hand up and came and sat down on my bed. I sat down next to him.

“Its been a long night and day, promise me won’t watch the news sweetheart and please don’t go anywhere without your brother right now.” He patted my shoulder while I slightly nodded, confused. “I’ll be getting some sleep. Wake me if you need me.” Without another word, like usual. He left my room and into his down the hallway.

I huffed. What did he mean don’t watch the news? I tiptoed out of my room and downstairs to find Ryder and Bryce playing xbox in the family room. I jumped and landed in the love sac, watching them play. I got out my phone and noticed Harley texted me.

‘hey girl, girls night?’


I smiled to myself as I sent the message. Bryce noticed while playing this game but didn’t say anything. The doorbell rang again and I shot a look at my brother.

“Its your turn.”

All he did was wave me off trying to kill zombies on the screen. I rolled my eyes, I should answer it before they wake my dad upstairs. I ran to the door and opened it.

Hendrix and Wynn were standing there smiling at me.

“Well this is a surprise.” I let them in the house and when Wynn walked by me Hendrix grabbed my waist and planted a kiss on my lips. He then started to play with my wet hair.

“You know, this is a look..” He winked and I smacked his arm.

“Don’t show up to my house unannounced then.” I squished my face together and led them into the family room where the boys where. They all started playing or yelling at the screen. I sat down in my love sac again. Boy’s night was happening, I grabbed my phone and noticed it was 5. I texted Harley.

‘what time? And what’s the plan?’


‘My house. Club? Movie night? Races?’

What did the mean races?

‘Races? What kind of races?’


‘Girl, you don’t know?! We’re so now going, I’ll come pick you up in an hour!’

I smiled at my phone and Hendrix came over and sat down in the love sac with me, pulling me on his lap. I curled up next to him.

“So apparently y’all are having boys night, so I’m going out with Harley and Hazel tonight.” I said out loud to not just one person.

Wynn looked over really quickly and so did Ryder, pausing the game.

“And what are you girls going to do? Pillow fights?” Ryder questioned.

I shot him a death glare. “I literally think your mouth and brain don’t connect.”

I felt Hendrix’s body chuckle under me as he buried his head into the back of my neck making me get extreme goosebumps.

Bryce checked on us then back to the tv screen. I sighed. “We’re going to the races? Do you guys know what that means?”

They all went silent and Hendrix moved under me, in an uncomfortable way. Wynn was the only one to speak.

“The races are betting races down at the race track. It’s not the best crowd to be around..”

“Oh I see.” I looked around the room and noticed how thick the air had just gotten. I decided to go get ready instead of staying in the awkward room.

“Well boys..” I slid out of the love sac and stood up. “You have fun, not too much fun. Dad’s asleep upstairs and I’ll see you later.” I crossed the room and went up the stairs.

It was weird lately now with how I should act with Hendrix. I saw him as a crush before but also just one of Bryce’s friends. But there were feelings there now, but he hasn’t said if we are an item or not yet. So I wasn’t going to treat him like we were. He was free to do what he wanted. Well in my mind I would murder him if he touched another girl, but I tried to feel like I could be strong.

I got upstairs and changed into a pair of seriously ripped up jeans, the rips going straight up the middle of the jeans to my lower hip. So I had to wear an actual bikini bottom to make it not noticeable. To match I put on a black crop top with criss cross straps down the back and front. I put a dusty rose color vest with tassels over the top of the outfit. Finally I put a pair of black booties on my feet.

For my hair I decided to put it into waves. After a half hour I stood up and took a look at myself. I smiled and bunched up my hair a bit then grabbed my phone and money, putting them in my pockets and left the room. It was now 6 and Harley should be here any moment. The boys were still in the family room playing the video game. Me and Bryce were unstoppable at that game. I decided to let them know I was leaving.

I walked into the family room and everyone stopped looking at the screen and looked to me instead.

Ryder whistled. “ow ow! Sweet cheeks.”

Bryce threw a controller at his face and Ryder moved just in time to not have it connect with it.

“Right sorry, sorry.” He put his hands in the air in surrender.

Bryce looked back to me. “Have fun. Text me if you need me.”

I nodded dad obviously overlooked talking to him about having to be with me, which was nice. I looked to Hendrix now. He was staring me down with a lust filled look. He stood up so fast and took my hand and led me into the front room and gently pushed me up against a wall and kissed me. His hands went all over my body. My butterflies went crazy, he pulled away and planted kisses along my jaw line to my neck. My knees were going to give way under me. Oh my god the things this guy made me feel. I was getting weaker and hotter.

Luckily my phone went off and he stopped. But kept his hands on me as I checked it.

“It’s Harley, she’s here.” I smiled at him and kissed his amazing jawline.

“I gotta go.”

He sighed a sad sigh and took my cheek with his hand. “Be good.”

I made a face. “When am I not?!”

He chuckled and let me pass him. I decided to pull his arm and take him into one last kiss. He looked at me and brushed my hair behind my ear when I pulled away.

“You make goodbyes hard.” I bit my lip.

“Then don’t go.” He stepped closer to me and made his lips inches from mine. I huffed.

“Not fair!” I pushed away from him seeing his smirk and opened the front door to leave.

“You be good!” I got the last word in and shut the door behind me. I could barely hear him snickering from inside.

I ran to Harley’s car in the driveway. I opened the passenger door and jumped in. Harley was there with a big smile on her face.

“Hendrix is here?” she elbowed me.

“Yeah yeah, they are having a boys night.”

Hazel popped up from the backseat. “Which boys are there?”

I sighed while we drove away. “Well so far, My brother, Hendrix, Ryder, and Wynn.. But I’m sure there’s gonna be more coming. My poor dad is trying to sleep.”

Hazel slumped back down on the backseat. “Yeah, oh also did you hear about what happened in Montana?..”

I turned my body around to face her. “Wait, what happened?!” it must be what my dad was talking about not watching the news for.

“Some murderer in Montana was set free on some type of court error. Its national news right now. That sucks for his victims. It said he killed a girl, a cheerleader at that, at a football game and almost killed another, but they said identities were secret. That totally sucks, what do you think the one still alive is thinking right now?” She rose a brow at me.

“Uhhh...” I slumped down in my seat.

Harley was looking at me with a confused look. “Did you know him?”

I shrugged. I really didn’t want to mention it. “You could say that..”

I grabbed my phone and wanted to text Bryce.. but I didn’t.

I huffed. He’s clear in Montana, he doesn’t know where we moved and no one would tell him anyway.

I huffed again. What is my life?! I tried to make the most of it.

We got out of the car and walked to the bleachers near the drag tracks. There were so many people here. Lots were drinking already and the sun was now setting. We found some empty seats and sat down. Harley and Hazel began clapping and screaming for the riders. The races were starting. Each person by a car or motorcycle raised their fists when the announcer called their name. But one name was familiar.

“And, the undefeated Champion Axel Lyon.” My eyes shot to his figure. He was on a bullet bike. Hazel leaned over to me.

“Axel does the track and drags. He’s really good.” She slid back to her spot and I sat there dumbfounded. The crowd went wild for him and he scanned the crowd only to notice me sitting there with my mouth open. He waved at me and I slightly waved back to the crowds judging eyes.

The races started, one after another the racers won and lost. The Bullet bike race was up. I stood up in my seat and watched nervously. Why I was nervous I have no idea.

The light went green, it started. Axel took off down the track and passed one rider after another. Some even were pushing and kicking at the bikes to make them wreck. My stomach was in knots. Harley and Hazel were watching me. When the third lap came he was ahead of the group, then in seconds he won.

The crowd went wild as he got off his bike and took off his helmet. His hair was now filled with sweat but he looked even hotter than usual. He smiled and raised his fist in the air then put his helmet back on and drove down to the pit.

Harley and Hazel stood up. “Come on, lets go. It’s just truck pulls now. And those are bore town.”

I nodded and followed them. I looked to the side of the parking lot to see the pit. There was a crowd in there too and people everywhere. I stopped and turned to the girls.

“Lets go say hi to Axel.” I turned my body to start walking that way.

Harley paused. “Yeah right, he’s always covered in race bunnies.”

I stopped and turned to her. “The hell is a race bunny?” I’ve heard of Buckle bunnies..

“Buckle bunnies for the racers.” Hazel spit out.

Yuck. Even my days of Rodeo I hated those girls. But I decided to make this a fun night, I loved arguing with stupid girls.

We reached the pit area and walked around. Some guys stopped and talked us over and a couple even came up to ask our names. We refused most of them. Finally towards the back we saw Axel sitting on his car and a couple people around him, drinking. I walked up confidently and smiled. Axel’s gaze went from a blonde little barbie doll girl to me and he smiled back.

“Oh sunshine, didn’t think I’d ever see you here.” He slid off his car’s hood and walked over to me, handing me a beer then looked to Hazel and Harley. “Sunshine’s friends.”

I shook my head and pushed It back. “I’m good thanks.” He nodded and gave the beer to a guy behind him.

“So what are you gals doing in a place like this? I mean not that I’m complaining or anything..” his gaze went up and down my body.

“I didn’t know you raced.” I snorted out.

“Ha!” he put his arm around my shoulders. “Sunshine, there’s a lot you don’t know.”

I was getting glares now from all the girls sitting in his section. Hazel and Harley apparently found some other kids from our school and started talking to them behind us.

I turned my gaze to his face. “Well enlighten me.”

His eyes flashed with something, I couldn’t pin point what emotion and he smirked. He grabbed his helmet for his bike and then another and handed it to me. “Let us ride then.”

I stared at the helmet he was handing me then back to his face. He was just drinking. I rose a brow at him.

“Don’t worry, I’ve had one beer.” He crossed his fingers. “Cross my heart.”

I had to lighten up but this did sound fun. Everyone’s secrets and protectiveness was getting to me. I needed a moment to myself. I nodded and took the helmet from him. I turned around and told Hazel and Harley I would be right back and told them to hold my phone so It didn’t slide out of my pocket.

Putting on the helmet, Axel climbed on his bike and started it, making the crowd around him move away. I placed myself on the back of his and sat there stiff for a moment. I could hear him chuckle a bit.

“Might wanna hold on sunshine.” He shut the visor on his helmet and I wrapped my arms around him and we took off. The crowd moved out of the way and the minute we reached the parking lot he took off. My grip on him kept getting tighter and tighter.

We ended up on a back road and he slowed down and pulled over. Taking off his helmet he turned his head to look at me, while I took off mine readjusting my hair.

“Your nick name would be Koala, not Otter.” He winked at me and smiled that famous swoon worthy smile at me. I laughed.

“Hey, you’re the one that was going way too fast.”

He shook his head. “That was nothin.”

“Is this your hobby or something?” I asked leaning on the helmet now.

“Or something...” He smirked at me and stood up off the bike and stretched looking around the fields.

“We should get you back. Wouldn’t want your posse worrying I killed you.”

I glared as he chuckled at me and grabbed my helmet out of my hands. “Relax sunshine, you’re safe with me.” He helped put my helmet on then put his on. I appreciated that at least.

He kicked off the ground and took off turning around. He took the long way back and I didn’t mind. The freedom the ride felt was amazing. It was like I was free. He slowed down a little and I squeezed my legs together on his waist and let my hands go, stretching them out like I was flying. He turned his head and laughed.

He throttled up quickly and scared me so I quickly grabbed his waist and held on. He was still laughing. That little shit did that on purpose.

We pulled into the parking lot and he stopped midway noticing something I didn’t.

“Well sunshine looks like this is your stop, Keep the helmet.” I looked to him then past his head to see Hendrix’s truck next to Harley’s car. They were all circled around talking. Great, that’s all I needed. They noticed me and Harley waved. I swung my leg over and met the ground and stood taking off the helmet.

“Thanks for the ride.” I smiled.

“Don’t mention it.” He throttled a couple times and sped off in an abrupt circle, speeding out of the parking lot onto the road.

Here comes the dramatics.. I could just feel it. I went walking over the group, helmet in my hand. Only to have Hendrix meet me half way there and he grabbed my face.

“What the hell were you thinking?!”

I blinked and stared at him. Bryce appeared behind him and put a hand on his shoulder.

“Drix, let me talk to my sister.”

Hendrix took his hands from my face, which weren’t even hurting me at all. It was more of a concerned hold. I looked to him and then my brother.

“Excuse me, I was just fine.”

Bryce’s hands went into fists and he was now up in my face. “You don’t get to tell me that. You of all people should know better! Especially considering the circumstances!”

Shit, dad must’ve told him. But how did he know I knew?!

I pushed him away from me. “Screw you. I didn’t do anything wrong!”

He grabbed my arm when I went to spin away from him. “DON’T. Don’t do this shit. I don’t know what trigger in your mind is going off or if this is some attention getting stunt, but this stops now.”

I pulled my arm from his grasp as tears came to my eyes. Why was everyone to angry? I didn’t mean any harm by taking the ride. I needed to clear my head. Axel provides that, he’s a person outside of my group. He’s an escape. I was sick and tired of being so protected and babied. I was done with being the damn victim.

“How dare you tell me that, after everything I went through to just survive. How fucking dare you tell me I can’t experience life!” I looked to Hendrix who was now looking totally defeated and sad. He took a step forward to help or soothe me I don’t know, I didn’t care. I took another look at my brother and took off running. Which was hard. There was a crowd of people I ran through in the parking lot and I ended up on the street that led to the track.

Bryce’s grumbles were heard and then Hendrix yelling.

“Autumn wait, Autumn!” I heard them running back to their cars.

I leaned against the wall near the street and tears were falling and I started to have a panic attack. I heard a roaring in the distance then it was right next to me.

I looked up to see Axel on his bike. I noticed I still had the helmet in my hand. He motioned for me to get on the bike, I put the helmet on quickly and got on, taking off super quickly. He took me down street after street when finally we were in town. He stopped at a park and turned off the bike and his helmet. He turned around and helped me get mine off. I was still crying. He stood up and helped me off too and then grabbed my shoulder with his hand.

“What happened..” his voice was so full of concern, I broke.

I grabbed onto him and hugged him, just crying. He seemed shocked at first but then put his arms around me.

“Shh shhh, its okay.” He put his chin on top of my head and wrapped his arms near my upper shoulders now. I just sat there holding his waist with my head on his chest.

“Its not okay.” I muttered and pushed away from him wiping my tears. “He treats me like some broken idiotic pathetic weak person…”

“Who your brother?”

I nodded. “No one understands..” I went and sat down on the curb to the parking lot we were in and Axel joined me putting his arm around my shoulders.

“Try me.” He pulled me into him and rubbed my shoulder with his hand now.

I took in a deep breath. “I can’t tell you. Just know, my past is seriously screwed up.” I buried my face into his chest. I trusted Axel, but not enough to tell him the one secret I didn’t want the world knowing.

He started running his other hand through my hair. “You’re talking to the right guy then.” He smirked at me and I sighed.

“What makes you say that?” I asked, trying to change the subject to him and not me for once.

“Let’s also just say my past is seriously screwed up but so is my present and future.” He snorted in a way. “Born into it..”

What did he mean by that? Born into it? “Like the racing world?”

He laughed a bit. “Oh no, race is my own thing. But it helps..” He was looking away from me for a moment. “It pays the bills..”

I looked up at him and he smiled, but didn’t say a word.

He was good, I knew that. I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. He might be rough around the edges, he might come from a damaged place, he might race for a living. But he saved my ass multiple times. Then my thoughts went to my phone, Harley still had it. They must be going crazy not knowing where I was.

“Axel, can you take me home please.”

He nodded. “Of course I can sunshine.” He helped me to my feet and back on the bike. We took off down the road and pulled up next to my house a few minutes later. Hendrix’s truck was in front of Ryder’s house so was Harley’s and Carter’s. I sighed and got off the bike, pulling off the helmet. I heard the front door open and Bryce was standing outside the porch staring at me. I turned to Axel.

“Thank you Ax. For everything.” He nodded at me.

“Anything for you sunshine.”

He revved his the engine and took off down the road. I stood there staring after him, when Bryce’s hand was suddenly on my shoulder spinning me around and hugging me so tightly.

“I’m so sorry…” was all he whispered to me. I hugged him back. He was a dumb butt, but I still loved him.

“It’s okay, I know you were doing it to look out for me..” I pulled him away from me and looked into his eyes. “But I’m not that stupid Bry. Don’t make me feel that stupid ever again. I know about Jared, but he’s in Montana..”

He nodded when we heard footsteps running out of Ryder’s house. Hendrix was attached me in seconds, holding me against him.

“Oh thank god.”

He pulled back and stared at me. “Don’t you ever take off like that again.”

He hugged me to him again and leaned his face near my ear. “I was so worried..” he whispered.

I just sat there holding him for a minute. Then he let me go and stepped back.

“Come on, dad went on shift. I told him you were with the girls tonight. Don’t make me a liar.” He slightly smiled at me, trying to ease the tension.

I nodded as Hendrix took my hand and we all went inside Ryder’s house. His parents were still out of town with Adrian till tomorrow afternoon. I immediately heard music playing and splashing. I forgot Ryder had a pool. I was led by Hendrix to the backyard where everyone was hanging out. Carter, Wynn, Hazel, and Harley were all in the pool playing chicken. Hazel was knocked down by Harley on the back of Carter.

“Take that!”

They all turned the moment we walked outside, I took off my shoes in the process they were aching.

“Thank Jesus woman, you gave us all a heart attack.”

Harley jumped off carter’s back and out of the pool. Giving me a hug, getting me soaking wet. But I still hugged her back.

“I’m just fine, thanks for worrying though.” Even though they clearly were not that worried if they were in a pool having fun.

She gave me a smug smile then jumped back in the pool, splashing us in the process. Ryder came over and flicked the back of my head. I reached up and rubbed it.

“Ouch! What the hell!”

“That’s for running away.” He glared and crossed his arms. Hendrix laughed and grabbed me into his side with his arm around me.

“Ryder was freaking out…” He managed to mumble.

Ryder gasped and then pointed to himself. “ME freaking out?!” he stepped forward and pointed to Hendrix. “Your boyfriend was freaking out the most! He was driving all over town looking for you. When we realized Harley had your phone, the man was out of his god damn mind!”

Hendrix suddenly pushed Ryder so hard, Ryder fell back in the pool. Everyone laughed as Ryder surfaced, and Bryce stripped off his shirt and went running and jumped on top of Ryder.

“SHIT!” Ryder moved out of the way just in time. Everyone laughed but I looked up at Hendrix and grabbed his hand, pulling him to me.

“You were out of your mind huh..” I smirked at him.

He smiled. “I can put you in too…” he narrowed his eyes and picked me up bridal style quicker than I could react.

“NO NO NO!” I was kicking in his arms as he walked next to the pool.

“No?” He pretended to let me go then caught me again. My heart stopped for a second. As he swung me back around and on my feet next to him, his hand on my waist. He was touching the lower part which was exposed skin to skin now.

He pushed away from me, to take off his shirt. I stood there in awe of him for a second. A second he took to take advantage of my guard being down. He already had shorts on, lucky man..

“Oh I hate you!” I smacked his chest as he was laughing then i tried to run off but he caught me by my waist and dunked us both into the pool. I surfaced and slicked my hair back with my hand, Hendrix was already staring at me with a smirk in his eyes then he motioned his eyes to the side.

He swam to the cave with a waterfall going over it. Yes, Ryder’s parents loved fancy things so it was one of those pools. Slides, diving board, basketball hoop, Waterfalls, Hot tub in the cave.

I swam after him after the laughing of the group died down and the rest of everyone started playing water basketball. I went under the waterfall and came into a makeshift cave. You had to get out of the pool and then swing your legs over to the hot tub side. The sound of the waterfall drowned out everyone’s voices playing in the water. I slid off my vest and put it to the side. But I sat there at the edge of the pool for a moment. My jeans were seriously soaking wet and weighing me down. I did have a tie string bikini on already, because of how high the rips are I didn’t have any regular underwear that didn’t show their bands, and I thought loops looked cuter. I high fived my brain in that moment. Slowly I undid my jeans in the pool side as Hendrix watched me.

“You not joining me?” he asked while moving to the closer end of the hot tub.

I laughed a little. “Just wait, mister impatient.”

He leaned his arms out of the hot tub and onto the cement that divided the pool and the hot tub. My gaze took in his body. I never noticed how big his biceps and forearms were and talk about that chest and how toned it was. I tried to not stare and instead focused my attention on getting my jeans off under the water. I slid them off leg by leg and threw them above me next to my vest.

Hendrix’s face went into intrigue mode. He rose an eyebrow at me looking from my pants to me.

I laughed and pulled my body out of the water and swung my legs around to put them in the tub on the side of him..

He pretended to pout and then grabbed my legs and pulled me into the hot tub with him. The heat sent the breath from me for a moment. He pulled me into him and I was now in a straddle position on his lap, so our faces were facing each other. He laid his hands around my waist and was playing with the back of my bikini line. I bit my lip from the sensation. He then ran his hands down to my hips and gripped them.

“Your beautiful Autumn.” His voice broke my daydreaming and I stared at him with blushing cheeks. Not just from the heat of the water. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed my forehead to his.

“You sir are a Greek god that I don’t deserve..” I whispered to him.

Without a second thought his lips were on mine. His hands now wrapping around my waist and one in the back of my hair. I pulled my body as close as I could to his, never breaking the kissing. He pulled back and did his kisses down my jawline to my neck and lingered kissing it over and over again with a lick of his tongue on the last one. That sent shivers up my spine.

His face came up to mine again, my eyes and head were in a daze at that point. The outside air must’ve been colder because the steam rose up around us. He grabbed my cheek with one of his hands.

“I guess you didn’t mind Ryder calling me your boyfriend then huh..” He kissed the side of my mouth and I exhaled. No I certainly did not. This boy drove me insane. He kept the butterflies flying in my stomach at all times, he was there when I needed him, he keeps me safe and protected and that’s all within a week. I can’t even think of what he’d do over time for me and me for him.

“No, I minded.” His eyes darted to mine and had a look of hurt and confusion in them. He seriously needed to keep up with my sarcastic side. “I minded that you didn’t ask me to be your girlfriend..” I winked.

He ran his hand up my stomach and gripped it. “I should’ve known.”

I had a smug look on my face when he grabbed my waist and turned me around, putting my back against his chest and me sitting on his lap, his arms wrapped tight around me.

“Autumn Greene. Would you do me the biggest honor and be my girlfriend?” He kissed my cheek.

I turned my head to meet his line of sight. My heart was thumping like crazy, my thoughts kept going back to him, my butterflies were clearly having a party in my stomach but I worked up the courage to speak. “Yes..” I whispered out.

He smiled and leaned down to kiss me. Then out of thin air appeared Hazel. She took one look at us and gasped.

“Whoops, sorry girl! Didn’t know it was make out time in the hot tub.” She giggled and slid into the hot tub. Me and Hendrix didn’t break apart I just leaned my head onto his shoulder instead.

“No harm done. What are you up to?” I asked smiling.

“Those guys out there are so competitive. Harley is in there, Ryder, Wynn and Bryce.” I rolled my eyes.

“Oh! And Savannah came! She’s sitting on one of the pool chairs watching.”

“Savannah came?!” I jumped out of Hendrix’s arms and walked to the edge of the tub and jumped out.

“Be right back.” I dipped under the waterfall and into the pool again. I heard whistling sounds coming from behind me and I blushed. Stupid boyfriends. Wait, yep I just said that. I broke my own rule. I took a jock as a boyfriend. I’m in for it now.

I swam out to the edge closest to me and hoped out of the pool. Ryder stopped playing ball and got smacked with it as he stared at me.

“ooooh Sweet cheeks! That body though..”

Bryce came flying around him and tackled him under the water. Serves him right. Kind of nice to have a brother around sometimes.

I noticed Savannah sitting near by and went to sit next to her. “HEY! You’re here!” I smiled at her.

She shyly smiled at me. “Bryce texted me. I couldn’t really say.. no…” She looked down blushing.

My mind went crazy. She has a crush on my brother! Omg omg omg how cuuuteeee!!! I must have squealed outloud cause she looked at me like I was crazy.

“Sorry.” I calmed myself down. “But you and my brother?!” I made a face then looked back to her. “I mean good for you and I totally approve!”

She smiled at me. “Thanks.”

“But you gotta get in there girl, get the boy!”

She looked at the ground again and then her hands. “No, I couldn’t..”

I grabbed her hands and stood her up. “Yes you can. Lets go get you a suit.”

She sighed and looked at me. “Okay.” She did a half smile at me. This girl needed my help and I was going to make it happen. We tiptoed to my house and through the back door, luckily there was a key under the mat.

I went into my room with her in tow and grabbed out a couple suits from my drawers.

“Here there’s a lot..” I scattered them around my bed.

She came up and took a crop top and booty shorts pair, I let her go in the bathroom to change and I decided to change into my own.

I changed out of my actual crop top and bra and slid into a high collar black top with a cut out in the middle with x marks to hide anything and basic black bottoms with the x’s laced down the sides.

I braided my hair the best I could then Savannah stepped out of the bathroom. She was trying to hide herself the best she could. I walked over and slammed her arms to her sides.

“First rule, My brother likes you for you. Second, don’t be shy. Third, have fun.”

She nodded a little and took off her glasses. “Got it.”

We both went back next door and walked in the gate, I saw that Hendrix was now out of the hot tub and playing football in the water with the boys and hazel and Harley were sitting on the chairs talking. I decided to go to the girls first.

We walked up to them and sat down in the same chair. Harley looked me up and down.

“Well Hello there hottie with a body.” She laughed and we all giggled and then looked to savannah who was awkwardly standing up next to us. I didn’t even notice I was hunched over so much my scar wasn’t showing.

Hazel gasped. “Holy crap girl you look hot!” Savannah smiled a bit. “Thanks.”

I stood up and grabbed Savannah’s hand. “Off we go!”

Harley laughed and stood up as did Hazel. “I think its time to do a boys vs girls match.”

Harley smiled so big. “oh its so on!”

We all walked to the pool and I stood there with my hands on my hips. The boys all stopped and stared at us. I motioned for the ball to be thrown at me, and I caught it from Wynn’s throw.

“Boys vs girls, y’all in?” I pointed the ball at them.

Everyone wasn’t responding. Bryce suddenly came to the side and pulled himself out and over to me grabbing the ball and whispered in my ear.

“Your scar..”

I looked down, I forgot my previous crop top totally covered it, but here it was plain as day right in front of everyone. I turned around and walked over the chairs and sat down. Bryce looked at me then to Hendrix who was already on cue and getting out of the pool.

Then Bryce made the awkward situation go away by picking up Savannah and dunking her in the pool. She screamed as Harley and Hazel pushed Bryce in the pool too, then jumping in themselves.

Hendrix came and sat down next to me and put his arm around me. “Babe, its not that bad..”

Babe? My heart stopped for a moment then I remembered the issue at hand. “They all looked at me like like..”

“Like nothing. They are probably just wondering how someone so beautiful got such a big scar..”

I sighed. “You think I should tell them?”

He nodded then shrugged. “Well I do, but that’s your call. Its really not that big of deal babe. It wont change their minds about you. I promise.” He kissed my hand.

“Plus I think its hot.” He grabbed my side and squeezed his hand around it. I stood up and he followed suit. “its on son!” I ran from him and he ran after me jumping into the pool.

The night went on playing game after game and laughing till my sides hurt. Plus making out with Hendrix every time we could was a bonus.

Teenage bliss.

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