Autumn's Light

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Sunday Funday

Sunday came. Me and Bryce had stayed next door till about one in the morning. The boys ended up sleeping over at Ryder’s and the girls came over to mine. We all ended up in different places to sleep. I woke up with Harley’s legs on my stomach and Hazel passed out on the floor. Savannah was downstairs on the couch. I loved this. I loved this place. My friends were amazing, they accepted me and Bryce with open arms and now, yes now I even have a boyfriend.

I had a boyfriend back in Montana. But he was the reason for my no jock rule. He broke my heart in pieces. Bryce almost got expelled for kicking his ass for it. But here, it didn’t seem like back there. It seemed like I’d lived here for years.

My dad came home Sunday around 3 Am to a house full of girls passed out in his house. He didn’t question anything and when they all left the house around noon he was still there, he took a personal day. Finally!

“Hey dad..” I walked up to him reading something on his laptop, at the kitchen table.

“Yeah sweet pea?” he turned his attention to me as I sat down next to him.

“I like it here.” I slightly smiled as my phone dinged three times.

My dad rose his eyebrows and chuckled. “Yeah, I can see that. I came home to a fraternity of girls passed out.”

I laughed while taking out my phone. “Yeah, get used to that.”

I checked the screen on our now new group chat.

‘Round two pool party next Saturday.’ -Ryder

‘after practice?’ – Bryce

‘yep!’ – Ryder

‘I’m in!’ – Hazel

‘Count me in too!’ -Harley

‘dido!’ – Wynn

‘Always in’ – Carter

Nothing from Hendrix yet or Savannah. I went across the room and looked out the front window. Hendrix’s truck was still at Ryders. That was strange, mostly everyone was back home. Even Bryce was passed out upstairs. I decided to text Hendrix.

‘You awake yet?’

No response. Maybe he was dead to the world. I shrugged it off and stood up off the table and decided to go out back, but also to wake my brother up too.

Our backyard was not fancy with a pool like Ryder’s but it had something I loved. A trampoline. Me and Bryce had one when we were little and we almost broke that thing with how much we used it.

I ran up the stairs and thumped on Bryce’s door.

“Better not be naked I’m coming in!”

I opened the door to see Bryce sprawled out on his bed with only his boxers on and his leg almost to the ground. I laughed to myself. Poor thing. They stayed up even later then the girls did. I decided to now get my revenge for all the times he woke me up for school.

“ALRIGHT PRIVATE TIME TO MOVE. UP UP UP!” I went and jumped on his back and bounced.

He was grumbling under me words I could not make out. When at last, he pushed me off him and onto the other side of his bed and he himself spun onto the floor and laid there.

“5 more minutes.” Was all I could make out, he was not even semi awake yet.

“NOPE!” I went and grabbed his arm and started pulling him against the floor. “Come, on, stupid, face, magee.”

More grumbles and then a growl. “Okay okay! Stop!”

I dropped his arm and smiled in triumph. My phone then dinged in my pocket as Bryce got to his feet, stretching and making odd sounds.

I looked to the screen.

Group text:

’Count me out, sorry all.” – Hendrix

I sat there staring for a moment. What, he texted the group chat but not my text? I was about to call him when my phone dinged again. I slid the message to open.

‘Sorry babe, I was passed out. All the girls leave yet.’

‘yep, I just got cranky pants out of bed too. ;) ’

‘You’re Brave.’

I laughed to myself as I looked up and noticed Bryce just staring at me with his arms crossed. He had on shorts now and a tank top.

“You woke me up to watch you text Hendrix?”

I pulled my phone away from him and back in my pocket.

“NO! and don’t read my texts! That’s rude!” I booped him on the nose and ran out of his room. He ran after me as I screamed down the stairway like we were kids again. I ran out the backdoor as my dad sat there laughing.

“Don’t kill each other!” he yelled after us when we got in the back yard. I ran all I could away from him then jumped on the trampoline.

“SAFE!” as I jumped up and down making an x with my arms.

“Crack the egg!” Bryce jumped on the tramp that made me fall over and he kept bouncing while my body was flinging in the air over and over again. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt.

“STOP STOP! Oh my god Bryce! STOPPPPP!!!”

He did one final jump then landed on the grass, my body figured itself out and I sat up laughing.

“Will you get my mat’s out for me pweaseee” I pouted at him.

“Ugh fine!” he went into the back shed and I clapped. “Thank you!”

I was planning on practicing my tumbling. Bryce was always a great spotter and a good practice hand for me with stunts. He held me in the air and I could work on balance. For fair reasons though, I would help him with throwing footballs too. He used to send me around the whole yard back home and catch every throw he made.

He put the mats out and stayed outside in a chair watching me practice stunts and tumble sets. He was playing with his phone when suddenly he shot up as I landed a double out on the tramp.

“Have you seen this?”

I crawled over to him. “No what?”

I looked at the screen. There was a picture of me and Axel at the pits when I hugged him. The caption under it said.


What the hell! I grabbed his phone and looked at it. It was sent from a weird number, like on a messaging app. I had tears forming. I looked around the back gate and noticed Hendrix’s truck still at Ryders. This was stupid.

“I’m ending this now.” I gave him back his phone and opened the gate to Ryder’s front yard and called Ryder’s phone. He picked up on the first ring.

“Hey sweet cheeks, what-“

I cut him off.

“Is Hendrix still with you?”

“Well hello to you too.. but yes he is, he’s right here. Why?”

“We’re coming over.” I ended the call and went straight for the front door. Before I even banged on it Hendrix appeared at the door opening it for us. Bryce showed the picture to him.

“You get this too?”

Hendrix just nodded then looked at me. “I guess me and you need to have a little chat..”

I felt like a toddler in trouble and looked at the ground. Bryce went by him and inside to Ryder’s room, while Hendrix shut the front door. I still was staring at the ground. My heart hurt, he was upset and it wasn’t even like that. I sighed and looked up.

“Look the picture…”

He held his hand up to quiet me. “I don’t care about the picture, that was before we were officially together and I can’t blame you for anything you did before we were.”

I gulped a little bit and nodded my head. I still felt terrible.


Oh here we go.

“This can’t happen again…”

He lifted my chin with his hand to make me look in his eyes. “I mean it Autumn, You’re my girl now.”

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