Autumn's Light

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Staking Claims

After another week of school and practice, by Friday I told Bryce he could take over the Jeep and I would ride with Hendrix from now on. If we were going to be official I had to let him take charge sometimes. That made my dad happy as he wasn’t sure he could afford another car right now. Luckily, me and Bryce were used to sharing literally everything we’ve ever had.

Pulling into the parking lot Hendrix parked and pulled out his keys before grabbing my arm. “Tomorrow. My parents want to meet you.”

I was shocked. I didn’t even remember asking him what he was doing that he had to miss the pool party. I must’ve been sitting there staring because he snapped his fingers at me.

“Hello, earth to Autumn.”

I snapped out of it and nodded slightly. “I mean, sure.. Yeah.. Okay.” I smiled.

He laughed and kissed my hand. “Don't worry they will love you.”

I smiled slightly. Oh my god I’m meeting his parents. This was a big thing. The nervous butterflies flew through my stomach and I had to take a minute after jumping out Hendrix’s truck to breathe again. It was funny he’s already met my dad and its usually the boy that has to be nervous but the tables have turned now.

“You think I should tell everyone about my past today?” I needed some confidence in doing this. I've been trying to work up the courage to do it all week.

“Up to you babe. I think everyone will be totally fine with everything.” He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder while we walked into school. I decided I should tell who I could today to clear the air.

Class went without any hiccups and then I went and met Harley on the stands in the gym. She had papers scattered around her. When I walked up to her she gave me a warm smile.

“I’m so glad you’re here!”

I laughed and sat down. I needed to tell her, right here right now and get it off my chest.

“Harley.. I need to tell you something.”

She was filing through paper after paper and had her phone playing music.


I sighed and grabbed her arm.

“A serious talk.”

She mouthed oh to me and then turned off the music and put the papers aside and stared right at me with her hands in my lap.

“Ok now shoot. I’m all ears.”

I tried keeping my calm. I explained everything to her. From the moment leading up to the incident to today with Hendrix, even Jared being out of jail now. All my problems came crashing out of me. As much as I loved my men in my life, I needed a girl’s opinion and strength too. When I was done she was just staring at me for a few moments without words.

“Holy shit..” was all she came out with. “I mean…wow..”

I nodded in understanding it was a lot to take in. “Tell me about it.”

She warmly smiled again at me and grabbed my hands with hers. “You’re a fighter seriously Autumn. Now I totally understand everything so don’t worry I’ve got your back if anyone tries to mess with you.”

I nodded and smiled at her. “Thank you Har.”

She waved me off and got back to her music.

“Now then, cheer.”

I laughed a bit. She made it seem like it wasn’t a big deal at all. I mean it was a big deal, but she didn’t dig deeper, ask questions. She just accepted me. A slight weight was lifted from my heart.

We went over counting and moves for the new routine next week for homecoming. We had to delay it because of admin issues. It was also homecoming dance next Saturday night as well. Harley could not stop talking about it. I had a slight feeling who would be asking her, but I couldn’t say anything.

We went into the locker room when the bell rang and changed into our cheer uniforms. I didn’t want to wear mine today all day, so I decided to just bring it with me. Hazel came trotting in and sat down beside me.

“My hell, if I don’t have more math homework than time in the day.”

Me and Harley snickered and got ready for the game. During that time, I also let Hazel in on my past. She all but attack hugged me and almost cried. She felt bad for me and said if anyone messed with me again, she would open a can of whoop ass on them and Harley agreed. My girls all had my back. Savannah, Harley, and Hazel. Or the she wolf pack I nicknamed us. We were all alphas in our own personalities, Harley being the bad ass and leader, Hazel was the smart one with a heart of gold, Savannah being the shy but hot one, and then there’s me. The Sarcastic broken one. I came up with those descriptions myself.

After getting our makeup done and hair, we stepped out to the gym with the entire squad to practice our routine. The door opened and in walked Axel and Ayla. He waved me over and I hesitated. Hendrix said no more with my distractions like him, but its Axel and I seriously can't say no to him, it's a problem.

So I walked over to him.

“What’s up? I have to practice.”

Axel waved off Ayla and stepped in close to me. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I looked at him with confusion all over my face. “Tell you what?” there was a million things I haven’t told him.

“You and pretty boy.”

I snorted. Of course. He wasn’t a pretty boy though, I mean he was pretty.. “What about me and Hendrix?”

He was glaring but he stepped inches from my face now. “Don’t lie to me that you didn’t feel something that night.”

I stepped back from him. “I’m not doing this right now.” I turned and ran off from him back to my squad.

He was damn right though. I felt something. It was in my head with all the rest of the confusing things in my life right now. Axel was the farthest down on the list however. I owed him a solid, but I wasn’t in debt to him. I hope he didn’t think I was leading him on. He was like a cookie in the cookie jar your parents told you to not get into at night. But you still tried to sneak to get it, because you knew you couldn’t. That’s Axel. He was the forbidden fruit.

Just as I was getting back to the group, the opposite doors flew open and Hendrix and the boys came walking in. They must be going in to change into their gear now. Savannah was with Bryce in the back of the line, laughing at him holding hands.

Harley stopped counting and put her hands on her hips.

“Excuse me, we’re practicing here!” she screamed.

Ryder scooted to the front of the line. “You’re excused.” He winked at her and slid behind the group running away from her, Harley took off after him.

“RYDER!! ”

We all laughed and my attention went to Wynn and Hazel. He stopped and was talking to her. She suddenly screamed and hugged him. I rose a brow at them. What was that about? Bryce was standing there with Savannah, his hand on her waist. She was laughing and smiling at everything he said. I made a face. I’m not used to seeing my brother with women, it was a new one. A good one, but a new one. I'm glad he was happy.

Hendrix’s hands went around my waist and he pulled me to him, kissing my head. I jumped slightly being torn from my staring.

“Don’t you look amazing.” He winked at me when he pulled me back so he could get a good look at me.

“I look exactly like I always do on Fridays.. you dork.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

He just laughed as he leaned down and kissed me. I reached up and grabbed the back of his neck, while he still kissed me. Make out session was engaged and we were standing in clear view of everyone in the room. Suddenly I broke apart from him when Carter came in whistling at us with the rest of the football team behind him.

I blushed and hid behind Hendrix. He however was beaming and smiling. “You all are just Jealous..” He turned and winked at me and I noticed Axel was still standing there watching me with Ayla. My stomach sank a bit. Why was he still here and watching me? I brushed it off when Hendrix leaned down to whisper in my ear.

“I’ll see you out there baby.” He kissed the side of my temple. He must've noticed Axel there because I followed his gaze to meet Axel's. He was staking his claim on me. I rolled my eyes to myself in my head. My god. BOYS!

He then took off with Carter, who smacked his back and I swore I heard. “Jesus she has you whipped.” I mentally reminded myself to kick Carter’s ass after the game.

Harley came back and we ran the routine over and over. I did notice Axel stayed there with Ayla and just watched us. I wasn’t sure why. I didn’t have the patience to try to understand that man. Hazel ended up telling us that Wynn asked her to homecoming. That made sense now, the hug and squealing.

Now homecoming consisted of Wynn and Hazel and then my brother and Savannah so far.

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