Autumn's Light

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Double Trouble

Me, Harley, hazel and 3 other girls on our squad were all outside hanging out before the game started. We saw the opposite team’s bus park and the boys get off the bus and a couple cars pulled in. I sat down next to hazel as we drank our smoothies that Coach Kim went and got for us. I suddenly froze when I heard my name.

“Well if it isn’t Autumn Greene..” A smooth deep voice came from above me.

I looked up and saw my ex boyfriend, my reason for hating jocks, my reason for my trust issues. Mister Bentley James. Why the hell is he in Texas?! I looked to the bus name and noticed it was from Dallas. A big town but still.. what the fuck. Wait a minute, he moved before the incident happened. He moved to Texas.. I just didn’t remember which part. Shit. Shit. Shit!

I almost choked on my smoothie as he chuckled. He didn’t change one bit. He still stood over 6 foot and gained more muscle over the year I hadn’t seen him. His striking blue eyes and blonde hair still perfect as ever. My memories turned over to what he did to me and my eyes turned into a fuming glare.

“Well if it isn’t dickhead James, can I help you with something?”

He put his arms up in protest. A couple guys behind him snickering. “Whoa whoa princess. Name calling isn’t needed.”

I stood up and walked up to him, I wasn’t taking his shit. “Again, what do you want? Or do you not hear clearly?”

He smirked at me. “Aw come on, that’s not a way to say to hello to an old friend.” That smirk, I wanted to slap off his damn face.

“Fuck off Bentley.” I turned to the girls and gathered my stuff and started walking away. They all sat in shock at the events unfolding in front of them for a moment. Bentley came striding after me and put his hands on my shoulders to turn me around.

“That mouth sure hasn’t changed.” I glared at him for that comment and stomped my foot.

“Leave me alone. I have nothing to say to you.” I turned again only to be held back by him grabbing my wrist.

“Come on autumn, I apologized for what happened. Can’t you just let it go? I’ve tried messaging you and you were the one that cut off communication.”

He was seriously acting like our break up was my fault?! That I was being the bitch in the situation of him cheating on me with my ex best friend Whitney. Me, her and Sam were inseparable until Bentley happened. Whitney was nothing to me anymore.

“Excuse me?!” I ripped my hand from his grasp.

“You heard me babe.” He smirked again.

“Urghhhh!!” I threw my hands in the air and turned to walk away, he followed me. At this point his group was following him and my girls were following me. Harley was watching us, as if to jump in if needed.

“Come on baby, we had a good thing. If I knew you were in Texas too, I would’ve tried sooner.. now I see your cheering for the enemy..” he went to reach for my wrist again and I completely snapped.

“What about leave me the fuck alone do you not understand?!” I turned around then remembered something and turned around again. “And I’m not your baby!”

I stomped off and my squad came running after me, snickering at Bentley as they passed him. I walked to the field and fixed myself at our spot. The game was starting soon.

Harley looked to me when we stopped. “What was that all about?”

I sighed rubbing my forehead. “That was Bentley, my ex from Montana that basically made me hate the male species. He tried to date rape me by using a drug on me. Luckily Bryce caught it in time and almost went to jail for beating his face in…and he cheated on me with my then best friend also..”

Hazel gasped and Harley glared. “What a bastard.”

I nodded. “That’s one word for him..” I turned to watch the field. “Don’t let Bryce know. This needs to be a clean game. Bentley plays dirty.. and Bryce will kill him if he knows he’s here.”

They both nodded as the announcers came on and the boys came on the field, the other team as well. I looked at Bryce. If he found out that Bentley was on that team, he would be up in arms. I had to keep my mouth shut till after the game.

We cheered and watched. We were up by 5. The closest game we’ve ever had. Halftime came. My nerves were sky rocketing.

We had the same dance played as last night. I walked with my group to the center of the field, as Harley kept hers on the track. Cupid shuffle came on and Harley got the crowd into it. We got a couple of the football players doing it too. I laughed and was trying to enjoy myself. The defense was still on the field doing the dance with us, the rest went to the side in a huddle. As it ended, I pretended to kick the boys off the field. All us girls were laughing at this point. Harley turned around and thumbs up’ed me.

Then our next set of music came on again. Bangarang. Stunt after Stunt and tumble passes later. We were at the end of our routine, when our music changed again. Me and Harley smirked at each other when In my feelings came on, we did the dance routine from the youtube videos. The crowd went crazy and we were dancing up a storm. We lined up in a straight line, when Black and yellow came on. Just the chorus. Everyone was screaming and clapping.

When the song ended we all jumped off the field, when I was almost off the middle of the field, suddenly Hendrix grabbed my waist stopping me in my tracks and kissed me. I didn’t even see him walk up. I kissed him back and then pulled back to see him smirking putting his helmet back on, with the sound of whistles and ooooh’s coming from the team. I smiled and ran away like a giddy school girl. Ryder gave me knuckles running past him.

I went and sat next to Harley who was smiling ear to ear at me.

“Shut up.” Was all I said and cheered on the team.

I completely forgot about Bentley until the last play, he was in it and my eyes caught the last name on his jersey. I huffed. We were way too ahead for them to catch up anyway. Hendrix was getting ready to call it when the linebackers from the other team rushed in without warning and tackled him to the ground, hard. The ref flagged the play. I stood up immediately. He wasn’t getting up. The medics came out to the field.

Screw the rules.

I ran out to the field, Ryder tried catching me but I ran to Hendrix’s side. Coach Kent took a look at me and motioned for me to go away but I didn’t, I leaned down to see Hendrix struggling to breathe they had already taken off his helmet. He must’ve had the wind knocked out of him. Rightfully so, three guys tackled him in a way that was clearly targeting.

I put my hand on his chest.

“Shh shh baby look at me.” I whispered to him. His eyes went straight to me.


I put my hand on his cheek and said again.

“Breathe, calm down. Its okay.”

His breathing started slowing down as the medics surrounded me asking him questions. He said he was fine after a few moments, I didn’t move from my spot. Only when they pushed me out of the way and I stood there staring at him. The stands were silent. I looked up to see one of the guys fist bumping Bentley, I glared crossing my arms at him. Hendrix stood up and grabbed onto me, I helped him off the field and sat down next to him on the bench.

“What the fuck was that..” was all Hendrix said under his breath. I knew what it was, and I’m fuming.

They called the game after that, we won. Everyone clapped and the team scattered to leave. I stayed by Hendrix, Bryce came to my side then Ryder, Carter, and Wynn.

“You okay man? That was dirty.” Ryder asked sitting next to Hendrix.

“I’m fine.” Hendrix was staring at me now, my stare was across the field to Bentley. Who was smiling at me.

We all went back into the locker rooms. I stood in the hallway waiting for Bentley to come out. He was getting his and I was not letting him leave without me punching his face off.

I heard the locker rooms open and Bentley walked past with his gang of jock’s that went after Hendrix. I followed them and we almost hit the parking lot when I decided to act.

“You know you got some nerve!!! You all should be suspended from football!!” I was screaming.

Bentley’s smirk appeared back on his lips, dropping his bag on the ground. “I see your sass hasn’t changed..” he winked at me walking towards me. I held my ground. “I was just showing your boy toy what was mine first ..” He then came and grabbed me against him and squeezed my butt.

I was trying to get out of his grasp, when I heard footsteps running towards us. I had to act now. I heard Bryce’s voice, I knew he figured it out. Then Hendrix’s, he must’ve seen what Bentley just did.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I threw his hands off me with all my strength and punched him right in the face. He staggered back a bit and I could hear everyone behind me gasp.

“Don’t Touch Me!”

Hendrix was suddenly in front of me and grabbed me out of the way and turned around and punched Bentley again. Bryce was right there two and they both went at him. Hazel and Savannah grabbed me in time when a brawl broke out with all the guys.

The coaches saw the fight and came over from the parking lot and tried breaking up the fight and then my dad suddenly appeared with two deputies breaking up the fight too. Where did they come from?! He grabbed Bryce first and threw him into me, I grabbed onto my brother and pulled him out of the brawl’s range.

His nose was bleeding. I tried to find Hendrix but him and Bentley were still going at it. I suddenly had a rush of protectiveness and ran in to him. The rest were now getting broken up. But I went in between Hendrix and Bentley and they both stopped fighting. I glared at Bentley as my dad grabbed him and cuffed him. Then turned around and cuffed Hendrix, Bryce was being cuffed by another deputy. No no no! I threw the first punch. I begged my dad with my eyes but, he shook his head. They were all taken into the police station after more squad cars came.

I drove with Ryder down to the station. I knew Hendrix’s parents were called. This was just great. They told him to stay out of trouble and look what I got him involved him. I went running into the police station, Bryce was sitting on the chairs outside the cells. I ran up and hugged him.

He winced. I forgot he just got in a huge brawl. “Sorry..”

I sat down next to him. “What’s happening?”

“Dad knew my side already, but he’s questioning Hendrix and Bentley right now. Its because we started the fight.. “

“URGHHH no you didn’t! I did!”

I ran out to the deputy sitting there. “Sir this is my fault, I threw the first punch.”

He laughed a bit, but Bryce was glaring at him so he straightened his face. “Your serious?”

I nodded. “100%.”

“Well then, that changes things.” He knocked on the door Hendrix was in and opened the door. My dad came out and stared me down.

“Autumn, are you sure you want to take blame for this? I will let Hendrix and your brother go, but you have to go through the system after we question you.”

The boys must've said they started it to save my ass. That's not happening.

“It was self defense. I promise.”

Bryce nodded at the direction of my dad. Apparently my dad didn’t see the whole thing. He opened the door for me to see Hendrix. He had a cut up lip, and a couple bruises on his face but nothing major.

“Hendrix, you’re free to go.”

He went over and uncuffed him. Hendrix immediately came to me and hugged me. “I was going to kill him..”

My dad sighed. “Hendrix please refrain from talking like that in front of me.”

Hendrix still smirked through all this drama and left the room, sitting next to Bryce outside. My dad shut the door and another deputy was inside the room as well. He motioned for me to sit down.

I told him everything that led up to the events. That Bentley put hands on me and I didn’t want them there so I punched him.

My dad looked to the deputy then to me. “He did what?!”

I sighed. “You heard me dad.”

He waved his hand. “Refrain from calling me that right now Autumn.”

I shrugged. “Sorry, go ask mister dick head over there. I’m sure he’ll tell you I did everything. I egged it on. Even that nasty dirty move they pulled on Hendrix during the game, he will claim it’s all my fault.”

I rolled my eyes. My dad knew Bentley. He knew our past. My dad almost arrested him multiple times for how he treated me. When he ended up cheating on me, he was relieved I was done with him. Now he sat in the room next to me, being questioned too and lying his ass off about it.

My dad stood up and so did the other deputy and left the room. I was left there by myself. It was the first time for a long time I was by myself, other than sleeping. The room had that buzz from the light that drove me insane. I started tapping on the desk then noticed my hand was bruised on my knuckles. I must’ve hit him harder than I thought. Whoops. Yet I snickered to myself about it.

The door opened and I caught a glimpse of Hendrix’s dad outside now talking to my dad. He had his arms crossed and seemed pissed off. Bryce was staring right at me, Ryder was right next to him too but he seemed more concerned with what Hendrix’s dad was saying.

The deputy came in and sat down.

“We talked to Mr. James… he like you said, said you started it. Is there any witnesses that can help your story out?”

I nodded. “My squad was there for the first interaction we had when I told him to leave me alone.” I motioned to the guys outside. “They saw him grab me.”

He nodded at me and wrote some things down. “I need names.”

I gave him all he needed then he sighed at me. “Sorry, you’re in holding till we figure this out.” He made me turn around and put cuffs on me. I started to cry. This was stupid. The justice system failed when it came to sexual harassment. He led me outside the door and Bryce and Ryder sat up instantly.

“What the hell! Get those off her!” Bryce stood up following us screaming.

“Bryce, sit down. Don’t make this worse for her.” The deputy said.

Bryce threw his hands in the air, I noticed Hendrix wasn’t there anymore. Ryder grabbed Bryce’s shoulder and stared at me concerned too.

I was put in a holding cell. I leaned up against the wall and sighed. This was so absurd. I didn’t do anything wrong, except defend myself. After a while I was staring off into space. My emotions were mixed with anger, sadness, and nerves.

The deputy, which I found out was Officer Lyon. Came and opened the cell. My hands were still cuffed behind me, I could feel the metal cutting through my wrists. I stood up when my dad came into the cell.

“You’re cleared.”

He turned me around and unlocked my cuffs. I grabbed my wrists and rubbed them. They were cut and red. Those cuffs were brutal to be in for an hour.

“Harley came in and said everything you said word for word. The boys had the same statements you said they would.”

I smiled and nodded. My girl coming to my rescue. I slid out of the cell and saw Bryce still sitting there. He was staring at the wall in spaced out land like I was.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

He looked to me suddenly. “They all went home.”

“Which is what I’m doing for you two right now.” My dad said.

We got in his car and drove home. We both went straight upstairs to bed, my dad going back to work. He said he had to work out this mess we made.

I took out my phone on my bed and called Hendrix. I knew he was up still.

He answered with one ring. “baby, are you ok? What happened? Why did you do that? My parents made me leave, I was waiting for you.. I was going to make bail for you if something went south..” He was seriously jumping around saying everything he could all at once.

I smiled to myself. “I’m okay babe. My wrists look like shit, but that’s it. I was cleared. Harley came and proved my story and you all proved the other part.”

“That’s good.. I was just getting ready to plan my escape at the house to get back to you, but hearing your safe now… where are you?”

“Home.” Was all I said.

“Ouch. How is Police chief treating you?”

“Not good. In his words… he had to go clean up our mess again.”

“He should know it wasn’t your fault.” He almost cut me off.

“No, but there’s something you should know.”

“Yes?” he asked.

I paused. “Bentley.. The one you fought, He’s my ex.”

There was silence on the other end. “Drix?” I asked. Still silence.

“How the hell is your ex here?”

I sighed. “He moved to Dallas before us. I totally spaced he did. I melted all memories of us out of my brain.”

“Why is that?”

“Ugh, well… he cheated on me with my ex best friend at the time. He also date rape drugged me, but we couldn’t prove it. Luckily Bryce caught on and saved my ass that night but he also almost killed Bentley.. that was our last encounter.”

There was silence again. “Well, now I’m double glad I kicked his ass. “

I laughed a little. “Me too.”

“You broke his nose you know.” He was now laughing a bit too.

“Yeah, my hand is feeling it..”

I could tell he was smiling on the other end. “Remind to never piss you off.”

I turned on my side. “Reminded.”

He chuckled a bit at me then got silent. “I was actually going to kill him for touching you regardless of him being your ex.” He whispered.

“Oh, I know. That’s why I stepped in..”

We both sat in silence for a moment.


“Yes?” I answered.

“I was going to ask you something tonight.”

My curiosity got the best of me. “So ask.”

He let out a long sigh. “Nevermind, it can wait. Get some sleep sweetheart. I’m picking you up at 5 tomorrow. My parents really want to meet you now.”

I slapped my forehead, I almost forgot I was meeting his parents tomorrow. Right after I had their son in jail for me.


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