Autumn's Light

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Meet the parents

I woke up to the sound of football playing in the family room downstairs. I sighed and pulled the pillow over my head. Its too damn early. I checked my phone, 10 am. Yep too damn early on a Saturday. I mentally groaned and then grumbled to myself.

I stretched out of bed and put on a pair of basketball shorts I stole from Bryce and a tank top and headed downstairs. I reached the bottom when I found three heads on the couch in the family room.

“Don’t you guys have a home?” I grumbled trying to adjust my hair in place.

Ryder turned around with Wynn next to him, Bryce was on the end.

“No Sweet cheeks, we’re now your adopted brothers.” They all chuckled and I rolled my eyes before going into the kitchen. I started the coffee machine when my dad came clunking down the stairs in regular clothing this time.

He came over and took the cup of coffee I was making out of my hand and drank it.

“Thanks sweetpea. Mind your brother.” He took off towards the font door.


He turned on his heels. “City business today. I’ll be back around one.”

I grumbled and made faces when he left and started another cup of coffee. The events that happened the last day came flooding back. It was like I was my own sitcom. I deserved a reality show.

I sat down and drank little sips of the coffee. I decided to take a mental day for myself. I dropped my phone on the table and ran upstairs. The boys not even flinching from the couch.

I changed into work out leggings and tennis shoes, pulled my hair up in a high pony tail and grabbed my headphones. I took a page from Bryce’s book with this habit. We both ran when we were upset. I however, I just needed to clear my mind.

I ran down the stairs, grabbed my phone and plugged in my earbuds then went over and pulled Bryce’s head back to see me behind him. “I’m leaving, be good.”

I plopped one ear bud in when he got up and turned around facing me. “And where are you going?”

Wynn and Ryder turned around too.

I rose my brow at him again. “Out.” I smirked and walked to the front door, playing my music. If they said something I didn’t hear it and shut the door behind me.

I took off running down the sidewalk. I slid to a stop when I saw Adrian pull in next door in her driveway. She got out of her car and saw me staring at her. I paused my music. This drama needed to end. She however, surprised me and walked towards me. I took out one ear bud in the process.

“Hey Autumn, wait up a sec..”

I stood there staring at her. She sighed when she reached a distance near me.

“Look, I didn’t know Evie was doing those things with Hendrix. I didn’t know the half of it. She’s my girl you know, I had to have her back…”

I shrugged. “It’s whatever Adrian. My problem is with Evie, not you. You’re Ryder’s sister so I respect that.”

She nodded and looked off into the distance. “My brother usually has a good judge of character. Don’t tell him I said that though..”

I smirked. I so was going to tell him. “Sure.”

Evie had not been to school in a while. She was suspended twice now. I’m surprised she’s even allowed back to our school.

We both nodded at each other and I took off down the street again. At least me and Adrian could be in the same room together now. My music came back on and I ran down the streets to a canal trail. My phone went off in my pocket. I stopped and reached down to grab it but decided against it and kept running back towards the house. When I reached the house, I was drenched in sweat. I opened the front door and ran upstairs. I noticed the tv wasn’t on anymore. I wondered where they took off to.

I ran upstairs and showered. I wrapped a towel around my hair and scrunched the water out of my hair then wrapped a towel around my body and stepped out into my room.

After 2 hours of getting ready. I pulled out a nice wrap maxi dress that was black with lace accents on the arms. I paired it with a pair of silver strapped sandals. I put my hair into curls that flowed down my back. I put on a natural layer of makeup. Then as I was spraying the rest of my hair, a knock was heard on my bathroom door. Bryce came through the doorway.

“Holy smokes, you look good!” He smiled at me.

“Thanks, I’m pretty nervous.” The butterflies hit as I started getting ready. I’m not used to fighting for people to like me and I wanted his parents to like me. They’ve heard a lot of bad about me.

“Don’t worry. They’ll love you.” He put a reassuring hand on my shoulder.

“Thanks.” As I punched him in the shoulder.

“So much for brotherly love.” He smirked at me and we walked out of the bedroom. There was a knock at the front door, Bryce grinned big and went running downstairs.

I was on my way down the stairs when he opened the door, showing Hendrix in all his glory. His hair was fixed back with a black buttoned shirt over a pair of dark blue jeans, matching with black dress shoes. His eyes were already fixed on me. His face lit up.

“You look amazing.”

Bryce was standing holding the door and decided to ease the tension.

“Well thank you Drix, I mean I did shower…”

We both shot him a look, but I instead started laughing. Hendrix followed and walked up to me grabbing my hand.

“Let’s go beautiful.”

“You have her home by ten you hear!” Bryce called from behind us. I waved and he waved back.

“Yes sir!” Hendrix yelled back and we both snickered a bit while he helped me into his truck. I would never get used to this.

We took off into the city, it was about a half hour drive. Pulling up and parking I noticed we were at a pretty fancy restaurant. I sighed and tried to gather my courage up. Hendrix must’ve noticed and put his hand on my leg. “They will love you.” He smiled at me. My butterflies hid a little bit. He keeps saying that. Everyone keeps saying that.

I gave him a smile back and we headed inside. He held my hand which, I noticed was sweating and I think he noticed too when he grabbed it because he smirked at me.

We walked into the restaurant and came up to table with Hendrix’s dad sitting there and next to him was I assume Hendrix’s mom. I could see where he got his damn good looks now. His green eyes came from his mom and his features from his dad. His mom was a blonde bombshell. She had the perfect shaped face and body. She was wearing a red jumpsuit and his dad a business suit. His dad stood up when we walked over.

“Ah, this must be the famous Autumn we can’t stop him from talking about..” He smirked at Hendrix.

He offered me his hand and I shook it. “Mr. Heart.” He laughed and sat down. “Ah, Call me Tony.”

I nodded and smiled then looked at his mom. Hendrix talked. “This is my mom, Andrea.” I smiled at her and she smiled back. I could tell she had Hendrix’s soft heart. “Welcome Autumn. Please, sit.”

We all sat down and that’s when all the nerves crept up. Tony was staring at me. Thankfully the evening turned into laughs and smiles about Hendrix’s growing up phase. Embarrassing him but I was loving it. They didn’t bring up anything with my incident. The night went on we got our food and after eating, Tony turned and paid then turned to me.

“Autumn, there was one thing I wanted to ask you..”

Here it comes. Hendrix however cut him off.

“I’ve already told you everything dad.” In his tone of shut the hell up about it.

“I know son, I’m just curious. Autumn I have become very close to your dad and we both have been noticing a pattern lately of getting into trouble on both sides..”

I panicked. I knew it! I knew they were going to tell me I’m a bad influence on Hendrix, they don’t want me with him, blah blah blah.

“That being said. I know your not responsible for most of it. But you have to understand when you’re involved in our family you might be targeted and more trouble will arise.”

“Me being Targeted? I think I’m used to that by now.”

He rose an eyebrow at me, while Andrea took Tony’s hand and looked at me. “We’re just trying to say when you are around a family in politics and have a dad like you do as a police chief, there’s a lot of bad people out there that will use you to their advantage.”

Hendrix grabbed my hand. “That won’t happen.”

Andrea’s eyes shot to him and Tony sighed. “We can all hope son.”

What the hell. What was really going on in this town?

We ended the night and Hendrix took me outside after hugging his mom and shaking Tony’s hand. We got to the truck and I almost exploded.

“UghhhH!! Wow. That was a little intense at the end.” I mumbled to myself as Hendrix climbed into the truck.

“Yeah sorry about that. Guess I should’ve really told you what it means to be dating me.”

He didn’t start the truck instead he turned towards me. “They are taking on the drug problem here and in neighboring towns. The big drug lords have hands out here. It’s getting worse and worse. That’s why we took Evie’s brother into hiding and under us, he was in deep and we can use him for information. Your dad knows all of this. He’s been chasing lead after lead he’s been given trying to find whose responsible and get then out of this town. My dad has had some run ins with them, bribing him and black mailing him. My brother moved to get away from the danger.”

I rose an eyebrow. I didn’t know he had a brother. “Brother?”

“Oh yeah, he’s 21. Off at College. He never comes to visit. He says this town is the dumps.” He rolled his eyes. “Me and him never really got off on the right foot together and never ended that way either he left. But its alright.” He smiled at me.

“We have a lot of powerful families that live out here. Out of city limits, doing some seriously shady stuff. I’m just hoping your prepared for that.”

I nodded. I have gone through way more than that in my lifetime. “Sure, I’m always prepared. I was a girl scout.” I saluted him.

He laughed and started the truck. “For some reason that doesn’t surprise me.”

“HEY!” I smacked his arm as we drove home. We got the house and we both got out. We heard the craziness happening next door. Ryder was having his pool party. My house was dark, so that meant Bryce was over there. My dad’s car was not in the driveway either. I decided to call It a night. Hendrix said he had to get back to his parents for some family matters, I didn’t pry.

He kissed me goodnight and I went inside. I went straight to my room and stripped off my dress and got into pj’s. Jumping into bed, I fell asleep fast. It was only 8 pm but my body was done.

Sunday came and went with nothing exciting happening.

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