Autumn's Light

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The Neighbors

I came out of my room just in time to move out of the way of the movers bringing in our things. The rest of the day was spent moving boxes, furniture, and putting my room together. Bryce and my dad already put my bed, desk, and dresser in my room. As soon as I was done setting everything up I went to go find more boxes with my clothes in them. As I was running down the stairs the doorbell rang. I looked to my left to see dad and Bryce moving a couch so I yelled. “I got it!”

I ran to the door and opened it. There standing in the doorway was the sweetest looking older couple. “Well hello darlin’ welcome to the neighborhood.”

The older lady handed me a plate of cookies. My insides were screaming for joy. I grabbed them from her.

“Wow thank you! Come on in!”

I took the cookies and opened the container when Bryce appeared next to me grabbing the first one out of my hand. My dad rounded the corner before I could back hand Bryce.

The older gentleman spoke, “You must be the new police Chief, I’m Arnold and this is my wife Abbie.”

My dad shook their hands and welcomed them into our home. Me and Bryce thanked them for the cookies and they laughed.

“Oh we know how it is with teenagers, they would eat you out of house and home. You dears are always welcome at our place. Baking is my hobby.” Abbie said. “Come join me anytime.”

I nodded along with Bryce. We were suckers for good baking, our mom used to do it too. After engaging in more small talk, they finally took their leave. I found my clothes and put them in my closet. Dusk came and we were almost all unpacked. I was impressed at how much we got done.

My dad went out for Chinese food while me and Bryce stocked the kitchen. I was sitting on the counter when another person rang our doorbell.

“Good lord its like we are the most popular topic in town.” Bryce said walking towards the door. We had two other couples come visit us after Arnold and Abbie already and now this makes three if so.

Bryce opened the door and all I could hear was muffled talking. I sighed and jumped off the counter towards the door.

“Bryce you can invite them…I-“

I stopped talking. My voice stopped itself. There standing in the doorway was the most amazing looking boy I have ever seen before. He stood as tall as Bryce so around 6’2 and had the same build, with broad shoulders and muscles. He wore a letterman’s Jacket and jeans with cowboy boots. My gaze went to his face. My god. He had the baby bluest eyes I have ever seen and blonde hair. Then he smiled at Bryce. It was damn near perfect too. I stopped in my tracks. I was covered in dirt in sweatpants and a sweatshirt and my hair was in two braids like a child. I jumped around the corner and flew up the stairs to my room. I slammed the door and took a deep breathe. Oh my god. Oh my god. I hope he didn’t see me.

Suddenly there was a knock at my door.

“Ott, don’t be mean. Come meet our guest.” Ott.. he would call me his nickname for me. He named me otter when we were little, never went away.

“One second please, I’ll be down!” I heard his footsteps down the hallway and I went into action. Changing into a black crop top with baggy black Adidas pants. I rubbed some makeup on my face and let my hair out of the braids so that they would sweep into waves. I adjusted my hair into a high ponytail then huffed. This is as good as I’m gonna get right now.

I opened my door and went downstairs. I heard laughter coming from the kitchen. Bryce had him in the kitchen? Weird place for new people.

I rounded the corner and into the kitchen. Bryce turned to look at me and so did mystery man, they had soda’s in their hands.

“Finally, god took you long enough.” My brother spat. I smirked at him then back at the mystery man.

“Ryder, meet my sister Autumn, Sister meet Ryder” he motioned between both of us with his hand when he said that.

I smiled and nodded at him. “Nice to meet you.”

Ryder flashed his perfect smile at me. “Likewise.”

Bryce cleared his throat to stop the tension. “So Ryder was telling me about the school, wanna let my sis in the info?” He looked the Ryder.

“Oh your going to school with us too?” he rose an eyebrow at me.

I put my hands on my hips. “Well yeah, twinsies.” I pointed to Bryce. Letting him know we were twins.

He flashed that grin at me again. “You don’t say, I’m a senior too so I’ll be seeing you two around.”

“Great. At least I’ll know one person..” I said looking probably so awkward staring at the ground.

Ryder pushed off the counter they were leaning on. “I gotta go. But I’ll see you both at school tomorrow?” he said looking at me.

“We’ll see you there! Thanks for the football tip.” Bryce yelled.

Ryder walked past me and looked directly at me then turned and walked through the door, his eyes never leaving me. I let out my breath when the door shut.

“My god.”

Bryce was laughing suddenly. “DON’T YOU DARE! He’s on the team with me this year.”

I turned and smirked at him. “Ohhh little brother you don’t own me.”

He snorted. “Seriously, don’t.”

I laughed. He was so serious sometimes. But he had a point, Ryder was gorgeous I’ll give him that. But I don’t know him and I totally hate falling for the douchebags on the football team, been there done that and no intention to repeat.

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