Autumn's Light

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Hendrix arrived at my house at 7:30 am sharp on Monday. I ran out and climbed into the truck, kissing him before I sat down. My dad was still passed out, he had the day off thankfully. I told Bryce he could take my jeep to school but, he would have to find a ride home because I’m taking it to go shopping with the girls for homecoming dresses because I had the biggest car.

Ryder ended up asking Harley at the party on Saturday. She called me yesterday and told me all about it, literally the whole conversation was her battling herself if she liked Ryder or not. But I coaxed her into seeing what I saw in them. I was so supportive of those two. Now everyone had a date, except me.

Arriving at school I went to my locker and got out my stuff for class. Harley appeared next to me and elbowed me.

“Hey girl, how’d meet the parents go? I forgot to ask.”

“It went just fine.” I shut my locker and started walking to class.

“Just fine? Spill.” She linked arms with me as we walked.

“No tea. Just was nerves and the same old parent stuff.” I smiled at her and she rolled her eyes at me, clearly not buying my lie.

“Uh huh. Fine, keep your secrets.” She winked and walked off towards her class. I sighed and kept walking. Hendrix told me he had to go get something from the office. I slid into my chair in my first period. Bryce never came in, nor Ryder. Savanah came in before the late bell and sat down in the chair across from me that usually Hendrix sat in. I rose an eyebrow and she made a face back at me.

“Don’t ask me. I have no idea where they are.” She muttered before the teacher started class. My mind was racing.

The bell rang to leave class. I ran out to my locker and looked all over the hallways for any of the boys. I vaguely saw Cater and went running over.

“CARTER CARTER!” I screamed.

He laughed and stopped before I bumped into him.

“You called?”

“Have you seen any of the boys? They weren’t in class.”

He acted like he was zipping up his lips. “My lips are sealed.” And walked away.

What the hell!

Ugh. I grumbled to myself and went to math. Since Hendrix wasn’t in there or Ryder I sat next to Savannah again, we had about four classes together. Another class down and I was starting to worry. I took out my phone to text them before I went to English. No messages.

Frustrated I followed Savannah to our next class. She looked over at me while we walked.

“What do you think they are up to?” she asked.

“Nothing good.”

I slowed but bumped into Adrian by accident. She gave me a look but then kept going. I stared after her. I guess we were on ok terms, usually she would’ve chewed me out. As I was turning back around, an arm went around my shoulders. It was not any of my boys. I know their scents. As weird as that sounds.

“Axel.” I turned to see his perfect face looking down at me.

“Well well, you’re actually alone. This is a new one.” I didn’t shrug his arm off.

“Yeah yeah, don’t get used to it.” I smirked at him and Savannah kept walking on the other side of me, watching us.

“We’ll see sunshine.” He slid his arm off me and went down another hall as me and Savannah went into our class.

The bell rang and me and savannah went out to lunch together, joining up with Harley and Hazel. We got about halfway to my car when I stopped dead in my tracks. Ryder pulled up in his car and rolled down his window.

“Hey sweetcheeks, hop in.”

I raised a brow. “Why…” I always knew when he was up to something.

“Just do it.” He smiled at me.

I turned to the girls and shrugged, getting in the passenger side of Ryder’s car. “Guess I’ll be back.”

The girls waved me off and I turned looking at the now driving Ryder. “Where are we going?”

“You’ll find out.”

I noticed we were driving down the street to our houses. Why was I being taken back home?

My question was answered. He pulled up in my driveway and I saw rose pedals going from the driveway to the door. What in the literal hell was happening..

Bryce appeared at the front door smiling. I got out of the car and walked down the pathway of pedals.

“What’s going on..” I whispered looking around at everything now.

Bryce didn’t say anything but handed me a card. “Follow the clues.”

I rose an eyebrow and looked at the card he handed me. What was this a game to annoy me?

‘Look to find a clue, where I first kissed you.’

Hopefully this all related to Hendrix or I would be concerned. I turned around and looked for his truck. I noticed it parked in front of Ryder’s house. I sprinted over to it, with Bryce following behind me. I opened the door to find candy and a card attached to it.

‘The next clue, is a hot one.’

I rolled my eyes. The hot tub. He’s taking me places special to us.

Bryce followed me into Ryder’s backyard and I went to the pool side. On top of the cave sat a blanket and a card.

I took both, handing Bryce the candy and the blanket while I opened the next card.

‘This clue means you killed zombies.’

Xbox. I ran back to my house and opened the door. Lining the entire house was rose pedals. My heart was thumping and racing at the same time. All I could think about was Hendrix at this point. So I ran into the family room and sitting on the love sac was a teddy bear and a card. I gave Bryce the teddy bear to hold and opened the card.

‘Last clue. I’d flip head over heels for you.’

My trampoline.

I followed a trail of roses out to the back yard and opened the door. There standing next to the dug in trampoline was Hendrix. He was holding a bouquet of roses and had a huge smile on his face. I walked over to him with a stomach full of butterflies but a huge smile on my face.

“What is all this?”

I got to him and he handed me the flowers, kissing my forehead when he did and then opened a tiny box in his hand. Inside held a bracelet with a silver otter charm on it and on the top inside a note simply read.


My eyes went wide and I smiled like an idiot and jumped into his arms.

“Oh my god, you did all this for homecoming?! Of course I’ll go with you, you idiot!”

He laughed and held me tightly to him. I cannot believe he went out of his way like this for homecoming. He put me back down on the ground and put the bracelet on it. I smiled, it was so cute and had room for more charms. This was way too much for something simple like asking me to homecoming, but at the same time I loved that he did this. Most guys never would.

Bryce, Wynn, and Ryder came out from the back door all clapping.

“YEAH!!! Homecoming YEAH!!” Ryder yelled out doing first bumps in the air.

We all laughed and Hendrix took me back inside. I put all the gifts on my bed but I kept the candy. Getting to the truck and driving back to school I got out that same candy and started eating it.

Wynn, Bryce and Ryder went back to school in Ryder’s car.

I turned to Hendrix as we were driving back. “I cant believe you did this..” as I stuffed more gummy worms in my mouth. What can I say? I’m on a sugar high and a life high right now.

“Yeah well, you deserve it babe.” He smirked at me with a wink that damn near made me pass out for the instant rise of hormones.

“How did you get this approved by my dad?” I questioned, mouth full of gummies trying to breathe correctly again without him noticing.

He smiled. “He actually helped us out with it.”

My eyes went wide, yet again. “WHAT!” I started laughing a bit. “Holy shit.”

We parked at the school and went inside. We missed my T.A period but I didn’t care. I met up with Bryce to go to our biology class.

The bell rang to leave school and I had all the girls packed into the jeep in no time. We were off the city to buy dresses! I had told them all the story of how Hendrix asked and they all said their awwws and cute comments out loud over and over again. My phone went off and I tossed it to Harley in the passenger seat. “Read that please.”

Her reaction was more of a squeal and then a moan. “Oh my god where can I have a Hendrix?!”

I shot her a look. “Why…?”

She read the text out loud. “Can’t wait to see what you pick out to wear. Either way every guy will be jealous I snagged you up. Miss you already beautiful.”

The car filled with AWWWWS!!! And I giggled to myself, while blushing. He was such a charmer, a romantic. I fell for him harder and harder every day.

We reached the city and hopped out of the car and into a dress store. Each one of us picked out three dresses and tried them on one at a time to show to the group. Savannah went first and she ended up buying a emerald green halter dress that went to the floor, with a slit up the side. It looked amazing against her red hair. Second, Harley picked out a simple empire waisted floral print dress that also went to the floor. Hazel went against the group and picked out a knee length tunic with black and white designs all over it then I was last. I finally settled on a short dress too. Mine however was two pieces. The top had black long sleeves made out of lace, completely see through with an attached crop top underneath it. But the whole thing was glittered out and sparkly. My stomach only showed about an inch till it met the skirt. Which was a black tulle that wasn’t too poofy but enough.

We bought our dresses and came out to the car and went back home. The trip took us a while and I ended up pulling up in my driveway at 9 pm. I sighed and took out my phone texting Hendrix.

‘Got home safe. :*’

I walked in to the house and heard the tv playing. I went over to the family room and saw Bryce sprawled out across the couch dead asleep. I snickered a bit. The boys have been through a tough practicing schedule lately and more to come for the homecoming game. I went over and grabbed the remote, turning off the tv. Grabbing a blanket, I put it over his body and patted his head. Just like old times. He was always falling asleep first our entire lifetime.

The next couple days went on without any issues. I had cheer practice everyday after school. The boys all had football practice too. We were all getting ready for the homecoming game. Friday came and the squad met up at my locker for the spirit assembly. We all had our uniforms and hair done. 9 Am came around and the assembly was getting ready to begin.

The SBO’s did their thing with the student body. We stood on the sidelines as the principle announced the game and how everyone did on spirit week. We were brought to the floor to do some cheers. We did as we practiced and went back to the side lines for principle Jacobs to announce the teams. Then they announced the football team. They all came out and Ryder took the mic. Oh lord here we go.

“What’s goin on Jackson high!”

The students all cheered.

“Hey hey alright alright, settle down. We just wanted to let y’all know how awesome you’ve been on our season so far. We have the best fans in Texas!”

The students cheered again and Ryder handed the mic to Coach Kent, I noticed Harley paying attention more when Ryder was talking than normal. I shot her a raised brow and she blushed. Ha, I knew it!

“Now, we stand undefeated. Thanks to my boys back here. I think we can make state champions this year what do y’all say?!”

Everyone screamed and cheered.

Principle Jacobs took the mic and did more spirit week events and announcements. Music turned on and the dance team came out and did a dance. Every guy in the room was whistling. Me and Harley looked at each other with another smirk. Our dance was last.

The SBO’s came out and did one final thing. They did Baby shark. Us on the sidelines started doing the moves as well. I was laughing up a storm. Me and Hazel started dancing together and I stopped and saw Hendrix watching me from the stands. A blush went to my cheeks and I stopped. Hazel noticed and leaned into me.

“Girl, not the time to be nervous. He knows your freaky side.” She winked at me and I smacked her. He certainly did not. We haven’t even gone past kissing for hell’s sake.

When their song ended, we went out on the floor. Well the basketball court counts as a floor I guess. All I do is win came on, our new routine. Stunt after stunt and push ups and military moves later. We ended. The students went crazy and cheering. We all were standing in a salute then exited the center of the basketball court. The assembly concluded and everyone crowded out of the gym.

The football game came up later that night. We were up by 4. The closest game we’ve had at the last play. The students showed up with their support. We had the band, sbo’s, dance team, us, and the teachers all came out tonight. The last play came and went. They couldn’t score on us. We won! Everyone cheered and everyone ran out to the field. Music came on the speakers. I immediately knew who I was running to.

He already had his helmet off and being high fived and slapped on his back and shoulders by people congratulating him. His eyes went to me running to him and he stepped towards me too. I met him by jumping into his arms, as best I could with his gear on. Wrapping my legs around him and kissing him, holding on by the back of his neck with my arms.

“You did it babe!” I screamed. He grabbed my face again and kissed me.

“I have a good cheerleader.”

I smiled at him then jumped off noticing something coming our way. Then the team appeared behind him and Coach Kent who was right next to us and drenched him in the Gatorade coolers. I stepped back laughing.

“Holy shit!” He yelled.

They were all laughing and doing their boy stuff now. Coach Kent was talking to Hendrix as they both tried getting the liquid off them. That’s my man right there. I had this utter sense of pride. He was leading this team, had a heart of gold, and treated me like a queen. I’m luckiest girl around.

I noticed my brother next to me and decided to give him shit. I jumped onto him and he let go of Savannah’s hand.

“OTTER ATTACK!” I screamed.

He laughed and tried to smack me or get me off him, both didn’t work. I laughed and finally let him think he won and jumped off him. Ryder came running up with his arm around Harley. She looked at me and blushed. That was the first ever sign I’ve seen them interested in each other. Usually they were just bickering. But hey, they teach you that when boys pick on you, they like you.

We set off to the locker rooms. I grabbed my stuff. I was going home with Hendrix. I waited for him outside his locker room. I knew he had to shower that crap off him. He came out with wet hair and a bag full of his stuff to wash now. I looked at him and snickered.

“Don’t you be snickering mam, I got a whole other cooler full in there..”

I went wide eyed and stood up super quick and ran to the end of the hallway. “NOOOOPE!” was all I screamed while running away from him snickering behind me.

We drove home in silence, my head resting on his chest and his hand holding mine. I was at peace. I would never not think about Sam. Not think about that day. But my nerves were calmed, my anxiety was settling down. Finally, I might have a normal life.

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