Autumn's Light

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“BRYCE WHERE’S MY GOD DAMN HAIRSPRAY!” I screamed out of the bathroom. Even though he wasn’t in the house to answer.

Harley was in my room getting ready along with Savannah and Hazel. We were all almost ready to get homecoming dance started. My dad was sitting downstairs waiting for us. Hendrix rented a limo for all of us. Well, his parents did. I was slipping on my shoes when I heard the front door open and a lot of guy’s voices sounding through the walls. I looked to the girls. We looked hot. I took a couple pictures of us together before we decided to head down. My dad appeared in the doorway. He looked at me and had tears in his eyes.

“Oh sweetpea..”

I rolled my eyes. “Dad… “ he was such a sap. I went and hugged him. He smiled at me.

“You look beautiful sweetheart.”

“Thanks dad.”

He went downstairs and made sure the guys were ready for us. We all went down the stairs together and all the guys stood there lined up. My eyes went to Hendrix. He looked so handsome. He was in a very tailored suit to his body. Black everything. He matched me with wearing a lace pattern tie. His mouth turned into a huge grin, but his eyes were searching every part of me. I just smiled back at him. When we reached the guys they all gave us the wrist corsages. My dad made sure they knew to do that.

After posing for picture after picture, we all went outside to the waiting limo. We decided to skip dinner and go straight to the dance. I had pizza with the girls before we got ready.

The limo was stunning. Neon lights around each window and ceiling. The music was bumping already. We all climbed in and I sat next to Hendrix and Harley on my other side. We were dancing to the music and taking more pictures. Hendrix and me finally took one just of him and me. He took out his phone and shared it to Instagram with the caption. #Homecoming 2019 with my lady, with a heart emoji. I smiled at him. He made it Instagram official with that post. Everyone knows that’s a big deal.

We pulled up to the building, took many more pictures together. After that we all scattered to different parts of the room. Me and Hendrix went straight for the dance floor. It was a slow song, so I had a moment alone with him. Swaying my hips, he met my movements with his arms around me.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight.”

I rolled my eyes. “Only a hundred times.”

He smirked. “101 is still not enough.”

I stretched up on my tip toes and kissed him. I looked around after and noticed everyone was coupled up around us. Though, some people still staring at us. I guess they didn’t get the hint weeks ago that me and Hendrix were together.

After dancing for hours and having the time of our lives. I was sweating at the end. I noticed my brother went missing in the last half hour, I didn’t wonder where he went. I didn’t have to guess. Him and Savannah had gotten really close in the last week. They were probably making out in a corner somewhere. I went over to the refreshment table.

I saw Ryder and Harley in the middle of the dance floor, leading the dance moves. They were my favorite couple minus my brother and mine of course. Harley had a smile on her face all night and that made my heart happy. We even had a big group dance mosh pit going on at one point.

Hendrix came over and leaned on the counter next to me.

“Ready to go?”

I nodded. I was spent. This was a moment I would never forget. I took his hand and went outside. Everyone made their own plans to get home. Hendrix had taken his truck over before the dance and parked it outside. The jeep was still parked so that meant my brother was still inside somewhere too.

We got into the truck and he put his arm around me while driving.

“Hey babe.. “ he muttered after a couple minutes of silence.

“Yeah?” I looked up at him.

He pulled the truck over suddenly and turned to me. This had to be something serious. Prepare for the worst.

“I need to say this, because if I don’t, I’m lying to myself.”

I rose an eyebrow at him. More lies? More secrets? What was he meaning? My stomach flipped into knots.

“I love you.” He whispered to me staring right into my eyes.

My brain went into freak out mode and my heart exploded. He said it. He said those three words. He searched my eyes for a while. I was speechless for a bit but then I got a hold of myself and smiled.

“Thank god.. I’ve been waiting!”

I giggled and kissed him lightly. “I love you too handsome.” Can someone smack me, is this a dream? Pinch me. Something!

He smiled and drove off again. We ended up in the middle of nowhere and in a field. He took his truck off roading for a while and we now sat on the truck bed finishing our ice creams we bought after the dance. The stars were amazing.

I had taken off my shoes a while ago. Hendrix had just this dress shirt and pants on now. He took off his tux and tie a while ago too. I sighed when I finished my ice cream and leaned my head on his shoulder, grabbing his hand.

“This is nice..”

He smirked at me without looking. “What is? Alone time?”

I giggled and turned to face him, taking my head off his shoulder. “Yeah I guess that’s true. We don’t get much of that do we?”

He shrugged with that sly smirk still on his face. “Nope.” Popping the p in the word.

I giggled again and leaned on his shoulder again. He settled his head on mine, then kissed my head.

My mind suddenly flashed memory of not seeing Bryce leave the dance. I started to look for my phone to text him. However, that panic went out of my mind when Hendrix adjusted me off him and slammed his lips onto mine. I met his energy and kissed back. Without much effort, he lifted me up closer into the bed of the truck then laid himself on top of me, holding himself up with his elbow the other hand twisted up in my hair behind my neck. I didn’t mind he was messing it up at this point.

He took his hand from my neck and explored my body with it. Slowly slipping his hand under the crop top of the dress. His touch sent shivers down my spine. His hand was around my rib cage, sending shock waves through my body so I had to cut my kiss off and breathe, he took advantage of that and dropped his head to my neck and started kissing down my jaw to my neck, to my collar bone.. pulling down the fabric of the dress. I could not help a small moan that escaped my mouth. His body reacted to that and my body was suddenly being pulled up into his lap, him now being sat against the back of his truck. I was now straggling him, my legs on either side of his legs.

His hands went straight for my butt, siding up from my legs and grabbing it under my skirt. My arms rubbed down his shoulders to his arms. His lips met mine again and I almost melted to liquid with all the warmth going through my body. I grabbed my hands up his hair and started playing with it. Pay back for messing up mine. His hands were exploring every inch of my legs, butt and hips. I swear I felt him try to tug that skirt off me, but I was probably imaging it. But without warning, we heard a ton of police sirens up on the road.

We broke apart and we watched as a group of cop cars and a swat vehicle came speeding into our town. My eyes widened and I shot a look at Hendrix. He got the point.

My dad!

We climbed into the truck and took off out of the fields and onto the road. I still didn’t have service.

When we reached the town and I immediately just dialed my dad.

It went straight to voicemail. I dialed my brother now.

“Bryce little asshole pick up!” It just kept ringing and ringing. “Ughhh!” I threw my phone down in aggravation.

Hendrix’s phone started ringing and he answered it on his truck’s Bluetooth.


“Son.. there’s been an incident. Is Autumn with you?”

He glanced over at me. “Yes.. she’s right here..”

“Autumn I’m so sorry…” his dad's voice was deep and dropping notes of sadness.

My heart dropped. What did he mean? I grabbed Hendrix’s arm as he pulled his truck over.

“What happened?” Hendrix asked now, grabbing my hand for comfort. I knew something was going to hit me hard in a second.

“Your dad’s been shot Autumn...”

My world just stopped.

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