Autumn's Light

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Bryce ended up going back to school that morning. I wished him luck. I spent the day with my uncle, I told Ryder to just go to school and come over after practice with Bryce. Bryce was still on the team. I was the only one that gave up my passion. But I did not regret it.

Me and Dustin were watching Aquaman when the door burst open and a ton of voices filled the air. How I forgot how quiet this house was when the boys didn’t come over after practice. But then again, I was usually with my girls. I turned my head around from the couch and saw Bryce smiling. It was good to see him happy.

I saw Savannah’s form come flying into the room and crash down next to me, pulling me into a hug.

“I was so scared. I was freaking out, but Bryce told me to not come over and I kept texting him over and over and over about you and I couldn’t imagine what you were going through and he said to give you space. I hate that you probably think I didn’t care because I did and I would’ve been right here..-“

I cut off her rambling.

“Sav. Its okay. I know you were worried and thank you for bugging the shit out of my brother about it.”

I snickered a little bit and she smiled at me. “I’m just so glad your okay.” She hugged me again and I hugged her back. Hey I might’ve lost my so called best friend but, I had Sav. I always had Sav. Just like Ryder.

The boys went straight for the kitchen and Uncle Dustin got the clue and he went in there himself too. Sav immediately turned to me.

“So what the hell is happening with Hendrix? And now Ryder? Spill!”

I shook my head at her. Does anything remain a secret in this household??

“Remind me to kick Bryce’s ass.”

She snickered. “Sorry, he doesn’t keep much from me. I’m too annoying.”

We both laughed for a bit.

“Well, I don’t really know what’s going on with me and Hendrix. I don’t hate him. But he screwed up and made me realize a lot.”

She stared at me as I continued. “It made me open my eyes to how I was living for him. He was like a prize I won and vise versa.”

Sav nodded. “Yeah I can understand that. But what about Axel?”

“He’s like the cookie in the cookie jar you can’t have. That instant yumminess but you know it’s bad for you but it’s so good for you too.”

She laughed out loud in a good belly laugh. I was smiling at her reaction.

“Oh my god, that’s the best description I’ve ever heard.”

We both laughed more for a bit when I heard Ryder’s voice round the corner of the room. “Excuse me Sav. Can I have a moment with M’lady?”

She smirked at me and walked away towards the kitchen. Ryder sat down with a chip bag in his hand. I rose a brow at him.

“Seriously? You just worked out and you have a whole bag of chips?”

He shrugged. “Don’t judge me.” shoving more chips into his mouth.

I giggled a bit and turned on the movie again. At some point the chip bag was put on the ground and I had climbed in front of him and he was holding me against him, laying on our sides. My head was resting on his arm that had wrapped around me, the other was holding my waist.

This was the most comforting silence I had been in for a long time. I heard slight snores and I turned my head around to notice that he fell asleep. I smiled at his cute face. He was out like a light. I don’t blame him, I kept keeping him up for the last week. I turned and watched the rest of the movie.

The credits came on and I turned my body out of his grasp. Just slow enough I didn’t wake him up. I sneaked away from the couch and into the kitchen were Bryce, Sav, Wynn and Carter were all sitting at the table playing cards. I rose a brow in question.

Carter turned around to greet me. “Ah, Autumn. Come join! Where’s Ryder?”

I laughed as I sat down next to my brother. “Apparently Aquaman is a really boring movie. He's Ouuuutttt”

They all let out a laugh and dealt me in the game of poker that had going on. I sucked at this game but I needed this too. Just wholesome fun on a Thursday night.

When the game was over, I sneaked into the family room again to see Ryder’s sleeping form. He looked to peaceful to wake up, but I knew he had to get home. I sat down next to him and swept some hair from his face. “Hey sleeping beauty. Time to wake up.”

He opened his eyes and a smile appeared on his lips. “Who are you calling sleeping beauty?”

I giggled a little bit. “Everyone is starting to go home. You missed a very animated game of poker.”

He sighed and turned his body around, stretching out a little bit. “Darn. Would’ve loved to see your poker face.”

I rolled my eyes as he sat up to my height. “Let me guess. The worst.” He smirked at me and pulled me into him, our lips connecting.

I touched his cheek lightly as I pulled away from the kiss. “You better get going. I need an escort around school tomorrow.”

He winked at me and kissed me one more time. “I’ll gladly volunteer for that.”

“Good thing. I already volunteered you.”

He laughed at me and stood up. Bryce was outside with Savannah on the porch swing when we walked out.

“I’m going to walk Ryder home.”

Bryce waved us off. He was busy clearly. I snickered a little bit.

Me and Ryder reached the end of the driveway and he suddenly grabbed my hand. I blushed a bit I could feel it, but I gladly let him hold it. We got to his front door and he turned around one last time, dropping our hands and kissed me.

“Just pinch me right now. I’m pretty sure I’m living a in a dream.”

I rolled my eyes. “Ryder..”

He laughed a bit and shrugged. “Worth a shot.” He winked at me and kissed my hand again.

“Be safe going home.”

I laughed a bit. “Yeah the whole couple steps away.”

He shrugged. “You never know, there’s some crazy cats around.” He made a face and shifted his eyes around.

I giggled as he opened his door and went inside. I turned around and walked back to my house. I was in complete bliss. How this happened I’ll never understand. But now my mind went straight to Hendrix. He still thought we had a chance to make things better, and hell maybe we did. But what I had with Ryder was so pure and so simple. I don’t know if I wanted to go back to complicated. Also speaking of complicated. Axel. What do I do about him? How do I tell him he was plain and simple a rebound hook up? But he must’ve known that. Right?

I reached my porch and Bryce and Savannah were gone. I didn’t think anything of it and went inside. Going straight up to my room shutting the door and putting on music on my phone, putting air pods in my ears. I was out like a light. Whatever that expression meant.

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