Autumn's Light

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Friday night came too soon. We got done hanging banners and making punch and cookies for the party. Their kitchen was huge and I was in awe of everything they had. We started putting up decorations when the door opened and all the boys came walking inside, Bryce included. Do they just gravitate to where I am? I shook my head and put the skeleton down in the chair beside me.

Ryder came running up to me and picked me up, hugging me to him.

“We WON!”

I giggled and smacked him. “YAY! Now put me down!”

He was laughing and put me down, looking around the room.

“The place looks great.”

I crossed my arms at him. “Yeah, mister not tell me about this party. Adrian had to tell me.”

He looked over at his sister and snickered. “Must’ve slipped my mind.” He touched my cheek lightly. “I was busy trying to make an amazing girl realize she’s wanted in this world.”

I rolled my eyes. He was right. He was there every day for me. “Fine, you’re excused this time.”

He smirked at me.

“So, what are we dressing up as?”

I rose a brow at him. “Really? You want to match?”

He nodded and pulled me to him again. “Why wouldn’t I?”

I snickered as Bryce came up behind us. “You’re in for it dude. I’m pretty sure I was peter pan a couple of years in a row. Those tights …” He was shaking his head.

Ryder’s eyes went straight to mine. I was snickering at this point. “Don’t worry I won’t make you wear tights.”

“Oh, thank god.” He sighed in relief.

Bryc and I left the house around 8 to go see my dad. Usually visiting hours were earlier but they made exceptions for us. My uncle let the hospital know we were coming.

The hospital was dark and we went straight to my dad’s room. We were allowed in the room now that his infection cleared up. I smiled and sat down in the chair next to him. He still has not woke up for longer than a couple of minutes at a time. I grabbed my dad’s hand.

“Wish you were here, dad. “

Bryce was staring at me and tried giving me a comforting smile. I sighed.

“I’m sorry in advance for what you’re going to be told. I’m kind of a mess.” I squeezed his hand and Bryce sat down on the other side of us.

“Don’t listen to her pops. She’s being very strong.”

I shook my head. The night went on with having conversations like he was awake and listening. It was comforting. I knew he would wake up soon.

We left the hospital around 10 and got home. I slid into my bed and fell right asleep.

I woke up around 10 Saturday morning and grabbed my phone. I had texts from Hendrix again. I rolled my eyes and shut off my phone. Bryce knocked and came into my room.

“Thought I heard you wake up. Sav and I are going to get costumes for tonight. Do you want to come?”

I nodded. “Let me shower really quick.”

I got up and got ready for the day. When I was done, I met my brother and Sav in the waiting Jeep in the driveway.

“I let Ryder know we were going. He’s coming too.”

I smiled to myself in the back seat. We had the top on since It decided to rain today. I heard the door next to me open and Ryder slid into the car. He was soaked.

“Okay let’s do this!”

He was trying to shake the moisture off him which made me laugh. We ended up at a costume shop as we looked at costume after costume, I came to one that made the cut.


He came over and looked at what I was.

“Oh…. YES!”

We gathered what we needed and left the store with Bryce and Sav. When we got to the parking lot, I looked over to see Harley getting out of Hazel’s car. They were going costume shopping too. For a moment we locked eyes and I could tell she wanted to come over but, I slid into the car without a word or another glance.

We drove off.

“Are Harley and Hazel invited?” I blurted out of nothing.

“Yeah..” Ryder turned to look at me. “I had to. Everyone has an invite.”

I crossed my arms when Ryder grabbed my shoulder. “Don’t worry about them.”

It was now 8 pm. Marley arrived to talk to me and we’ve been in the bathroom talking about everything for hours while she watched me get ready. I told her to come to the party and she finally gave in and took one of my old costumes which was a devil costume. We were giggling up a storm that one of her black wings was sideways when Savannah came skipping into my room. She dressed up like Olivia Newton-John from Grease. She had on leather leggings and high heels, with an off the shoulder black top. My eyes widened.

“Holy shit Sav! You look hot!”

“Yep, My cousin’s a lucky man!” Marley joined in, still adjusting her wings.

Sav smiled and did a turn in a circle.

“I’ve never done a couple costume before.”

I snickered. “I made Bryce dress up with me for years when we were kids. He hated it.”

Marley busted a gut laughing so hard. “Oh my god, do you remember when you made him be flounder just because you wanted to be Ariel? I still have that picture of little Bryce in a fish costume, swimming around the neighborhood and you shuffling behind him cause your feet were stuck together..”

I busted up laughing with her. “YES! And I kept falling over all night because mom sewed it too tight at the bottom.”

Marley’s face dropped for a second at the mention of my mom. I kept my smile on. “It’s okay Mar. I have those memories of her and I definitely know I take after her.”

Sav smiled. “Oh yeah how?”

Marley giggled. “Their cluelessness!”

We all had a good laugh at my expense about that one.

Sav then asked “Ok so enlighten me on what this is..” She said pointing at my outfit.

I smiled and turned to the mirror. I was in a short white body con dress with black spots all over it. Then a pair of black and white errors on a headband with a choker around my neck with a tag on it. Then matching with thigh high black boots.

“I’m a dalmatian.” I gestured towards the ears.

She rose a brow. “K.. and Ryder is?”

I snickered. “A fireman.”

She busted out laughing. “Oh my god, I love it!”

We all left together and walked over to the party around 9. There were a couple of cars already there. I was excited to see what Ryder decided to do with his outfit. Bryce was wearing a leather jacket and rolled up jeans with his hair slicked back. He had his arm around Sav. It was cute. I had to take pictures of them before we left.

We reached the front door and opened it. Inside was a bunch of people already dancing and partying to the Halloween music. The lights were half off and there were strobe and disco lights all around. But mostly all the people were in the backyard that Ryder made to a dance floor next to the pool with a DJ. He went all out.

I looked around for him but instead saw Adrian. She was dressed as a playboy bunny. I laughed at her. “Well hello, fellow animal friend.”

She snickered. “Hey, a single girl has to do what she has to do.”

Marley raised her hands up. “Amen girl!”

Adrian looked at Marley and gave me a look. “Oh right, Adrian this is Marley, my cousin.”

They nodded their hellos to each other.

Adrian was staring at me for a second. “Damn Autumn, I never knew you had such a nice butt on ya.”

Marley looked me up and down. “Jesus finally someone notices. That girl’s butt got us out of a parking ticket once.”

I smacked her. “MARLEY!”

She was giggling. “What, it’s true.”

It was true. Sadly. Uncle Dustin had parked a little too long in a stall one time and I had to be about 15 at the time and growing into my curvy body. I bent down to pick up the ticket to grab it for my uncle since It flew off his window when he went to grab it… Moral of the story. Don’t bend over in booty shorts and when the traffic cop is standing right behind you. He ended up grabbing the ticket from me and ripping it up. I mean I look back now and totally realize how creepy that was with me being so young. But hey, whatever.

I led Marley outside and noticed Carter dressed as a policeman. I shook my head at him, that guy deserves a girlfriend. Wynn was dressed up as a doctor and then Hazel was on his arm as a nurse.

I felt hands go around my waist and I turned around to be greeted by Ryder’s smile. “Hey, there sweet cheeks.”

I smiled back at him when I noticed I was touching skin with my hands. Looking up he had no shirt on.

I stepped back to make sure. He had on tan pants and suspenders with the boots and the hat. But I guess he decided against the shirt. My eyes took him in. Holy crap this kid had amazing abs and toned chest. But I guess when you had a home gym, you’d get fit fast too.

He was raising a brow at me, standing there staring at him. “Need a picture or something?” he had a smirk on his lips.

I broke my stare and shook my head. “Where’s your shirt?”

He shrugged and wrapped his hands around my waist again. “Inside. I’ll put it on later.”

He leaned down and kissed me. My hands sliding to his chest again. His hands went lower on my back. Okay, that butt comment must run in the family because his hands were headed there. I broke apart and gave him a face.

“What?” he smirked at me.

I broke free from him and smirked. “Nothing.” I intentionally walked away from him, with my glaze slightly looking back at him. Yep, he was checking out my butt. I knew it.

I decided to yell out. “Put on a shirt damnit!” I snickered to myself as I walked over to Carter and Marley standing there at the DJ booth.

“OOOH AUTUMN! Look at you girl!” he was already drinking. I could tell. I just laughed at this comment, however. Wynn and Hazel looked over and my eyes went right to hazel. She had a small smile on her lips. I wasn’t mad at Hazel by any means. But it was still awkward.

“Carter, Wynn, Hazel this is Marley, my cousin.”

“What up girl!” Carter shook her hand and Wynn and Hazel nodded at her.

Ryder jumped up to the booth. “Alright now, let’s get this party started.”

He put on the shirt. Checkmate.

He turned on the music and played with some songs and the crowd of people ended up outside with it on the dance floor. Monster mash came on and I was dancing on the stage with Carter as Ryder walked around the party as the host. I didn’t see a glimpse of my brother or Savannah around.

Suddenly a body was next to me so I looked over to see Hazel standing there. “Hey, can we talk?”

I nodded and jumped off the platform and followed her away from the music to the opposite end of the pool. Noticing that Carter and Marley started talking.

“What’s up?” I asked.

She looked at me with hurt in her eyes. “I’m sorry that all happened. Trust me, I wish I could wash that image from my brain too.”

I shrugged. “You didn’t do anything wrong Hazel and Harley is your best friend. I don’t blame you at all.”

She half smiled at me. “It’s a tough place to be in. What she did was wrong.”

She looked over at Ryder who was laughing with a group of people. “But I’m glad you both got some closure and some other things..”

I smiled. “Yeah. He’s a good one.”

My vision suddenly rested on Hendrix walking into the backyard. He was with a couple of people I didn’t really know too well. I waited a minute and his eyes locked on mine too. I glared at him and looked back at Hazel.

“Sorry I got to go flaunt my happiness in someone’s face.”

She shook her head smirking. “Get it, girl.”

We parted ways and I strode over to Ryder, who saw me and immediately put his arm around me in the group of people he was talking to. He had a drink in his hand at this point. Drunk Ryder is my favorite though, he turns cuter if that’s even a thing.

He ended the conversation he was having and led me back to the DJ booth. Bryce and Savannah were now up there dancing away. Ryder’s arm was still around me, we stopped at the dance floor and he set down his drink.

“Come on little pup, let’s dance.”

I giggled at him and followed him onto the floor, his hand in mine leading the way. The song STARSTRUCK by 3OH!3 was playing. We went and started jumping and singing in the middle of a bunch of people. Marley bounded in with Carter at her heels. Bryce and Sav appeared next to us and me and Sav started singing to each other while bouncing to the beat. Ryder’s arms went around my shoulders from behind and I began to sway with him. Hazel and Wynn ended up joining us when the talking part started. Us girls grabbed each other’s hands and started screaming the words to each other.

Then hilariously after that ended. Shout out to my ex came on. Sav and Marley looked at me and started giggling and I put my arm around them and started singing the song at the top of my lungs.


The boys all backed off the dance floor, noticing they weren’t needed in our little mosh pit of dramatic singing and dancing. After the song ended, we walked off the dance floor; sav leading me with her hand. Hazel and Marley following close behind.

We found the boys all gathered around by the pool. Which was covered up thank god!

Ryder pulled me in front of him, sliding his arms around my waist and leaning down kissing the side of my jawline which sent shivers down my spine.

“I miss seeing you dance.”

I rose a brow at him. “Well, you just saw it,” I smirked at him even though he really couldn’t see me.

His hands were resting just on my rib cage. They started talking about the game and Hazel and Wynn were talking about something else. Suddenly Thriller came on and I jumped out of his arms grabbing Savannah, Marley, and Hazel.

“NOPE! We’re doing this!”

We ran over to the dance floor which already started doing the dance and we joined them. It was hard to do in a short dress, but I made do. I noticed Harley walk into the backyard in an angel outfit and Hendrix go walking over to her, he wasn’t dressed up. I shook my head and paid attention to what I was doing noticing our boys all stopped and were watching us.

I was laughing and having fun. Nothing was going to spoil this tonight. I was letting loose. It was different with Ryder. He knew my good and bad. He knew my crazy side and my shy side. He accepted all sides of me. I could be myself with him and not be nervous. I missed this feeling.

The song ended and we joined the boys again. Ryder leaned down grabbing my hand. “Damn sweet cheeks. You keep doing that we might have a problem.”

I smirked at him, raising a brow in a seductive way. “Oh yeah?”

He pulled me to him. “Autumn..”

I was snickering at him, wrapping my arms around his neck. “Yes?”

Savannah cleared her throat next to us and I looked over at her. “We might have a problem if you two don’t quit with the PDA.” She pointed over at Hendrix who was glaring in our direction.

I shrugged my shoulders. “Then it’s his problem, not ours.”

Ryder had a big grin on his face as he led me inside, wrapping his arm around my back and mine went around his waist too. This was going to be fun. Sucks to be on the other end, doesn’t it?

We ended up in the kitchen, me leaning on the counter and Ryder with another group of guys across the room from me. I was drinking now. Yes, I broke my own rule. But I decided to live a little. After wanting to die a few days ago. I figured I needed to experience life for all its worth. Thank god I had that breakthrough.

Marley was bouncing her head to the beat of the music with a huge smile on her face.

“Man, you guys know how to party. Actually, excuse me your man knows how to party.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “Mar. “

She put her hands up. “I’m done I’m done. I’m just saying. He’s a total hottie with a body package.” She winked at me. “And those eyes of his.. holy shit..”

I smacked her arm very harshly. She grabbed it immediately in pain. “Okay damn. Someone had to say it.”

Marley had an issue with saying whatever was on her mind. Reminded me of Ryder in a sense too but, she was right. Not like I was going to tell her that though. His eyes are amazing. They are the most baby blue color I have ever seen. My little butterflies started fluttering inside my stomach.

“You can keep those thoughts to yourself,” I grunted at her.

She was majorly smirking at me now, totally figuring me out. “Well, miss can’t admit her fantasies. I’m going to go have fun with Carter now.”

She snickered while waving to me walking out to the backyard again.

I grabbed another drink. Calm down girl, calm down. I wasn’t used to having these thoughts about Ryder. Maybe It was the alcohol making me feel this way? I have to get it together, or I could totally just go with these feelings? Oh, screw it! Downing another entire one, I poured another and went to bring the drink to my lips when my hand was brought back down to the counter, drink in hand. I looked up to see Hendrix’s bright green eyes staring me down.

Eff my life.

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