Autumn's Light

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It's Offical, again.

His voice interrupted my calm down moment.


I shook my head in confusion. Mother of God I hated the questions tonight “The hell do you mean why?”

He grunted and leaned on the counter next to me. “Your drinking?” he had a tone I didn’t like.

I put my hands on my hips in defiance to his attitude. “Again, you have no control of what I do or who.”

I made that last point hurt a lot and I noticed it did. “You don’t waste time, do you?”

I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Hendrix. This has nothing to do with you. You broke me apart. I don’t have to say or answer to you for anything I do from now on.”

He glared more at me and grabbed me into him. “Then tell me right here right now that you still don’t feel anything because you wouldn’t be drinking unless you wanted to try to forget...”

Those damn sparks went off with my body touching his. I ignored them with a glare directed at him and threw his hands off me. They weren’t feelings for him I was trying to drink off. But I wasn’t going to tell him that.

“You’re wrong.” I lied. But who wouldn’t have feelings for their ex still? I mean god I wasn’t heartless. But I was strong enough to resist him now.

“You’re lying.” He stepped closer to me again.

I put my hands up in the air, blocking him from coming near me. “I’m not doing this. You’re not my father. Nor my brother. Nor my boyfriend.” I made those last words bold.

I pointed at Ryder across the room. “That is what a boyfriend looks like and excuse me for finally finding someone out of the mess you created.”

He pulled my arms down and grabbed my waist, pulling my body against his. “You know he’s a rebound...”

My mind was wanting to say that he didn’t see me with Axel then to understand I already had my rebound, But the alcohol was starting to get to me at this point and I couldn’t mesh my brain with my mouth. The fast movement made my head spin so the sass came out instead. “God. Why can’t you just realize this has nothing to do with you?! Not everything is about you..” His face was inches from me now.

Suddenly Ryder pulled me from Hendrix’s grip and pulled me behind him.

“I’m only going warning you to not touch her one time and this is that time.”

They were both staring each other down. I could feel the testosterone from where I stood. It was a full on stand off. Hendrix spoke first, “You didn’t waste any time sweeping in did you?”

Ryder kind of smirked with a look of pride also. “Oh man. If you only knew how stupid you sound right now. Let me make this crystal clear, keep your hands off her.”

He tugged at my waist to walk away and I did, following him as he led me out of the room by the small of my back and led me up the stairs to his bedroom. Shutting the door behind him.

“What a prick...” He was pacing around his room now.

I sat down on his bed and realized I had never been in his room before. I looked around at the vast huge room. He had a king size bed under me, a couch and TV in his room and a huge walk in closet with attached bathroom. I was gazing around me when his touch broke me free.

“You okay?”

He sat down next to me, taking off the fireman hat and fixing his hair.

I nodded. “I’m totally good.” I touched my head to make the room stop spinning for a moment. I looked around the room again to make him not notice. “Also, what the hell. You never told me your room is almost as big as my upper floor.”

He was chuckling and grabbing my face to turn it towards him. “You never asked.”

I rolled my eyes, typical Ryder answer.


I stared into his eyes. He never says my whole name unless its serious.

“Yeah?” He needed to stop moving or the room did, I didn’t know which.

He grabbed my hand and kissed it. “I know your still hurting and still going through the healing process with Drix but, I have to ask.”

I rose a brow. Healing process? My healing is just getting over him. What was he getting at? I’m literally sick of the questions today. Should I just make an announcement and answer everyone’s questions at once? Cause seriously.

“Can we make us official? I’m sick of being a secret.”

My heart stopped for a moment then a smile went across my face. I’ve never seen him this nervous. It was cute as hell. I knew I had some healing to do and to get over Hendrix. But he already understood that and accepted it. He just wanted me to himself. I get it. Was this too soon though? Was there a chart to know when to move on? Was I just jumping into everything? Well, maybe the rules can be broken when the guy has been waiting for you. Fuck it.


His eyes shot to mine in confusion.

“You’ve never been a secret to me.”

I touched his cheek with my hand, his eyes closed for a second. “Of course, we can.” I whispered. Oh god, this alcohol thing sucks. I was trying to not fall over. My mind was scrambling to keep up with the butterflies in my stomach but also the anger from Hendrix’s conversation.

His famous grin went across his face and he pulled me into him. “Oh, thank god! I can now make every guy back off you.”

I rose a brow again. “Come again?”

He was laughing. “You’re so damn blind its cute.”

He kissed my cheek. “This whole party. Every guy has been watching you. They know you and Hendrix broke up. That’s why I was walking around so much. I was keeping an eye on you and grabbing you when any guy looked at you. You didn’t notice?”

I shook my head. Obviously not. I was used to him grabbing me by now for no reason.

“Oh little Otter.” He leaned in and kissed me, over and over again. His hands were cupping my face as we pulled away from each other, he leaned his forehead into mine. “I will do my absolute best to not hurt you like he did. To not lie to you. To not let you down.”

I nodded and smiled, kissing him again. “Deal.”

“I mean I’m a guy so I’ll mess up but I’ll try not to.” He smirked at me and he had me. I didn’t care at that point. He was mine.

We walked back down to the party hand in hand. We were going to show everyone that we were together. He showed this by kissing me when we reached the backyard for everyone to see then led me to our group. Bryce had a smirk on his face.

“Bout damn time.”

I shot him a look and everyone laughed. “Come on, you could cut that damn tension with a knife.” Bryce spoke again. Drunk brother being straightforward, check.

“Oh, screw off.” I rolled my eyes as Ryder wrapped his arms around me yet again chuckling. My stomach did those flip flops again.

We got back into party mode. I stood with our group talking and laughing and even at some points dancing. The night ended without big issues or rather drama issues on my end. I never saw Harley again but, she probably was there but didn’t confront me. Hendrix left at some point. Marley and Carter went off somewhere, who knows. She could take care of herself.

The people started leaving and I started helping pick up the place. I was still trying to get the drunken feeling out of my head at the same time. Everything was fuzzy.

When I got the last of cups around the living room I stopped in my tracks to a full face of Ryder’s chest. I jumped a little in surprise.

“Shit Ry. Don’t do that.”

He was snickering watching me trying to bring myself together. “Come on, let’s go wind down.”

I looked around the house. “What about the mess?”

He shrugged. “The maid comes in the morning.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course, he had a maid. He led me up to his room and I took off my headband and boots. Making myself comfortable on the couch as he changed into sweatpants in his bathroom. He came out and locked eyes with me.

“You want something to wear other than that? I mean no complaints here if you don’t..” he was wearing a smirk on his face and I knew he was checking me out. Damn here comes the goosebumps.

I shook my head, unhooking the choker from my neck. “I’m fine.” What I really needed is the feeling of my stomach being on fire to go away. Alcohol hurt like a bitch the first time apparently and mix that with butterflies? Torture.

He positioned himself behind me on the couch and we both laid down, him putting a blanket over us. My sick feeling started to fade. His warmth and smell are comforting. I never took time to notice how amazing he smelled all the time.

We watched tv in silence for a while before he broke it.

“Hey Ott..”

I turned my head and my body slightly to see him better. “Yeah?”

“Stay with me tonight.”

I looked over his clock on the wall, it was already almost 1 Am. I yawned in response to reading it. My body was seriously reactive and honestly, I could not get up to walk properly right now.

“Sure.” I mumbled out. The exhaustion had hit me a while ago but, I was working through it. I’m sure Savannah was at our house anyway and I didn’t feel like hearing that all night.

He started rubbing his thumb across my cheek. “It’s a yes or a no babe. No sure.”

I smirked at him, closing my eyes a bit. “It’s a yes.” My mind was really saying: Um, hell yes.. it’s a yes!

His body shifted and suddenly I was being picked up and being placed in his bed. He shut off the tv after and came climbing in the bed on the other side of me, pulling the blankets over us.

“Last chance to wear something else.”

I looked down at my outfit. He was right. It was extremely tight and annoying.

“Fine..” I muttered out.

He jumped out of the bed and grabbed me one of his t-shirts, throwing it over to me. I took the hint and started shifting the dress up over my head. Ryder stopped in his tracks.

“Whoa there little mamma, you just gonna change right there?”

I shrugged while pulling the dress over my head. “I don’t care if you don’t.” Ok drunk me, calm down. Also, holy crap my body was on fire.

My bra was now on full show with my stomach exposed, I went to grab the shirt when I was tackled over by Ryder’s body and his lips crashing on mine. Each kiss more passionate than the first. He pulled back panting and me wishing for more.

“I told you earlier you were on thin ice..”

I smirked at him. Man, he was going to drive me crazy. Time to mess with him.

“Well, I cracked it.”

He smirked at me as I grabbed the t shirt and flung it over my head and covered my body up. He had a pout on his lips and I laughed a bit at it. Mission accomplished.

He rolled to the other side of the bed, shutting off the lights. I took the chance to place my legs under the comforter and lay down on my side facing away from him. I was exhausted but this was too fun to mess with him.

My body was suddenly being pulled to his in the middle of the bed. His arm was wrapped around my waist tightly, pulling me into his chest. I shuddered at the contact of my bare legs touching his pants. His shirt barely covered my butt so I’m sure my underwear was on show too.

He took his hand and ran it down my stomach over the shirt, then to my hip. Reaching under the shirt he took his hand up again. Sliding past my hip, skin to skin contact then grabbing my waist in his hand then gently sliding his hand up my stomach, coming to a rest there. My body was shooting heat waves and goosebumps to his touch. He clearly didn’t really want me wearing a shirt in the first place.

The shirt had lifted with his action. So, my bare back met his stomach. He was warm and I was freezing. Just like any typical girl. Man, he felt amazing.

Ryder’s phone buzzed next to my head and he reached out to read it with his arm that was under me. I blinked and read it too.

‘If my sister is staying with you, I fully revoke friendship rules to knowing the details.’

We both laughed out loud. Then he looked at me with an evil grin on his face.

“Want to mess with him?”

I smiled big. “YES!” This was going to be good. I didn’t even care I felt like shit at this point.

He took his phone and turned it into night mode with his camera on.

“Take the shirt off.”

I shot him a look. He smirked back. He had a plan the little shit. Here we go with the teasing.

I scooted up and pulled the shirt over my head. His eyes were trailing my body for a moment.

“Now, lay down and act like your sleeping. But show a bit of skin..” I had a strapless bra on, so that made sense.

I did what he said and scrunched down the bed, just pulling the covers to barely cover up the top of the bra. I definitely had cleavage showing. He wrapped his arm around me and to his chest. Then took his arm and placed it out to take a picture. I pretended to have my eyes closed. Ryder though was trying not to laugh. The flash happened and I opened my eyes to look at the picture. He was damn right. It really looked like we were laying naked together. I busted up laughing as he sent the picture to my brother.

“He’s going to murder you.”

He smirked. “Worth it.”

Just like I thought a text came through a second later.


We both started laughing and I reached out and grabbed his phone. We both sat up now, so naturally he pulled me into his chest. His legs were on either side of me and his back was against his headboard while mine was against his chest and torso. I didn’t even notice that my body was on show to him now as I texted my brother back.

‘It’s just a prank bro.’

I took a picture of just our faces and me with a peace sign and winking, with Ryder grinning in the background. I sent it off.

“There, that was fun.” I snickered to myself.

He grabbed his phone and went to Instagram.

“Now I’m posting that picture cause its too damn cute.”

I giggled as he uploaded it with the caption. ’#couplegoals #lookatthatface #itsjustaprankbro #not #luckyguy #shesamazing #dontbejealous. And posted it.

I laughed at his hashtags. He was such a goof. But it made me fall for him even more. My butterflies turned into warmth.

Then Bryce’s text came in.

‘I literally hate both of you right now.’

We were laughing again when notifications came in on the picture he posted. My god why were people awake?

I noticed Ryder had about a thousand or more people as friends. That’s insane. I read the first comments.

‘holy shit dude, she’s hot!’

‘man, look at that grin’

‘I’m seein some skin, ow ow!’

‘Hot momma. You go bro!’

We both smiled, until Bryce left one.

‘I literally still hate you two.’

We both started in a fit of giggles then Sav left one too.

‘I’m still laughing though ;) It’s just a prank bro’

Ah man. I loved this.

The next came in from Adrian.

‘Okay, as much as I love this. I’m right next door. Keep it down please.’

Ryder snickered and commented back.

‘No promises ;) ’

I grabbed the shirt and put it on, grabbing my phone now.

“Now time for actual cute pictures”

His grin lit up the room. “Fine by me.”

We sat there taking picture after picture, even one of us kissing. Which made my heart leap out of my chest. It was the cutest damn picture ever.

I went onto my Instagram and posted the kissing picture with a smiling picture on the other side of it with the caption. #lightofmylife #luckygirl #thisisnotaprankbro #Friendzonetoendzone #rideordie and tagged him in it.

The comments came flooding in from people at my old school.

‘Holy shit Autumn! He’s fine!’

‘So Texas has this kind of guys? I need to move too!’

‘Are you wearing his shirt? Holy fuck!’

‘Couple goals’

Then one from Savannah.

‘Okay you two. We get it, you’re cute’

My heart was so full. This was how it was supposed to be. The giddy fun exciting relationship at the start. The laughing till my sides hurt. This is what I got with Ryder and I could not be happier.

I slid down in the sheets again and he did as well. Turning on my side I decided it was time to sleep, but apparently Ryder had other plans. His lips brushed by my neck and I shivered.

“Oooh, someone ticklish?”

He pulled the t-shirt down and started kissing me more, I started squirming at that point.


I turned my body to face him and he took advantage of that by wrapping his arms around and pulling me to him, turning his body so I suddenly was on top of him. I took my legs and put them on either side of him, sitting up slightly.

“HEY! No fair!” I was holding back giggles.

He was smirking at me, while his hands found their way up my legs and to my butt, stopping there gripping my hips.

“My god woman. I cannot even tell you how amazing your ass is.”

I quickly made a face at him. “Ryder..” oh no, those fire butterflies went back into my core.

He put his hands up in defeat. “Alright, alright. Hand’s off I got it.” Thank god.

I shook my head at him but decided to curl up on his chest and have my legs go to one side. He kissed my forehead in response.

“You realize you just gave me full rights to touching your butt anytime I want to right?”

I giggled at him and looked up with my eyes. “You are the worst.”

We both laughed for a second before sleep took me. He was the worst. But yes, he was also the best.

This was the cutest thing to write. :) I know it was very playful and fun that is the Autumn/Ryder relationship folks. ;)

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