Autumn's Light

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Mic Drop

Monday morning came. Marley had driven back to school last night and Uncle Dustin had to go back to his job. Ryder’s car pulled into the driveway while it was raining like hell. It was the Mustang again. I shook my head and got dressed. This time pulling on boots, jeans, and a maroon hoodie, pulling my hair into a ponytail. Frizz as a real thing and it happened to my hair in the rain here.

I ran out to his car and slid into the passenger seat. He smiled at me. He had a beanie on. Matched with a black hoodie, with jeans and his cowboy boots on. Which made me almost drool. He smirked at me and pulled me into a kiss.

“Morning Beautiful.”

As we drove down the road, he held tight on my hand as the windshield wipers went crazy trying to keep up with the rain falling. Today was going to be interesting, my dad had arranged for me to speak to the school counselor and see what she recommended for me. Ms. Gale already said I could have the meeting during my time with her. That was all starting today.

We pulled into the parking lot. The rain kept coming. I sighed and looked outside to the running students.

“Man. This looks bad.”

Ryder laughed. “You’ve got a lot to learn about Texas Storms sweet cheeks.”

I smirked at him. “Yeah well, you go to Montana and learn about blizzards.”

We both laughed at each other and then realized we had to book it inside.

“Ready?” He asked.

I nodded and we both ran out of the car at the quickest speed we could. I reached the doors and opened them, Ryder coming in behind me. I shook off the rain from my shoulders and took off my hood.

“I’ll take the snow thank you.”

He laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulders, kissing my head.

“Nope, you’re staying here and ride out the storms with me.”

I see what he did there. The pun master. “Ha ha Ha.” I rolled my eyes as we walked down the hallway.

We met up with my brother and Sav. We had a couple of minutes before school started. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I grabbed it and opened it, Ryder was behind me and leaned forward to look at it too. It was a text from Harley.

‘So, it’s not bad enough that I lost Ryder too, but then you sleep with him to get back at me? Are you fucking kidding me, Autumn? What is this shit?’

I rose a brow and turned to look at Ryder. He was rolling his eyes.

“She’s just mad that she screwed up. Just like Hendrix. Let her thinks what she wants. Guilt does that to people.”

I clicked off my screen and put it back in my pocket. I wasn’t dealing with that shit. She could think what she thought.

Classes went by without any issues. Even the ones I had with Hendrix I had with Ryder also and trust me, Ryder let him know that I was his now. I went to my counselor meeting and she suggested I come to talk to her twice a week, so now we set up times for that. We set up some coping techniques and how I could handle situations better. I really liked her. Miss Presley was amazing at her job. I felt a little bit of hope now.

I was now sitting on the indoor track with Adrian tying our shoes. She was laughing telling me that her dad came home and talking to himself about my dad’s arm.

“He was doing the same thing in the room.”

“Yeah he gets in these moods where he tries to talk to himself into diagnosing something the other doctors missed. I mean that’s why they pay him the big bucks, but it gets annoying.”

We were giggling when someone stepped in our view. We looked up to see a very pissed off Harley. Oh my lord, here we go. I stood up and sighed.

“What do you want, Harley?”

She damn near screamed. “What do I want? Are you fucking kidding me right now Autumn?!”

I blinked and crossed my arms. “No, I clearly don’t know what your problem is.”

The stepped forward. “My problem?! My problem?!”

I stepped back and Adrian stood up. “Wow, Harley chill out.”

“Don’t tell me to chill out right now Adrian!”

I stepped back again, the environment changed. Lightning went off outside and then thunder which made me jump.

“You go and sleep with Ryder to get back at me?! Really?!”

I shook my head. Where was this rumor of me and him sleeping together coming from? “He’s not your man Harley. That clearly ended when you slept with MY boyfriend before. So clearly, we’re even.”

If she was a teapot she would be steaming right now. I could see it in her face. “That’s not how it works!”

I shrugged at her and started down the stairs on the bleachers. “Look, Harley. You both cheated on us. I’m not sorry that me and Ryder found each other that way. But I don’t regret it. It wasn’t our fault what you two did. We deserve to be happy. We got fucked over so I don’t see your side of this at all.”

I started down the stairs. Adrian following me. Harley was just getting started apparently. Here goes the Alpha personality.


The whole place heard her voice and I stopped and turned around to face her, halfway down the stairs. Adrian motioned to the boys to get over there, I heard footsteps coming up the stairs behind me. Nope, I’m not being saved this time.

“Harley. I don’t have to say shit to you. I didn’t do anything wrong. Mistakes happen and you own up to them. Blaming your problems on someone else is a cop-out. Deal with your mistake. Go ahead and ask Hendrix how many shits I give about him anymore. You both are dead to me and I don’t feel bad about that at all. You just causing a scene like this is completely embarrassing and embarrassing for you only.”

I turned around to find my brother’s face. He put his arm around me and led me down the stairs, leaving Harley up at the top. I noticed she was breaking down, but I didn’t care. Hazel appeared running up the stairs and passing me. She mouthed sorry and ran up to Harley to comfort her. I didn’t care. I knew Hazel was a good soul.

Hendrix was down on the court watching what just happened. I looked at him with anger in my eyes. He caused his whole shitty deal. Ryder appeared running from the locker rooms.

“What happened?!”

He always missed the good fights.

Adrian sighed. “Harley happened.”

He rolled his eyes with a frustrated face. “Shit I’m sorry babe. Let me handle this.”

I went to protest when he was already running up the stairs to where Harley was on the ground, Hazel holding her.

The door opened and in walked Evie and Ayla. That was a weird combo to see. Ayla was usually with Axel. Bryce still had his arm around me when Hendrix started walking up to me only to stop when Evie called out his name.


Her voice literally was like nails on a chalkboard. I stared at Hendrix and motioned to please take care of her before I do. Bryce I’m sure was shooting him a death glare still.

Evie walked over to the middle of us and grabbed onto Hendrix’s arm.

“You didn’t walk me to class babe. What’s the big hold up?”

She turned around and eyed me. Then I could tell she was filling with rage at the sight of me. She really needed to get over her issues, I had my own to handle right now. I simply rolled my eyes and tugged at my brother to leave. He turned and let go of my shoulder, starting to walk off towards Wynn and Carter but I stopped turning when Evie called to me.

“Autumn. One question, care to spread your legs for anyone else on the team?”

That’s it. This bitch has a death wish. I saw Hendrix’s eyes shoot down to Evie and the rest of the gym turned to face us. I, however, was trying not to laugh.

“Are you fucking serious? Really?”

I laughed this time. Bryce had a smirk on his face and so did Wynn and Carter. Evie though was now glaring and Ayla had a slightly amused face at the whole situation.

“If you REALLY knew how stupid you sound right now..” I rolled my eyes back with a huge sigh to stop my laughter attack. This was really the most amusing thing I’ve been a part of to date. I eyed her and Hendrix. Then pointed to the two of them.

“You two deserve each other. You both cannot see reality and you both lie with every word that comes out of your mouth. It’s funny really. Match made in heaven right here folks.”

I heard footsteps running down the stairs and Harley going to Evie’s side and my face turned into one of shock. Hazel came to mine and Ryder was being held back by Bryce. Clearly, he wanted me to figure out my own fights until he needed me. Point for the brother.

“Really miss perfect Autumn Greene. Who waltzes into this school with a sob story of oh my god my past is so bad, I got my best friend killed and oh look, I’m a poor little sad girl someone please help me.” Evie was spitting through her teeth like a snake. “You got all the guys believing your stupid story. Batting your eyelashes and using each and every one of them to your liking, screwing up everyone else’s lives in the process.”

I was pinching the bridge of my nose now in frustration. She clearly did not know me at all.

“Okay let me just stop you right there.” I put my hand in the air in a stop motion. “Are you on drugs or something? Cause seriously I’m not following how you think you know me.”

Harley stepped forward. “But I think I do and seriously fuck you, Autumn. You screwed up everything by coming here. You screwed up everything!” she was screaming at me now.

I blinked. Did I screw up everything? Wow, I didn’t know I had that much power over them. I didn’t do anything to Harley to deserve her saying that to me.

It got oddly silent as everyone’s eyes were on me now. I showed no emotion and simply walked up to them both, within reaching distance.

“You two really need a reality check. You created your own shit storm.” I pointed at Harley.

“I befriended you. I helped you every time you needed me. I was there for YOU and what did you do? Go and sleep with Mr. dickhead over here and then become friends with.” I motioned to Evie. “That.”

Evie was about to step forward and Hendrix held her back.

“And speaking of THAT. I didn’t do shit to you, Evie. You hated me since day one. Because how dare Hendrix actually like someone that wasn’t you? Heaven fucking forbids but, I can tell you right now.” I pointed to Harley. “SHE! Slept with him.” Pointed back to myself. “ I did not so, that shut the legs comment you directed at me, you both can wear that crown, NOT ME.”

Mic dropped. I turned around and stormed out of the gym, Adrian and Hazel followed me. The guys were standing there in shock.

I was done the fighting. They were always going to think what they thought was right. They were never going to back down. The thunder rang above the roof and made a couple of people jump, then the rain started to pour down on the roof. I slammed the doors open and went out into the hallway. Adrian linked arms with me.

“Holy shit dude, that was AWESOME!”

Hazel linked the other arm. “Seriously though. I was rooting for you the whole time.”

I stopped and they both unlinked arms with me turning towards me.

“What did Ryder say to Harley?”

Hazel sighed. “Trying to talk to that girl right now is a brick wall. Ryder was screaming at her to knock her shit off and leave you alone. That she had no claim on him and he loved you..” She smirked at me and Adrian did a shocked face my direction. “Sooo.. basically he told her to screw off.”

She sighed a little bit. “I love that girl, but she’s so very wrong in this situation. She’s been weird for weeks Autumn, really weird.”

I smiled a bit. “Thanks, Hazel.”

Adrian was still staring at me. “Wait wait wait. HE LOVES YOU?!”

Wait, I didn’t catch that either. He said he loved me?! We started walking again as the bell rang. Savannah caught up with us and was bummed she missed everything that went down. The hallways erupted in what happened in the gym with me and Evie and Harley.

When I was at my locker I kept getting looks and whispers. I didn’t mind. I knew I won that stupid battle of insults. They tried with all their might to knock me down but, I knew better. I already said that shit to myself before I tried to end my life. I knew I had to look at my life differently now. Watch out world, here comes a new Autumn Greene.

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