Autumn's Light

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I heard footsteps running for me and I turned in time to be grabbed my Axel, dragging me down the hall.

“What the fucking hell were you thinking?!” He had me up against a locker now, blocking me from moving.

“Come again?!” I seem to be asking that a lot to people.

“That little episode you just had in the gym. Ayla just filled me in on everything. You don’t take on Evie like that.”

I shrugged. “Axel she doesn’t scare me. I don’t care what she does. She needs to leave me alone. I’m sick of hiding behind everyone in my life.”

He was staring at me the entire time, not backing down. His weight shifted and he put his hand on the locker next to me, leaning over me now.

“You don’t get it sunshine. Back down. I’m warning you for your sake.”

I rose a brow at him. What did he know that I didn’t know? Why was he being so weird and cryptic? Its just Evie. She didn’t scare me, neither did Harley. First, he warns me of Hendrix and his group of friends and now he’s warning me again. Why?

“Either tell me what the hell you’re talking about or let me leave.”

He sighed, tipping my chin to look up at him. “If you trust me just please, leave it alone. Harley is a pawn in this whole situation, and I need you to understand your in really deep here. This is not as simple as you think it is.”

I rose a brow at him when I heard people scattering and moving out of the way quickly for someone.

“AXEL GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!” Ryder’s voice rang out.

Axel just smirked and lifted his hands in defeat. “Chill man. I’m leaving.” He turned back to me. “Meet me later and I’ll explain everything.”

He turned and walked down the hall, I watched after him before my vision was being smashed into Ryder’s chest. I mumbled in defiance.

“Babe, Your- squish-ing-…me” I muttered out.

He let me go and stared down at me. “What is going on with you??” His hand went through my hair and rested on my shoulder.

“I’m done with being walked over and protected. I have a voice too you know.”

He was smiling at me, bringing his hand to cup my jawline and behind my neck. “Oh, trust me sweet cheeks. I know you do.” His famous smirk came on his lips which made my entire internal struggle melt away. He leaned down in an instant and kissed me then pulled away with that smirk still attached to his lips. “Just between us, you taking charge like that and shutting Evie down so perfectly drove me crazy.” He lifted my hand and kissed it, staring at me the entire time. “Do you realize how hot you were in there?”

“Ryder..” of course he would say something like that.

He was snickering a bit before standing tall again and wrapping his arm around me, while I wrapped my arm around his waist, starting to walk.

“I know I know, the worst.” He whispered.

The boys went to their football practice while I met up with Sav and Adrian in the library, catching up on all my homework I had piled up. But, after an hour of doing a pile of worksheets and reports my phone that was sitting on the table next to me started buzzing.

I grabbed it and noticed a text from Axel.

‘Still at school?’

He must’ve got detention or something.


My curiosity got the better of me of what he meant earlier. I had to know.

Adrian and Sav were sprawled out on the couches, looking at their phones. I wasn’t used to waiting on the guys. I was using having my own practice but not anymore. I waved my hand to get their attention, their heads snapped to look at me.

“Hey, I have to go run this report upstairs, I’ll be back.”

They didn’t question and let me leave without questions. I grabbed my bag and went out the doors. I noticed Axel was leaning on the back stairway next to the doors I came out of. I slowly walked over to him.

“I’m guessing detention?” I smirked at him.

He was smiling at me while shaking his head. “Nope. I’m not always in trouble..” his smile turned into a smirk. “Only most of the time.”

I rolled my eyes at his comment when he stepped forward and grabbed my upper arm. “Come with me.”

He went around the corner and into a classroom that had no one in it, I closed the door behind me when I walked in.

“Okay, now talk.”

He turned around and placed his hands on his hips. I could tell he was thinking about something. “Look, this isn’t going to be easy to say and I need you to just let me talk without questions until I’m done, okay?”

I nodded and didn’t say anything. I was going to listen.

“Good.” He came over to me and sat me down in a chair and climbed on the desk next to me and sat down on top of it, facing me.

“I’m sure you know about the drug problem around here..”

I nodded. This was hard to not talk.

“This isn’t a good way for me to tell you this. But I also need you to know I’m telling you this in confidence. That means you cannot tell anyone, and I mean anyone. The only person that knows is your dad.”

I rose a brow. My dad? How did Axel know my dad? I got my answer.

“Autumn I’m not a high school student.”

That one got me. I titled my head and tried not to ask questions immediately. What the hell did he mean he was not a high school student?!

“Remember how Evie’s brother is undercover in the drug rings? That’s why he disappeared?”

I nodded again.

“I’m undercover. For the drug ring happening here.. in this school.”

I blinked. A drug ring? In school? I haven’t seen an ounce of drugs around me this entire time and wait a minute, did he just say he’s undercover?!


He put his hand up and I shut up, being quiet.

“My uncle is officer Lyon. He works with your dad.”

Oh my god. I didn’t put two and two together. He was there that day with Bentley and arresting me.

“I came here when I graduated and did the police academy. They needed someone that could pass as a high school student and I passed. But I’m really 21. I came last year and have been working the rounds since. Getting as much information as I can. There are people in this school that are dealing. There are people that became involved with the wrong side of the tracks and trust me, they hide it really well.”

Well, it wasn’t hard to run things by me. I already confessed how blind I am to the obvious sometimes.

“What I’m trying to tell you sunshine, is that I’m undercover. I’m investigating Hendrix and Evie right now.”

The hell? Hendrix?! His dad is the mayor for God’s sake. Evie made sense though.

“He and Evie had this weird fling. Evie’s family is big into the drug realm. Evie has been really high strung lately and when she attacked you, I knew she was going to go hard on you.” He sighed. “So, I had to become close to you in order to get the information I needed and Hendrix with the whole Harley thing threw me off a little bit.”

Holy shit. I think my heart dropped. This was all a job for him?

“But my plan was not working out when I realized how amazing of a person you are and how you didn’t deserve to be in the middle of all this shit. I tried to warn you. I tried to get you out of there. I didn’t know if you were getting involved with Hendrix’s issues or if they were in it together by trying to frame you with the drugs or make you their little puppet, I had to watch you and let things happen.”


He held his hand up again. “I don’t want you involved anymore. I don’t want you to get hurt. This is serious shit Autumn. You don’t understand. Evie could really hurt you. She knows powerful people.”

He jumped down and bent down to meet my height, grabbing my hand in my lap. “Even Ryder has his past in this too. Everyone does. It’s spreading like wildfire.” He sighed. “I need you to do me a favor.”

I nodded, I wasn’t going to talk at this point.

“Try to get information for me. From Ryder, Adrian, Carter. You’re brother.” He stood up, dropping my hand. “Those guys are the ones I can’t get close to and they have had their hands in this at some point or another.”

Ryder did?! I didn’t believe that for a second. But he and Hendrix were best friends before and what did my brother have to do with this? He would never touch drugs.

My phone started buzzing and I turned it around to see Ryder and Bryce’s missed texts. Shit. If they came looking for me this could be bad.

“I have to go.” I stood up but stayed in place. “Ax. I don’t really know what this all means. But if you need my help you have it. You helped me every time I needed someone even if I was just a job to you. You were there. So, I’ll try to find out anything I can.”

He grabbed my shoulders, gripping them in his hands.

“Autumn, you’re not just a job, I can promise you that. But I need you to listen to me on the warnings.”

I sighed and tried not to roll my eyes. I didn’t want to stay away from Evie. I wanted to rip her apart and stand over her in a victory stance, but I guess that had to wait.

“Fine. I’ll stay away from Evie.”

He smiled and pulled me into a hug. I didn’t oppose the movement and hugged him back. He’s saved my ass multiple times and now knowing all this information I respected him more for it. He was always watching me for a reason. It all made sense.

“We’ll meet up and talk as much as we can without making a scene.”

I pulled away from him. “You got it, boss.”

“Also..” I was almost ready to step away from him but didn’t when he said that.

“I don’t regret what we did. But in respect of your new relationship, I will back off and well, the age thing..” He lifted his face into a smirk.

Wow, I didn’t even think about our entire make out session. He was 21 for god’s sake. I didn’t want him in trouble. At least it didn’t go farther than that. My lips would be sealed about that bit of information.

“Thank you, Ax.”

He had that smirk still on his face while I took my leave.

“And sunshine?”

I turned around.

“I like you and Ryder. Keep that one close to you but if he fucks up, you know where to find me.”

I smiled and nodded trying not to laugh, turning the handle to leave the classroom. When the door shut, I took off down the hallway and turned the corner right by the library. I flung the door open with a push and was greeted by Bryce staring at me.

I blinked and looked around like I didn’t do anything. “What?”

Bryce heavily sighed. “Where the hell were you?”

I crossed my arms. “Is a person allowed to go to the bathroom without having to announce it to the world?!” Yep, that will stick. Guys hate talking about girl’s private matters. Especially my brother.

“Whatever, let’s go.” I noticed Sav was already by the other door to leave and Adrian was nowhere in sight. I mumbled to myself and walked after my brother. I pulled out my phone as we walked towards the parking lot through the hallway. There was a text from Ryder.

‘Taking Adrian home. Meet you at your place.’

I jumped in the backseat as Bryce drove Savannah home then jumped in the front when we left her house.

“Okay. I have to tell you something, but you cannot, and I mean cannot say a single thing.”

He rose a brow to me but was watching the road.

“I’m listening.”

“Have you seen or been around any type of drugs?”

His face turned to look at me and then back to the road. When we came to a stoplight, he fully turned to me.

“Where is this coming from Ott?”

I didn’t really need to answer him. Play it cool. “I’ve seen it.” There, it’s personal now. He had to answer.

We took off at the green light and turned onto our street. He pulled into our driveway before he turned to answer me.

“I don’t know what kind of answer you want to hear.”

So, there was an answer, but his answer made me uneasy. He usually tells me everything. He jumped out of the jeep and inside the house without another word. These little sessions needed to happen often but not in a way that he would pick up on anything. Besides, my dad would be home in a few days and I could tell him everything. Ax even said I could. A part of me thought to call him and let him in on it now, but I think this called for face to face talks.

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