Autumn's Light

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Heart Strings

After a while in the house, most consisting of Laundry, dishes, and me going completely insane at Bryce’s music he decided to play full blast in his room. There was a knock at the door as I was glaring up at the ceiling. Yes, staring at the ceiling made me feel like he could feel my anger from downstairs. I didn't know what was going on with him today. He was brooding for no reason.

Mumbling under my breath some not so nice things, I reached the door and opened it. There greeting me was Ryder’s smiling face, which immediately dropped when he heard the music.

“You know I seriously worry about him sometimes..” He commented while stepping into the house. I had to hold back my laughter, he was right about that. I worried about him too.

Ryder came up to my room with me even when I told him I had to shower but he insisted he could wait in my room. He was good to his word when I got out of the shower, the door remained closed. I quickly put on a crop top and leggings for the night. I was scrunching up the water in my hair while I walked out of the bathroom.

He was laying on my bed going through a photo album I had on my bookshelf. I half smiled to him and he got off the bed, walking over me putting his hands around my waist. His contact made me flinch and goosebumps exploded over my body.

He smirked and I knew he felt my skin change texture with the bumps.

“You know, you look beautiful just like this.” He tipped my chin up and the kiss he gave me sent chills down my spine. His hands came forward to my stomach when he suddenly stopped, looking down. His attention went to the scar on my stomach. He traced his hand over it.

“Does it still hurt?”

I hadn’t actually thought about that for a while. Scars always had a funny feeling. I shrugged a little. “I can feel things more there, it’s a weird sensation. But no, it doesn’t hurt.”

He nodded and brought his hand to my hair, running it through it next to my ear. “Scars can be sexy you know, and yours is up there in that department..” He winked at me and I bit my lip in response. Man, this kid could literally ask me to do anything right now and I would say yes.

“Damn, sweet cheeks.” He flashed his famous grin at me. He noticed I bit my lip. “Do you want me to finally tell you why I nicknamed you that?”

I took that chance to walk over to my bed and sit down on it. “Do tell.”

He came over next to me, grabbing a piece of my hair in his fingers leaning down to my ear. “Remember what you gave me full rights to?”

I blinked and stared at me when he went back to his full height. What he had rights to?

He was snickering at me by now with the look on my face. Suddenly I was being pulled into him while we stood up and his arms locked around my waist, dangerously low to my butt.

“You’re so cute when you’re clueless.” Which is all the time if we were being honest. He winked at me and then I felt it, he slapped my butt.

He took off running out of the bedroom. I was dying trying not to laugh but also wanting to murder him. Now I understood..

Sweet cheeks was always an inside joke about my butt!


I ran after him and tackled him into the couch in the family room downstairs. I was laughing up a storm when he wrestled me down the ground and held my hands above my head and locked his legs against my hips, I was pinned.

The moment stopped when I heard Bryce’s door open and close and his footsteps coming down the stairs. Ryder quickly got off me and we both turned and tried to look innocent.

Bryce’s face was priceless. He was trying to make sense of why we would be just sitting on the ground. I wanted to get him back for the hours of annoying music, so I took a pillow and chucked it at his face. He didn’t even have to show emotion for me to know that I was in trouble.

I took off to the kitchen and heard him running after me, I ran back around the dining room and into the living room where he ended up tackling me and flipping me over his shoulder upside down.

“BRYCE STOP! LET ME GO! LET GOOOOO!!!” I was screaming and squirming. Brothers. suck. This was giving me memories of growing up and having to break up the wrestling battles between my dad and Bryce, but then I always got involved too.

He went to the couch and I could hear Ryder’s laugh throughout the house. I peaked up and noticed him watching us with amusement. I kicked Bryce’s chest and he flinched, but not before flinging me into the couch.


One word. He knew I hated being treated like a dog. I got up quickly as he turned around and jumped on his back. He took my arm and flung me forward off his back but catching me by my arms and then laying me down below him, stepping over me like I was nothing towards the kitchen. Damnit, I should not have taught him how to catch me for cheer.

I, however, started to laugh. I was in a giggle fit when Ryder came walking over me leaning down above my head on the ground.

“I mean you sort of had him for a minute there.”

I pushed his chest and he caught himself from falling. But I sat up instead. “Shut up.”

He smirked at me.

Noticing how late it was, we headed upstairs to my bed and laid down together. I was getting used to falling asleep with him and Bryce had no right to tell me otherwise since Sav has stayed here many times. Even without me noticing. Hello again to being clueless.

Ryder’s lips were suddenly next to my neck, while I was wrapped up in his arms.

“I need to tell you something.”

I squirmed a bit with him talking into my neck like that. “Mmhmm.”

He smirked and kissed my neck, turning me around to see him.

He did his famous move of moving hair out of my face. “What would you say to me telling you that I loved you?”

I rose a brow. Well, he already told Harley he did, it wasn’t news to me. But also, he didn’t tell me himself. “Well, are you telling me or asking me if you do?”

He smirked at me. “You know what I mean..” I loved toying with him.

I smirked back. “I would say then you need say it.” Actually, I wanted to hear it.

He kissed the side of my mouth, looking directly in my eyes. “I love you.”

My heart exploded in happiness. This was different than Hendrix saying it. This was pure. He had been through all my shit. He truly knew me.

“I love you too.”

He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. “Good. That would have seriously killed my game.”

I snickered at him. “Oh, the horror…” This boy. He filled my heart.

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