Autumn's Light

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Friend or Foe

Pulling into the high school parking lot, I noticed we were getting a lot of looks. Bryce was leaning out of the car a bit and had his arm over the side of the door. Oh right, my brother was the reason for the looks. I should be used to that.

I pulled into a space in the middle of the parking lot. I jumped out and grabbed my backpack. Bryce did the same. We met the back of my jeep.

“You ready for this?” Bryce asked.

I sighed and shrugged. “I guess.”

We both walked across the school grounds. Almost every student stopped to look at us. If I wasn’t embarrassed enough, it got worse. I tried to hide my nerves. Bryce looked down at me with a smile most likely to comfort me because he can read me like a book.

“Come on Ott. This is a new start. Make it count.”

I rolled my eyes at him. I hated his upbeat attitude right now when all I wanted to do is jump out of my skin and run.

We went through the front doors and into the office. There standing there to greet us was our new Office Administrator Miss Gale. She spun around in her chair and stared us down for a minute. She then smiled when we reached the counter.

“You must be the Greene Twins. I must say I can’t see the resemblance.” She said eyeing us both back and forth.

I huffed. We got this a lot. Just because I ended up looking like dad and him like mom didn’t mean we weren’t twins. We weren’t paternal twins. People need to get with the program here. I put up a nice front.

“Yeah, we are not identical. He takes after mom and I take after dad.” I said smiling.

“Oh I see. Police Chief Greene I presume. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet.” She said somewhat hopefully. It made me gag.

“That’s our pop! Sorry but I’d like to get to class. Do you have our schedules?” And… That’s my brother, getting right to the damn point.

“Oh yes dear, my apologizes.” She rustled around her desk before handing papers to each of us.

“We tried to get you into classes together as much as we could, but with starting a month after the start of classes, we couldn’t get them all..” She rose an eyebrow at me.

I looked at my schedule.

1-History – Jennings 12A

2-AP Calculus – Hamilton 6A

3-English- Robertson 32B


4-Office Aide – Admin Office GALE

5- Biology - Hastings 2A

6-Dance/Cheer – GYM

I pretended to not see that I had been put in as an office aide. I huffed a little to myself. But let it go.

“Excuse me Ms Gale? What about cheer? How do I try out?” Bryce looked at me then to Gale, he was used to be cheering him on every game, I didn’t want that to change.

Ms Gale smiled. “Oh dear don’t worry. Your cheer coach sent us the videos of the games you cheered in. I sent it on to Ms. Smith, the Cheer Coach here at the school. Please talk to her when you go to dance today.” She smiled.

I nodded.

“Now off to class you go!”

“But!” Bryce started talking but we were pushed out into the hall as the bell rang and the office door shut behind us.

“Well that was freakin rude..” I muttered out loud. I sighed and looked at the hallways. Students were scattering around to get to their classes. I grabbed Bryce’s schedule out of his hand to match up our schedules.

He had History, Bio, and English with me. Thank god. I didn’t have to walk into late to my first class alone. We figured out the schools layout pretty easy. West wing was side A and east was B. Two levels. Pretty simple. We walked down the hallways as the Bell rang to start classes. The halls were empty now and all you could hear was our footsteps. We rounded the corner at 10A and walked two doors down. The door was still open. Again, thank the gods. Bryce stepped into the class first and a older lady turned from the whiteboard to face us. I hid behind Bryce for all I could. I was not a shy person, but my anxiety of new situations gets the better of me sometimes.

“Oh hello there! You must be the Greene’s. Welcome welcome come on in.”

Bryce smiled and walked in. The classroom started muttering things among themselves, I stepped in after him. The faces infront of me started snickering and the girls in front were eyeing me down. We got to the front of the class when Mrs. Jennings talked again.

“Settle down Settle down class. We have two new students today. Autumn and Bryce Greene. Welcome them to the school.. please.” She eyed the girls in front of us with a glare eye. I tried to not snicker.

I searched the room with my eyes and found Ryder in the back smiling at us.

“HEY! Mrs. Jennings, I got two desks free by me!” He yelled out. While still staring at me. Bryce smiled and walked back to him and did the bro handshake thing guys always do. I followed suite and sat down at the desk in front of Bryce that was at Ryder’s right side.

“Thank you Ryder, now Autumn you can use Ryder’s book for now and Bryce you can borrow Savannah’s book.”

I looked behind Ryder to meet the gaze of a shy, glasses wearing but beautiful girl sitting there. She must be Savannah. She had red hair and freckles but really pretty blue eyes. She nodded at the teacher’s request.

Immediately I froze when Ryder slid his desk to touch mine and put his book in the middle of us.

“Looks like you got lucky I saved you guys seats.” He winked at me. I rolled my eyes a little, he was trying way too hard. I smiled at him though.

“Soooo lucky…”

“Ryder, Quiet down!” Mrs Jennings yelled.

We both looked at each other and giggled to ourselves. Bryce kicked the back of my chair.

“Ouch!” I turned to him and glared. He pointed up at the teacher, like a warning to pay attention. I turned around and crossed my arms. He worries too much.

The rest of the class went by without incident until 10 minutes before class ended the talking suddenly stopped and I looked up to see yet another gorgeous man walking into the class. I froze and took him in for all he was worth.

His stare went directly to me. His emerald green eyes caught my breath up for a bit. He had a muscular build but not too broad. He was just as tall as Bryce and Ryder. But he had a scar on his right eyebrow. But that didn’t matter to me it made him more interesting. His deep brown hair was cut in the same type of cut guys have now a days. The undercut with longer on the top and short sides. It was perfectly messy. He had on jeans and boots. But a simple white t shirt on top. Underneath he was hiding a pair of dog tags on a necklace. And that jaw, it could cut paper..yep that's a saying.

“Ah, Mr. Heart welcome to class.” Mrs. Jennings seemed annoyed. He sat down at the desk at the back of class, staring at me the entire time. I jumped and snapped out of it as Bryce nudged my arm.

“That’s Hendrix he’s our quarterback.” I nodded at him before staring back at Hendrix. He smiled at me in a sly smirk so I turned in my seat to avoid his gaze.

Okay relax. He’s just god’s gift to mankind in looks. But stay away, got it. He’s on the team. I have my rules in place for a reason. No football players.

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