Autumn's Light

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I sat in Bryce’s room with Ryder that whole night. My body was curled up into his for comfort. He just held me without a word spoken. Mr. Hawkins would come check on Bryce periodically. He still has not woken up but that’s to be expected with the type of drug he used. It puts you into a deep sleep state.

I must’ve dozed off sometime during the night because around midnight I heard the front door slam shut and voices emerge from downstairs. I felt around me and noticed Ryder was still holding me, while he slept leaning on the wall behind us. I swear this kid always made sure I was comfortable even when he was not. I slowly slid from his grasp and walked downstairs. The voices were being made by Axel, Axel’s uncle Deacon Lyon, Hendrix’s dad Tony and my dad. They were sitting in the living room but I couldn’t make out their expressions. The talking stopped when I walked into the room. My dad half smiled at me.

“Hey sweetpea. How’s your brother?” He didn’t even move from his seat on the couch.

“Sleeping…” I looked up at the top of the stairs then back down to them. They didn’t say a word so I decided to break the silence. “Did you find Blake?”

Axel was staring at me the whole time but didn’t make a yes or no notion. My dad leaned back on the couch.

“We did.”

I rose a brow. “Sooo why do y’all look like that isn’t the end of this?”

Axel smirked at me and Deacon looked from him to me. “Because he wasn’t the main dealer, he was a puppet.”

Tony spoke up. “Right, well. Now that we have more information we can get the school clean and move on to the streets..”

I glanced at Axel and he waved his hand slightly by his side. I realized he was telling me to not say anything about Hendrix and Evie. Without their dealer in the school, we needed to see how they would act. But if the main dealer was in the school, the drugs would still be passed around.

“So is Blake arrested or?”

My dad nodded. “We got to him and he had the supply on him. So, we got a warrant and searched his house. More of it was there. He’s down at the station right now.”


Footsteps were heard plummeting down the stairs. It was Ryder.

“He’s awake!”

I shot up the stairs and Ryder followed, accompanied by my dad and Axel.

As we got to his room, Bryce was flopping around the bed grumbling something I couldn’t make out. He was acting like he was drunk. But also coming into reality.

My dad sat down next to him on the bed and tried to hold him down but he kept moving against him and my dad being down an arm wasn’t working so Axel climbed over and held him down. Bryce’s eyes flew open and he was sweating hard.


He was struggling against Axel’s grip. But it was like Ax was a wall, he wasn’t budging.

“Son stop this! Listen to me! Look at me!” My dad had his hands on my brother’s face trying to make him focus on him. It wasn’t working he was squirming around in a panic.

“BRYCE STOP THIS! CHILL OUT!” I screamed over everyone and his eyes shot to me. His breathing started to settle down, but I could still sense little jolts of energy in his squirms.

I came over to his side and sat down, exchanging places with my dad. Ryder was standing back and letting us handle it. My hands found my brother’s face and I wiped off his forehead with the back of my palm.

“You have got to stop… please..” I felt the tears coming up and I’m sure it was showing all over my face. My brother was in there and I’ll be damned if I can’t get him out.

“Ott..” He whispered and tried to reach up to me but Axel held him down again, I shot a look at him and he shook his head as if to say it wasn’t safe yet. My eyes started holding more and more tears, yet to fall down my cheeks.

“Yes I’m here I’m here.” I still had his face in my hands and I leaned forward to touch foreheads with him. “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.”

I could feel how tense his body was. How much energy was raging through him, but also how calm it seemed. A calmed chaos.

“I’m sorry..” was all he whispered before his eyes fluttered close again and he fell back asleep. I let his head drop back and I sat up gasping back the tears, but they came anyway. Running down my cheeks and landing on Bryce’s shirt.

My dad grabbed me into him and I crushed my head into his chest. Bawling my eyes out.

Axel had let Bryce’s arm go and climbed over the bed and stood by the door watching us, same with Ryder. I just held my dad. I didn’t want anyone else right now. I wanted my family. I wanted us back to normal. I wanted us complete.

The night went on. Axel, Deacon, and Tony left to attend to more business. Ryder stayed by my side, and I had to fall asleep in his arms in order to be okay. My dad stayed in my brother’s room all night.

I woke to the sun rays hitting my face from my window. I turned to see Ryder’s face sleeping next to me in my bed. Half of me forgot why I was here so I half smiled then it instantly faded as I jumped to my feet and flew into Bryce’s room.

My dad was sitting there on the edge of the bed, He smiled when I walked in. “Hey sweetpea.”

I saw Bryce’s body move and he sat up. He seemed a little back to normal now and he wasn’t moving super slow anymore. His eyes met mine and the tears instantly came again and I ran to him, engulfing him in a hug. He was sitting there, holding me back.

“I’m sorry Ott. I’m so sorry.”

I smacked the back of his head when I pulled away from him. “You stupid asshole! Why?!”

His eyes dropped and he shrugged. “Why did you want to leave us? Probably the same answer.”

I was stunned. He just admitted how much he had on his shoulders. I knew he held a lot of stuff inside him and it came out in bursts but guilt, he did not handle guilt well.

“Who… gave you it?” My eyes flicked to my dad who had now turned around to watch us but kept quiet.

“Ott..” He was staring at me like he didn’t want to answer.

“Don’t Ott me right now. That smack was just the beginning…” I glared him down, hard.

“Fine..” He leaned back onto his headboard, crossing his arms. Which I now noticed were wrapped up where he injected.

“Mav and I were talking about how stressful shit was. I was about ready to blow up at practice when I was finding out the rumors spreading around about you. The issues with Sav lately, with you dad.” He motioned towards him. “I just couldn’t keep up with everything. I just needed a break.”

I punched him in the shoulder. “That’s what a vacation is for you freakin idiot, not drugs!”

He rubbed his shoulder. “Damn I know I know okay. I know I messed up.”

“YOU THINK?!” I screamed and got to my feet. “If Ryder wasn’t there, If Axel wasn’t in charge of all this your ass would be screwed right now brother, screwed!”

He rose a brow. Oh crap. That’s right. My brother knew nothing of what was going on with our undercover team. He had no idea about anything. Maybe that’s why he didn’t like Axel holding him down.

Me and my dad ended up telling him everything, every detail up to the very moment we were talking to him. When we were done Bryce just sat there staring at us.

“So, I basically played into their trap? Shit..” His twitching was constant.

My dad had left the room to start breakfast for us. Ryder was still passed out in my room and I was not going to wake him.

“Basically. I tried to keep you out of it. I was involved from the very beginning, but I hoped it didn’t reach you.”

“I should be saying that about you Ott. I should be the one looking out for you.”

I shook my head while rolling my eyes. “Stop. Just because I’m your sister doesn’t mean I can’t protect you just as much.”

He smirked at me and then did a slight twitch. He grumbled and tensed up. “This fucking sucks..”

I sat down next to him. “Cravings? Pain?”

“Yep.. or whatever the hell this is.”

Ryder showed up in the doorway with a smile on his face. “Well well, look who woke up.”

Bryce chucked a bit. “I could say the same thing about you.”

I giggled a little bit as Ryder came and stood next to me. “You gave all of us a scare bro.”

Bryce shrugged. “I know. I know.” I could tell he was still struggling inside.

The banter started back and forth and I couldn’t help but smile a little. This was a very screwed up situation but, it made us all stronger, which is what family is for. When you’re at your worst, you can count on them to get you back on your feet.

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