Autumn's Light

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Figure of speech

Friday morning came and I had now new determination to end this. Bryce was now on home leave for till Monday and Ryder had a game tonight so I would be on my own after lunch. But I could do it, this was the last straw.

As I walked into the school with Ryder. We both stopped when the hallway chatter died down and everyone was looking at me.


He rose a brow and took my hand leading me down the hallway. “I don’t know sweet cheeks. Something’s up.”

We got to my locker where Adrian and Carter were standing already. Adrian rushed to my side.

“Oh my god. The shit I am hearing right now!”

Ryder came and leaned on the locker beside us, taking me into his chest. His hands wrapped around my waist. He was trying to comfort me.

“Adi. Tell us.” He said calmly.

“Well first off.” She held up one finger. “The rumor is Bryce overdosed.”

I rolled my eyes.

She held up two fingers. “Secondly, it’s being said that Ryder is only dating you because your pregnant.”

I looked back to Ryder and he had a smirk on his lips, he then kissed the back of my neck and whispered.

“I mean you are MILF material babe..”

I smacked his arm and continued to listen to Adrian, who was now holding up three fingers.

“And thirdly, I just heard that Blake got arrested last night.”

She wasn’t wrong there. I smirked a little bit. Okay, they weren’t horrible rumors but still they had to be resolved.

“Sooo…” Carter cut in. “What’s true and what isn’t?”

Ryder was chuckling behind me, flashing his famous grin. “Cart. You really think we wouldn’t tell you if this..” He squeezed me against him. “Cute thing was pregnant?”

I smiled at Carter’s face. It was somewhat of a mix of confusion and amusement. “Right..”

I shook my head. “As for the others. Bryce did not overdose. He’s home and doing just fine.” Carter’s face turned to relief. “And… “ I turned to look at Ryder. “Blake did get arrested last night. My dad was the one who arrested him.”

Wynn and Hazel showed up and heard the last part. Hazel jumped to me. “Wait why?! Do you know?!”

I shrugged. “I don’t get told everything guys.”

Wynn’s face dropped. I think they thought I would spill the beans, but nope. This was me and Ryder’s secret to keep until the main dealer was found out. It could be anyone at this point. I could feel Ryder’s fingers tapping my stomach. I tried to keep my amusement to myself at his actions.

“Well well, look who decided to show her face..” Oh god, I didn’t need her this morning.

Ryder let me go and I turned to be greeted by Evie’s face, Ayla by her side and Harley hanging back. I rose a brow at her being with Evie still if she was trying to get clean.

“My face can be shown anywhere, unlike your tainted one.” I glared at her and she seemed to smirk at my response.

“Oh really? Even with..” She pointed to my stomach. “A baby on the way?” She rolled her eyes when they landed on Ryder. “I mean really Ryder? You can just get it aborted and you can be done with her now.”

I all but flew myself at her, but Ryder was quicker and caught me in his arms holding me back. “She’s not worth it baby.”

Evie was just smirking at me with her arms crossed. She was egging me on and she got a response. Hendrix rounded the corner with Maverick at the same time my almost attack happened. He ran in between us.

“Whoa Whoa. Evie.” He turned to her. “I told you that rumor was false.”

She seemed annoyed at his sudden back up of me. “Oh sweetheart. Didn’t you hear? Her brother overdosed because of the embarrassment.” She flashed her eyes to me.

That was my final straw at wanting to murder her, I was clawing at Ryder to let me go but he wasn’t going to so I decided to let my words win.

“You know what Evie. Fuck you. You don’t know anything.” I decided to make it hurt. “At least my brother didn’t leave my entire family and never came back from the disappointment.” Check. Mate. Bitch.

I saw the glint of pure rage fire inside her. She tried to step forward but Hendrix held her back then out of no where Axel appeared and grabbed me the other direction. Ryder didn’t see it coming so he took a minute to register what happened. Evie was death glaring me as I was pulled away by Axel.

When we got around the corner, Axel threw me into the wall. Not hard but enough to make a point.


I winced then shrugged off my pride a little. “To not mess with her..” Shit, I did what she wanted me to do.

“And what did you just do?!”

I sighed and leaned against the wall behind me. “Messed with her..”

He was pacing in front of me now and then slammed his fist above my head. This was not Axel, he was not violent with me. “You can’t keep making these mistakes. They will kill you.”

I stared up in his eyes, he meant it. They held such an intense emotion.

Out of everyone, Hendrix rounded the corner and saw what was happening and came rushing to my side pushing Axel away from me.

“Get off her! Who do you think you are?!”

Axel stared at me and then half winked at me. That little shit, he was trying to get a point across but knew he was making a scene to gain followers on my side. He was watching that whole fight with Evie. He jumped in right when he wanted to.

Hendrix grabbed my shoulder and led me away from Axel. Who I turned and looked back at it and winked, signaling I got what he wanted me to do. His smirk was still in my mind as I rounded another hallway corner.

I was then pushed into an empty classroom and then the door slammed, I jumped a little when it did. I turned to see a very pissed off Hendrix standing in front of me.

“What the hell was that about?!” He rushed over and grabbed my arms. “Tell me Autumn, right now!”

I stared at him, noticing his eyes were hazed over but not dilated. Okay, time to play damsel in distress.

“It’s nothing. I’m just in too deep with something right now..” I stared down at the ground trying not to break my act.

“In too deep with what?” he shook my arms with his hands. “With what?!”

I blinked and looked back up to him. “I think you know what..” I turned my gaze away from him trying to seem like I couldn’t look at him because I was ashamed.

“Shit…” He let me go and paced around me for a moment. “How long?”

I blinked. “A while..”

“So that shit with Bryce the other day at practice? Was that your fault?”

I looked at the ground. “Not my fault, but I’m the reason for it..”

“So, Axel’s got you on it? That’s why Blake got arrested? That’s why he was with you?”

My head shot up and he was inches from my face at this point, standing right in front of me. “Drix.. I –“

He grabbed the door handle when the bell rang. I stepped forward so he could open the door. He left the room without another word. I stepped out to the hallway and down to my class. Ryder was standing next to the door and came rushing over to me.

“I saw Hendrix go after you. Did you get any info?”

I was staring off down the hallway, Hendrix passed us and gave me a smirk then went into class. I suddenly had goosebumps. Ryder noticed.

“Baby.. What happened?”

I was trying to hold it together at this point. “Nothing.. come on.”

I led him into class.

The entire half hour class Hendrix was staring at the back of my head. I could feel his gaze. I turned around a couple times to see him smirking at me. I didn’t know what to think right now. He was acting so strange.

The bell rang I got to my feet quickly and darted out of the room, Ryder was taken by surprise because he didn’t keep up with me. I needed to get to Axel. I got out my phone, while walking down the hallway.

‘Hendrix Asap.’

I put my phone back down and rounded the corner down the stairs. My phone dinged.

‘meet me in the commons.’

I took into a jog. I felt like someone was following me but didn’t pay too much attention.

I saw Axel and went running to him. He saw my face and grabbed my arms when I got to him.

“What the hell sunshine, what’s wrong?” He searched my eyes for any answer then looked behind me with a glare. He pulled me into him, wrapping his arms around me. I hugged him back. Someone was following me. He leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“You got his attention. He followed you.”

I nodded in his chest and he let me go. I half smiled at him and turned around, heading to my next class. Which I had with Hendrix and Ryder. I got out my phone and texted Ryder.

‘Sorry babe, messing with Hendrix. Be there soon.’

He texted back quickly.

’Aw man, I want to mess with him too. Come here and we can make him super jealous ; )’

I tried to keep my giggle to myself, I noticed I had footsteps following me. I reached my hallway for class when my arm was being jerked from behind.

“What the-“ I looked up to see Savannah staring at me with a sad look. “SAV! Oh my god!”

I attacked her with a hug. I haven’t seen her a while and I feared the worst when Bryce was saying him and her went south. “Where have you been?!”

She shrugged when I let her go. “Trip with the family. I came back to rumors and Bryce not answering his phone..” She pleaded with me with her eyes. “Ott.. what happened?”

The bell rang but I led her to a locker. “It’s a really long story. He’s okay. Just know that.”

Her eyes went wide. “Autumn Greene you tell me right now.”

I looked to the door then her. “I can’t right now. But I promise at lunch.”

I jogged into class and sat down next to Ryder who reacted by putting his hand on my thigh.

“I’m pleased to say Hendrix has been watching you since you jogged in here..” He leaned into my neck with his lips. “Can’t say he was the only one.” He lightly kissed me there and I shivered goosebumps.

“Ryder..” I pushed him up off my neck, he had a smirk on his lips. Those damn lips of his.

The bell for lunch rang after my next class and I rushed downstairs to get to Ryder. I knew he was going to be going to practice after lunch. As I was running, I passed by a group surrounding Evie and Ayla. I rolled my eyes and darted into the lunchroom. It was raining outside now so I knew my group would be sitting at our normal table inside.

I caught a glimpse of Ryder’s face and Harley next to him. I rose a brow and followed behind them. They sat down at the table and I decided to stand back and watch. She was whispering something to him and he nodded. They both got up and started towards the doors of the lunchroom. I huffed and a part of my heart just lurched out of my chest. Oh no, it was happening again. She has getting to Ryder now. I started to full on panic when I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Axel watching the same thing I was.

“Don’t worry. I’m having him do something.”

I caught Ryder’s eyes and he smiled at me. Okay heart, go back into my chest. It’s okay.

I turned to face Axel. “Warn a girl next time ok?” I put my hand on my heart. “I think I just almost had a heart attack.”

He smirked at me and motioned towards the food behind us. “Come on sunshine. You got me for the rest of the day. Let’s eat something.”

“Music to my ears!” I ran to the food and I caught his smile from behind me.

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