Autumn's Light

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The next few months was full of recovery, recovery for everyone involved.

Blake and Evie gave up more names that were involved, they got JV because of being under aged. Jen was killed on site, my dad shot to kill. Especially if said someone is holding his daughter hostage.

School life went back to normal, excluding Evie being involved. The school was clear of drug activity. Harley went through a very hard cold turkey detox but in the end she became the same girl I knew before this whole situation. Hazel and Wynn stayed together and out of the drama, lucky them.

Marley and Carter actually ended up dating each other. It was such a random event that happened but after that party I guess they kept contact and they are the funniest couples to be around now.

Bryce was offered his position on the team back after a grave lashing from my dad and coach Kent about never doing anything like this again and trust me, he’d answer to me too if he did. Him and Savannah patched up their relationship and they were happy again.

Hendrix admitted to his father about his using and his dad went crazy. He enrolled Hendrix in a rehab program which he attends every day after school, so we hardly ever see him. He still played football though. He backed off, but we still had our banter moments that we always had together since the beginning.

Me and Ryder were stronger than ever. He was always my constant. He never faltered being there for me and I knew with everything in me if he was involved, he would have saved me too. I finally even met his mother. She had been out of town for months on a very hush case. She offered to help me out with Jared’s case and get me the justice I deserved. Yep, I still had Jared to worry about, but I tried to push that to the back of my mind.

Axel? Well Axel disappeared after the case closed. He came to my house and told me he would be there for me whenever I needed him. To be good and grow up being the same woman I am now. It shattered my heart. Axel was also my constant. I loved that guy. I never told him that, he was so stubborn and a shithead, but he saved my life and kept me sane during the most extreme moments of my life.

“Keep being that light of sunshine.” Was the last words he spoke to me before driving out of town.

I tried asking my dad about contact with Axel or if he heard where he went, but he never knew. He told me to leave it alone and let the man do his next job. I couldn’t help it, I was worried about him. I wanted him safe. I wanted to make sure he was okay. We would always be connected after everything we’ve been through. I knew I wasn’t just a job for him.

Now onto graduation. Adulthood is calling and I’m sure there will be many more adventures to come. My life will never be boring.

annnnnd... there ya have it folks! It's finished!!

Also there is a HUUUUUGE Easter Egg in chapter 9 that no one caught on about. Try to find it. It seriously announces what the book is going to be based on. ;)

ANNND GO! Let me know in the comments if you found it, but don't spoil it for anyone else.

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Again, thank you all for the love on this series! I made it to be more of a television drama feel. It made me smile when people commented that this should be a netflix series, that's exactly what vibe I was going for! I'm so happy y'all figured that out!

Thank you all! LOVE YOU!

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