Autumn's Light

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The Ropes

As class was winding up, Ryder took my schedule and told me he how to get to each class. The bell rang and we all got up and exited the classroom. Ryder walked with me to class and said good bye to my brother for now. He already was talking to another guy as he walked off. That guy could make friends with anyone.

Ryder stopped and introduced me to his friends as we walked. Two other football players came up and high fived him then walked off. I sighed. I needed to get girls in my life. I noticed Hendrix disappeared when we left class. We walked into Calculus. The desks were in partners. I went straight to the teacher as Ryder took his assigned seat next to a girl.

Mr. Hamilton was at his desk in the back of the class. I stood in front of him and cleared my throat. “Excuse me Mr. Hamilton? I’m Autumn Greene..”

He looked up to my from his book. “Ah yes, let me see here.” He was searching his papers and was studying one for a while.

“You may take the seat next to Hendrix." He pointed to the back of the room. Of course he was in this class too. He was sitting there still staring at me. He smirked a bit when he heard his name.

Okay okay, breathe. Its just math. Your good at math. This is a good thing. You won’t look stupid. It’ll be a breeze.. Okay who am I kidding? I’m going to be a anxiety mess with him right next to me. I walked over to him and sat down in the chair.

He flashed a smile at me. “Thank god I thought for a minute there you were attached to Ryder’s hip.”

I laughed a little and set my notebook down. “Oh no, he’s my neighbor. I met him last night. I think he feels obligated to show us around.”

“Oh right, you and your… ?”

“My brother Bryce, yes.”

He leaned back a bit. “Gotta say, you got the good genes there..” He winked at me as Mr. Hamilton began class. Heat rose to my cheeks and as if on cue the lights shut off and a projector of problems came on the board. Thank god, he can’t see me blushing.

The rest of class was full of busy work, thankfully I didn’t have time to talk to Hendrix. I kept his hand near mine the entire time on the desk. I noticed. Oh you bet I noticed. The bell rang and I got up to leave when my wrist was being pulled back from Hendrix’s hand.

“What class do you have next?”


He stood up and was still holding my wrist. He got up super close to my body. “I’ll take you, my class is next door.”

I smiled and looked down at my wrist. He tugged on it and made me follow him. But he released it when Bryce came running up to me.

“How was class?!” He stopped and stared at Hendrix before to me and back to Hendrix.

I sighed. “Bryce, Hendrix. Hendrix Bryce. My brother.”

They did the bro handshake thing again.

“Hendrix, the man the myth the legend.. good to meet ya! I’ll be seeing ya on the field today.”

Hendrix smiled. “Good we need better players this year. “

He turned to me and smiled. “See you around.”

With that he took off down the hallway. He said was showing me my class? Um okay, bye then. Bryce put his arm around my shoulders.

“Okay sis, I might need to put a leash on you if you keep making my teammates fall for you.”

He huffed and bumped his arm off me. “Did you just call me a dog?!”

He snickered as we walked into our next class. We sat down together as the teacher wasn’t there yet. The same redhead girl came in and sat down in front of me. I tapped her shoulder and she turned around in surprise.

“Hey sorry, Savannah right? Are we in anyone’s seats?”

She shook her head. “No, we aren’t in assigned seats here.”

I smiled “Oh good!.”

Bryce then smiled at her. “Hey partner!”

She smiled while turning around so quickly. She was so shy. It was cute.

I rolled my eyes to Bryce and he snickered. “What?!” I shook my head at him. Men.

The gaggle of girls from history came in the class and were giggling and whispering to each other. I had a feeling these were those typical “mean girls” every school had. They took one look at Bryce and the lead girl came down and sat down in front of him, turning to look at him.

“Hi, Your Bryce right? I’m Adrian.” She held her hand out to him.

He took it. “Good to meet ya Adrian. And this is my sister Autumn.” He pointed to me and dropped her hand.

“Oh yes, Good to meet you Autumn. I hear you were on Cheer at your old school?”

Word travels fast. “Yep. Sure was.” I didn’t like her, her tone. Ew. Her perfect blonde hair and hazel eyes. Her perfect clothing and figure. Ew to all of it. Also who wears high heels in school?

She smirked at me. “Well I guess I’ll be seeing you at practice.”

She turned around when the teacher started her lecture. I gagged and looked over at Bryce and silently mouthed. ‘kill me now.’

The bell rang and we got up to go to lunch. Luckily me and Bryce had it together. We walked into the cafeteria and heard whistles coming from a table, I turned and saw Ryder laughing and smiling at us. I shook my head. This kid is too much. Bryce laughed however and grabbed a pizza slice and walked over to the table to sit down. The table was full of Jocks. Lots of letterman jackets there. I sighed and picked a soda from the machine and when I reached down to get it. Someone’s hand beat me to it I looked up to see Hendrix holding it towards me.

“Rough day?” He smiled as I grabbed the can from him. He didn’t realize I needed this stuff to live.

“Not too bad yet.” I turned and started walking back to the guy’s table. He again grabbed my wrist and pulled me to face him.

“Why is there a yet in there?” He raised his brow at me, studying my face.

“Well, I just met miss Adrian over there.. seems like she has the cheer squad wrapped around her finger..”

I gazed to the table where her and her followers sat, right next to the boys table of course.

Hendrix shocked me by laughing. “Adrian? Oh come on. That brat has not made captain yet. They are still trying to replace Addison and miss thang over there thinks its her position now.” He rolled his eyes and ran his hand through his hair.

“I didn’t know you cheered, I mean your brother is on our team but I didn’t think..”

I sighed. “It runs in the family. My mom was a cheerleader, my dad was a football player before he joined the forces.”

He nodded and leaned on the wall next to us. “I see, well that makes sense. So I’ll be seeing you at every practice and at every game then?” He smiled at me the kind that would make a girls knees give way.

I just nodded. I didn’t think I had words at that point.

“Great! Lets go eat some food, I’m starving.” He put his hand on my lower back that sent shivers down my spine and led me to the table. He slightly pushed me to them and walked off to get food. I grumbled to myself and sat down next to my brother.

Ryder smiled. “Hey there sweet cheeks.”

Bryce threw an empty can at his head. “That’s my sister you idiot.”

Ryder laughed at this point and I just sat there drinking my soda. The boys started talking again when Hendrix appeared on the other side of me and sat a plate of fruit in front of me.

“Here, Bryce told me you are a fruitaholic.” When in the hell did they have time to speak to each other? Guys were so weird, I’ll never understand them. Right now they all act like they’ve known Bryce for years. But.. FRUIT! Oh my god. I wasn’t even paying attention that I had to eat something. I even let it slide that Bryce told him that too. I turned to look at Hendrix.

“Wow, thank you. I totally was in my own world and forgot..”

“That lunch is for eating food? Yeah that’s a hard one to figure out.” He winked at me again and started eating his pizza.

Oh, he got me there. Someone that can throw sarcastic remarks as well as I can? Its on like donkey kong now.

“Oh Ott, I forgot to introduce you to the rest of the boys here.” Bryce’s voice came from nowhere.

Ryder’s face went into a smirk. “Ott huh? Is that short for Otter? Cause those things are vicious when provoked..”

“Trust me, she’s the spitting human image of an otter.” I smacked Bryce so hard he even flinched.

“Ouch jesus, sorry.” He looked at the rest of the table. “Rule numero one with the sis here. Don’t piss her off. She has a mean right hook.”

I glared at him then snapped out of it when Hendrix’s hand was on my forearm and he was whispering in my ear. “Don’t let them get to you.”

With that he waved to the rest of the boys and left. I started eating my fruit and got introduced to the rest of the team.

“That’s Matt, Wynn, Carter, Jensen, Jason, Maverick.”

I said hi to all of them and finished up my food. Then got up to leave saying that I had to reach the office or miss nazi pants Gale will be mad.

I walked down the hallways when suddenly a girl with short brown bob cut hair and brown eyes darted in front of me stopping me in my tracks.

“Whoa, Sorry! Didn’t see-“

She cut me off. “Stay away from Hendrix I’m warning you new girl. He’s mine.”

I rose an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

She stepped even closer to me. “You heard me. Just because your new here doesn’t give you the excuse to be dumb. Back off Hendrix. “ Her face was seriously too close for comfort now. Personal bubble issue.

I pushed her away from me. “You either have mental issues or your blind. Chill out.”

I walked around her only to have her grab my shoulder and spin me around, but before she could land a blow Carter came around the corner and separated us.

“Whoa Whoa Whoa, Evie what the hell! Leave Autumn alone.”

He took my side without even knowing what had happened. Well this is a new one. Evie was now glaring at me.

“You’re warned new girl.”

She took off down the hallway and I stood there watching her, what the hell was that about? Carter however sighed and turned to me.

Carter was the typical teddy bear friend. He was more broad than anything with brown hair and brown eyes. He was big and not just tall wise. He was a linebacker for a reason.

“Listen, Evie is a little… well I’ll just say crazy. She’s been obsessed with Hendrix for years…”

I rose a brow to him. “And that concerns me why?”

Carter laughed. “Oh nevermind. Just don’t let her get to ya.”

He patted me on the shoulder and with that he took off down the hall when the bell rang to get to class. I ran up to the front of the school and slid into the office.

Ms. Gala had me organizing files and making copies for most of my time. It was nice to have some alone time where there wasn’t much drama. But, I heard arguing so I popped my head around the corner to see the principle holding the arm of a guy I haven’t seen yet. He looked at me and smirked.

This kid had brown hair, true hazel eyes and tattoos? Who had tattoos at our age? He also had gauges in his ears. Had lean muscles and serious biceps and stood about 6'3. He was that typical bad boy fantasy. Perfect face, leather jacket, punk attitude.. I blinked out of my thoughts and listened while pretending to make copies.

“Axel you can’t keep getting in fights, I’ve told you this. No matter what the issue. You need to come get an adult.”

Axel kept quiet, but had that smirk on his face.

The principle sighed and pointed to the chair in the office. “SIT, you’ll be excused when the bell rings.”

As the principle walked away I walked up to the desk and put the files away then stared at him again. He smirked at me.

“Got something to say?” He spat at me.

Caught off guard by his response I mumbled a little. “No, I mean.. no I don’t.”

He kept that smirk on his face. “You’re the new girl aren’t ya?”

I simply nodded when he stood out of the chair and went to my side.

“I’ve seen you around with Hendrix and Ryder’s gang of jocks.. pointer, I would stay away from them.”

I was confused. He was the bad boy type, not Ryder and Hendrix. At least to my knowledge. I didn’t know them that well. “Well here’s a pointer for you, I can make my own choices..” The bell rang.

He laughed a bit. His voice was so smooth so his laugh was even hotter. “Trust me sunshine, You’ll be running to me for an escape soon enough. They always do.”

With that he exited the office as I followed him out, Ryder appeared in the doorway.

“Why was Axel in here with you?” He seemed concerned, not sure why. That whole conversation was cryptic as hell.

I laughed to calm my mood and pushed him out of the doorway into the hallway. “He wasn’t in here with me, he was in trouble.”

His look of concern turned into a smirk. “Oooooh, In trouble huh? Did he get grounded?” He snickered at me.

I smacked his arm. “Oh you hush!”

I suddenly realized he didn’t have the next class with me, only Bryce did. “Why are you here? Don’t you have class?”

He nodded. “Yep sure do, but I made it my personal goal to make sure you got to class today.”

“Oh goody.” We both laughed a little bit. I decided Ryder was that type of guy everyone fell for. Everyone loved. Everyone wanted to be friends with. His personality kept up with mine and he was always making me laugh, I appreciated him. Why was Axel so up in arms about these guys being bad news?

He led to me Biology where I met up with my brother and Ryder took his leave. Me and Bryce got paired up at a table and sat down. This day has been a weird one. Last real class of the day and I can get to the gym to blow off some steam.

The class ended and we both headed to the gym. I grabbed my clothes out of my backpack and changed, then put my backpack in a locker. I shut my locker to find a pair of blue eyes and dirty blonde hair starting back at me. I paused trying to figure out if I should either freak out or not.

“Hi you must be Autumn, I’m Harley.” She smiled. Oh thank god. No freak out needed.

I smiled back. “Hi yeah, nice to meet you.”

We began walking into the gym and she turned to me. “I’m sure you’ve met Adrian and her gang, and Evie already…”

I nodded.

“Oh, poor you gal. Those are class A bitches right there.” She put her arm around my shoulders while we walked.

“Us Normal gals gotta stick together.”

I laughed a bit as we came out of the locker rooms. Where I bumped immediately into Hendrix.

“Oh my god I’m sor-!” Then I looked up to see who I was. Then I decided to play it cool when I saw those gorgeous eyes stare back at me. “Oh its you, Then never mind then..” I said while trying to step around him. His cologne hit my nose and I could barely speak anymore. Harley was staring at me, frozen in place.

Hendrix laughed then flashed his smile at me and walked to his locker room.

I rolled my eyes to myself, I got to stop thinking about him in my daydreams and kept walking, Harley showed up linking her arm into mine.

“Do you realize who you just bumped into?”

I laughed. “Who Hendrix? Yeah I know him.”

She stopped, which made me stop too. “YOU KNOW HIM?!”

“SHHH! I patted her shoulders. “Calm down, yes I know him. Why are you freaking out so much?”

She rolled her eyes at me now. “Okay, your new. So I’ll give you this. But Hendrix is every single girl’s dream in this school. Every girl has a crush on him. Every girl wants to be with him, I mean.. have you seen him?!”

I nodded when suddenly Bryce came and thumped me on the back of my head with his hand.

“Son of a..-“ I turned and started running after him. Only to stop dead in my tracks when the Dance coach came around the corner to start our class. I glared at my brother. He was so dead meat when I got him alone.

“Your so lucky…”

He laughed and mouthed to me. ‘I’m so scared’ while acting like a little girl screaming with his hands on his face.

He joined the rest of the boys playing basketball and high fived Ryder in the process looking at me. I’m glad I’m such a laugh for them. Boys. Ugh!

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