Autumn's Light

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Captain My Captain

I walked to the studio next to the gym. I was glass all around except for the mirror wall. I ran and stood next to Harley. Adrian and her posse came in and so did Evie. She was glaring daggers at me. Coach Kim I found out her name, called us to sit and stretch.

Adrian appeared on my other side. I eyed her. She was up to something. I continued stretching with Harley as my partner when Coach Kim told us to work on our high kicks across the room.

“Autumn, come talk to me.” She yelled out when it was almost my turn at floor.

I left the line to join her outside of the studio. She had a clipboard in her hand and smiled when I greeted her. Coach Kim seemed like that type of teacher that was laid back but don’t mess with her type. A part of me feared she didn’t like the videos, but the other part was hopeful. Even if I would just have a spot on the team I would be grateful.

“So I got those videos from your last school, I must say you’re a damn good cheerleader.”

I smiled. YES! “Well thank you coach.” While training to contain my excitement.

“Look, I’m gonna spare you the drama of trying out. Your good enough as it is to beat any of our girls. But I will ask you this. Would you be willing to be co – captain to Harley? I just told her the news this morning and she was super excited. I think two captains will be better than one with an ego. What do you think?”

I almost broke out in a happy dance, contained myself yet again. Well take that Adrian and Evie, you’re under my reign now bitches.

I tried to keep my cool. “I’m totally In.”

She put her hand on my shoulder. “I’m hoping to see great things from you Autumn.” Oh great, I hated when adults told me that.

I got back into class when I looked out the corner of my eye to see Bryce, Hendrix and Ryder all watching me. I eyed them and stuck my tongue out at them all. Yes, I’m a child. They laughed and turned around to their game again. Bryce was used to my antics. Hendrix however still watched me and smiled then mouthed. “Cheer?” and I nodded. He gave me a thumbs up then played his game again.

The bell rang and I got up to go the locker rooms to get a drink when I literally bumped into Ryder so hard I grabbed him to keep my balance. I obviously need to stop staring at the ground when I walk and bumping into people. Well mostly I just needed to stop bumping into the gorgeous male models of our entire high school.

“Whoa whoa sweet cheeks, not on the first day.”

I pushed off him and rolled my eyes. “You’re the worst you know that?”

He stepped to me enclosing any space between us. “I’m not the one grabbing you am I?” he rose an eyebrow and smirked that stupid smirk of his.

“Again, The worst!” I threw my hands in the air so dramatically and walked to the locker room. He was smiling after me.

I grabbed my water bottle out of my locker letting my smile disappear when I heard a conversation on the other side of lockers.

“Look, I don’t know who she slept with to get co captain, I mean Harley I can understand she’s cheered her whole life. But this bitch? She must be sleeping with half the team to get those boys to like her. She’s dead meat today. Dead meat. She will never know what hit her trying to take over his team like this and did you see her with Hendrix? I’m surprised you haven’t killed her yet Evie.”

I recognized the voice as Adrian’s and I heard the door shut behind her.

What the actual hell? That was a threat… and I didn’t sleep with anyone and I do not want that reputation. I pulled out my phone and texted my brother.

‘911, meet me by the bleachers.’

I took off my dance shoes and got into sneakers and changed my pants to shorts for cheer practice and ran out to the field with my water bottle in hand. I ran to the bleachers to see Bryce standing there pacing. He was already in his football gear. He ran to me when he saw me.

“What the hell Ott, what is going on!?”

I was almost in tears. I was having a good day up until this point. Now on the first day of school one girl could ruin it all for me. Stupid football players, stupid girls, stupid everything.

“Girls suck..”

Bryce studied my face then pulled me into him. He hugged me tight.

“Don’t listen to those bitches, whatever they are saying it's not true.”

I pushed a tear from my eye while he still held me.

“I over heard them talking Bry, they are gonna try something today at practice, they said I was dead meat.”

He pushed my back and held my shoulders. “If they even try I will be right there Ott. I promise. They are just jealous you got co- captain. Which congrats by the way.”

I half smiled at him when Harley came up behind me.

“Autumn what’s wrong?”

I turned to Bryce and he nodded and took off towards the field. Hendrix, Ryder, Carter and Wynn were all watching us. I noticed Bryce motioning towards Adrian for a second.

“I’m okay Harley, Just stupid first day stuff.” I decided not to say anything, it’s better for her not to know the drama.

She smiled. “Okay then, I’ll run the show today and we can meet tomorrow after school and go over our plans for the squad.”

I nodded. She’s right. I was co captain and if they tried anything they would seriously regret it. I could tell even just meeting Harley she would be on my side.

We both were on the side lines stretching when Axel suddenly came in front of me, while my foot was over the bar above me. Talk about awkward position to be staring at someone in.

“Cheerleader huh? Never would’ve guessed.” He slyly half smiled at me. I could tell he was checking me out.

I took my foot down and sighed.

“You don’t know me.” I spat out. His guy had some nerve. I met him all but one time? And he all said to me was to stay away from the boys.

He sat down on the bench right in front of me. “True, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know your type.” He smirked, god that smirk. He continued,“But, you intrigue me Autumn. “ He pointed to Harley blowing the whistle. “Duty calls, remember what I said.”

I sat there staring at him for a moment then I decided to run off towards Harley on the sidelines of the field. Axel was still sitting there, watching when I turned around. For some reason I felt a shiver up my spine. What did he mean why should I watch my back? And why was he watching me? I’m not a type of girl. Screw that noise. I’d show him.

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