Autumn's Light

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We ran drill after drill. Harley only letting me be base, so I could get my strength up. I was usually a flyer. I learned song after song and cheer after cheer. We had one drill left.

“Hazel sit this one out, I want Autumn to try this one.”

Hazel was half African American and half white, her skin was flawless and her golden hair was in curls. She was the flyer the whole practice, so that means I’m the flyer. My favorite thing. The rest of the girls on the squad were just like Harley. I felt very much welcomed. Well besides the fact that Evie and Adrian were staring me down the whole practice. Every time my gaze went to the football field I could hear them whispering. Here goes nothin.

I got behind Adrian, Hazel, and Evie. For some reason I felt this voice in my head telling me to not do it, but I didn’t listen.

5, 6, 7, 8.. One two.

We all clapped and I put my foot into their hands. I jumped up when they flung me up, while they grabbed my leg as I grabbed my other leg above my head. Now for the dismount.

“Ready, Down up!” Harley yelled.

I bent to jump and did, but then felt the hands on my leg go away. I was in the air with only hazel on the ground to catch me. I turned my body and landed on my side and hard and caught onto some of hazel’s catch. Thank god she stayed or my head would’ve planted on the ground. Sadly my hip caught most of the fall for me.

Harley blew the whistle three times, which I learned was someone was hurt call. The girls all came rushing over to me, except Evie and Adrian.

Pain went through the whole side of me. My hip felt like it was crushed. My shoulder was bleeding from scrapping the ground. Luckily again I didn’t hit my head. I opened my eyes to see the football coach standing over me suddenly and guys voices yelling to move, I recognized one as my brother’s.

“Hey there hun, can you hear me? Did you hit your head?”

Suddenly the coach was being pushed out the way and Bryce’s face was right there. Speak of the devil.

“Ott, the hell! ”

He grabbed my face and pulled me up. I winced and fell back down.

“I think I hurt my hip. I don’t know I cant sit up..”

Coach Kim was now on my other side. Lots of faces behind them in a circle.

“You might just be in shock dear, keep breathing. That was a nasty fall you took.”

I looked down to see the blood in the spot my shoulder was. Some type of road rash situation. Son of a bitch. I glared at Adrian and Evie who were snickering behind the concerned faces. My anger got the better of me. They were going to pay, I wasn’t going to stand for this. They messed with the wrong girl.

I stood up so fast ignoring all the pain that pulsed through my body and rushed to them, pushing Adrian so hard she fell backwards on her ass.

“THE HELL WAS THAT!” Then I turned to Evie who was already there and ready for me so she pushed me down the ground, pinning me with my shoulders. Pain went through me again. Son of a.- I went and punched her right in the face with my good arm.

“New girls don’t get to bark orders around here!” She screamed at my face, trying to land a blow on me too. It wasn’t happening. I was blocking too well.

“GIRLS GIRLS!” Coach was screaming and then out of no where, Hendrix was picking up Evie off me and Bryce and Ryder were helping me up. Hendrix threw Evie out of his grasp and they were all glaring at her and Adrian.

Ryder spoke up. “If you have a problem with Autumn, say it. But that shit you just pulled was out of line!”

Adrian laughed. “No dear brother, it wasn’t.”

BROTHER?! I turned to look at Ryder. He was seriously glaring her down at the point.

Coach Kim and the football coach Kent came over.

“Alright, alright, Shows over everyone. Get to the locker room. Practice is over for the day.”

“Evie and Adrian, in my office now.” Coach Kim said. She was pissed. She turned towards me. “You sure your okay Autumn? I can call-“

I cut her off. “No no, I’m fine. Trust me I’ve taken bigger hits than this.”

Bryce’s hand on my shoulder went tense and I looked at him. His face dropped. Ryder stared at us and then broke the silence.

“Okay, lets go miss.” They both started carrying me, my arms around their shoulders. Hendrix was there yelling at Evie but didn’t hear any of it. The pain was a lot to pay attention to anything else.

They put me down on the benches by the locker rooms inside the gym. Carter and Wynn came running over with an ice pack for me and wrapping for my arm. Wynn sat down next to me and started cleaning my arm up and wrapping it. He was a very quiet guy, but from what I’ve heard he was the sweetest. Studying to become a doctor. That seemed fitting.

Bryce took the ice pack and leaned down in front of me, the rest of the guys went to take off their gear. Wynn already had his off.

“Dad isn’t going to like this..”

I sighed. He was right. My dad was a major protection junkie. “I’ll say it was an accident.”

Bryce snorted. “Like hell you are, those girls need to learn their place and you know dad will just find out anyway.”

“No apparently.” I held my hands up in the quotes in the air motion. “ I need to learn mine.”

I winced and pulled down my shorts to expose my hip. There was already a bruise forming.

“Son of a bitch.” I huffed and grabbed the ice pack from Bryce.

“Go change, you stink.” He really did stink and it wasn’t helping my headache I suddenly had.

He laughed. “Well there she is, she’s back.”

Wynn was laughing a bit and left with Bryce back to the locker rooms. I sat there waiting for him to be done. Setting the ice on my hip and leaning back against the stairs. God this turned into a mess. I closed my eyes and tried to not pay attention to the radiating pain from my hip and shoulder. Hazel and Harley came in and asked what they could do, I only told them they could get my stuff from the locker room for me but I was okay.

I felt the bench move under me and I opened my eyes to see Hendrix staring at me up and down, trying to see how hurt I was.

“Oh stop. I’m fine.” I sat up and met his gaze. His face was so full of concern it actually made me start worrying too. He was staring at my hip. I forgot I rolled down my shorts to put the ice there. I took off the ice pack to show him.

“Just a bruise.”

He grabbed my hand with the ice in it so fast I didn’t see it coming, his other hand he traced the bruise on my hip making me wince.

“Just a bruise.. that’s not just a bruise Autumn.” He stopped and lowered my hand again and grabbed the ice and put it back on my hip himself and held it there. The cold felt nice. What was I kidding, his touch felt nice.

Suddenly a questioned appeared in my mind out of no where. “Why don’t you guys look out for Adrian? She’s Ryder’s sister.. and why is Evie …”

Hendrix went stiff. “She’s.. She’s.. well.. you know.”

He put his other hand on my thigh. “She’s a bitch?” I answered for him. He avoided the Evie question all together I noticed.

He laughed and smirked at me. “That’s a word for it.”

“And Evie’s completely obsessed with you?”

He rose his brow at me in question then out of the locker rooms came the boys. All wet and just showered. I sighed. I was never going to get used to this. Half naked man I could never have any part of.

Hendrix took his hands off me and stood up. Bryce came over and grabbed me off the bench, holding me bridal style on the side that didn’t hurt.

“Off we go sista!” I held onto him and looked back to Hendrix. He had a look in his eyes that he was gonna kill someone. He walked past Ryder and Carter and they both followed him without a word said, not even to me. Weird.

Bryce put me in the jeep in the back seat laying down. He then took the keys from me, which Harley brought my stuff out for me before we took off.

“Thanks Harley.” I grabbed my bag from her from inside the car.

“Seriously girl, for what just happened. It was the least I could do.” She half smiled at me. “Still wanna be my co captain?”

I laughed a little. “No stupid ass girls will keep me from it.”

We both laughed and Bryce started the Car. Harley ran off to her car.

Now to tell dad…

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