Autumn's Light

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We pulled into the driveway and Bryce helped me into the house. I collapsed on the couch and turned on the tv. Bryce brought me ice packs, pillow and blanket. He sat down next to me and put my feet in his lap.

“Well, that was a day huh?”

I rolled my eyes and kept watching tv. Yes it was a day. A day of complete normal and then complete backwards dramatics. And I’m injured now. Yippee..

“I don’t know about you. But I’m not looking forward to tomorrow.”

“You’ll be fine. You just fell on your ass and angered the bitches of the school. I think all and all that’s a tame first day.”

My phone buzzed from the couch’s arm above me. I reached and grabbed it to see a text from a number I didn’t know.

Hopefully these cheer you up – Hendrix

What did he mean hopefully these cheer you up? My answer came when the doorbell rang.

“MY GOD!!” I screamed and dumped my head into the pillow. Not gonna lie I jumped out of my skin.

“So dramatic.” Bryce got up and opened the door. He came back with roses in his hand.

I peaked up at him. “Secret admirer?”

He laughed and handed them to me. “Nope not mine, yours.”

“WHAT!” I jumped up and hurt myself in the process but didn’t care. I grabbed the roses and the note.

Keep ice on that hip.

I’ll be attached to the other one tomorrow.

Sorry you got hurt over me.


I blushed hard and heat went all over my body. He sent me roses? Oh my god! What kind of guy does that? I did a little happy dance inside. Bryce looked at me like I was a crazy person.

“Okay weirdo, chill out, let me read it.”

I hid the note from him. “NOPE! Private.”

“Come on, No secrets!” He jumped and went to grab the note and missed landing on the floor.

“Double Nope.”

He stood up and brushed himself off. “Fine, just be warned… I’ll be watching you.”

He pointed at his eyes then to me with two fingers, while walking into the kitchen. I held onto the roses for a minute taking them all in. It’s the first time a guy has ever done that for me before.

The back door opened and I jumped to hide the roses under the coffee table and sat back down. My dad came in with his uniform on and smiled.

“Hey there cupcake. How was your first day?”

Bryce slid in from the kitchen.

“IT WAS AWESOME!” He high fived my dad, obviously trying to distract him from me.

“They have literally the best football coach ever, and he even said I could play back up quarterback. Isn’t that awesome?”

“Yeah totally dude.” He mocked Bryce and I tried not to laugh at it.

My dad undid his uniform belt with his gun on it and placed it on the table. “Autumn, I asked you how your day was..”

I stood up and winced walking over to him with a limp. He was gonna find out anyway, he’s the police chief.

“Well..” I lifted my shirt and showed him the massive bruise forming and lifted my shirt to show him the wrap on my arm.

“AUTUMN RAYNE GREENE what the hell happened?!”

He ran over and started checking me over for more injuries.

“Dad I’m fine, I’m fine.”


Suddenly my brother was no where to be seen. Nice bro thanks for the backup. He popped his head around the corner.



His voice was harsh and stern now. He wasn’t messing around. He was bringing up last year.. I blinked back the tears.

“Dad its not his fault! I fell in cheer and I-“

“No more cheer then!”

“Put dad that’s literally the only thing they have at that school!”

“NO! I’m not risking it again. I thought you two could handle it but apparently I was wrong.”

Bryce stepped In front of me now.

“Dad look I’m sorry. I was right there, I got to her when it happened before it got any worse.”

“Any worse? What do you mean any worse?”

“URGH! Dad look, there’s these girls at school that just bullied me to no end today and then got revenge on me during practice. Bryce had nothing to do with it, no boys were involved. Just mean nasty dramatic girls.”

My dad sighed and took his hat off, rubbing his neck. “Sweetheart, I need the names of those girls.”

“No dad, I’m not gonna have you.”

“Now.” He said very calmly and quiet.

Here we go, my life is ruined. He’s gonna go talk to the parents and be mister police chief on them and then everyone at school will think I can’t handle my own problems.

Bryce answered for me. “The only one we really need to worry about is Evie Marks. She’s completely insane. But the other is Adrian, you know Ryder’s sister next door? She was in on it too.. but she’s not so completely insane.”

I huffed and smacked the back of Bryce’s head. Way to just spill the beans.

“I’ll be back you two stay here.” My dad replied.

I saw him put his belt and hat back on and leave the driveway in his police issued SUV.

“Damn it all to hell.”

I ran up the stairs, grabbing my phone. Wincing and limping the whole time. Ran into my room and slammed the door. Flying on my bed I hugged my pillow. Today could end now, and it did because seconds later I fell asleep.

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