Love, Rot, And Other Existential Crises

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Agmos, a young love god, has been exiled from heaven. Cast down to the human world, he must discover what love truly is in order to return to godhood. (On hiatus) Agmos, a young love god, has been exiled from heaven. Cast down to the human world, he must discover the true meaning of his job, helping mortals find true love, in order to return to his godhood. Armed with a few decades of experience, the help of a rambunctious rot spirit, and absolutely no clue where to start, he sets out on a journey through a prestigious New York boarding school to discover the meaning of love.

Romance / Fantasy
Selene Flash
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Zero~Fading Into Being



I was falling, falling, falling.

Down, down, down.

Then at last, a light.

The darkness turning from black, to grey, to a blinding white.

Then colors.

The white fading to the clear, eyepercing blue of a perfect summer's day.

The wind rushing in my ears.

The twigs of a magnificent oak tree snapping as I fell down through them, leaves lashing my face.

A crunch as my back hit the thickest branch and bounced off, landing with a thud on cold, hard pavement.

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