Abandoned in Technology

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Romance / Scifi
Raven Valentino
Work in progress
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Chapter 1

vThe sirens echoed and blared around the city, their bright lights mixing with that of the neon city, how I missed the old ways when darkness shrouded you and no one could change their face or replace their organs with machinery. I steered my motorcycle around the corner just about hiding myself, the police cars drove straight past me. I giggled to myself and turned around for home but it was an abandoned block of flats; no one there but me and a couple of defect automatons.

They served as my guard dogs and always raised an alarm if I was in danger.
I entered my garage and noticed my arm was smoking and sparking a little, one of the bullets from the police must’ve caught it. “Great!” I exclaimed. The lights turned on as I entered into the house.

“Welcome Samba,” the house greeted me as I walked in.

“Show me todays footage.” I demanded. Suddenly in front of my black leather couch was a projection and it showed everything from my cctv cameras that were littered around my property, it was quiet till it reached midday and several police men were stood outside and were pounding on the door, they went away after thirty minutes, it was all quiet most of the day till I saw something hop over my fence at the back, but it wasn’t an animal the fence is too high with barbed wire on the top.

It looked humanoid, it looked like me.It had most of its outter shell missing and it was showing its inner workings especially on the chest and face area. I grabbed my gun off the wall and then went out to my backyard but I couldn’t see anything, till i looked on the ground and there were heavy footprints in the dirt. “Is someone out here?!” I called, but nothing or no one answered me, I decided to check my garage where my bikes were kept, as well as the room for my refurbishment if I ever sustain fatal injuries or damage.

I opened the door and flicked the light on, and I didn’t see anything till I walked in a bit further, there crouched in the corner was the machine, an older generation than I was, we were both made from seperate materials but the skin, eyes, and what was left of our organs remained. I then point my gun at it, and that’s when he turns around. “What are you doing here?” I snarled and walked closer, he remained quiet. “Machines like you are not welcome here!”

He now stood in front of me, he grabbed the gun and threw it aside, I now backed off as he walked up “I need your help,” he said.

“Help? I’m just as broken as you.” I replied.

“You have a facility to be fixed, yes?” he said pointing to the table and chair with the machines around it.

“Indeed, but why do you need it?” I asked.

“I need for you to help me recover my memory, who I was before.” He said.

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