Not Everything Is As It Seems

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I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, my body was frozen to the spot. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as he said, “I’ve come back for you." Ava Kapadia, is a 17 year old normal girl living in England until something happens that makes her and her entire family move, all the way to California. This move is meant to be a fresh start for Ava and she promised herself not to get involved with any boys and get through the school year without getting noticed. Of course, being Indian and having a British accent made Ava stand out more than she wanted to, especially to the school's bad boy Dylan Wright. The last thing Ava wanted was to get attention and it seems with her being the fascination of Dylan Wright, that is what she is going to get. Dylan can't help but be drawn to Ava's quiet side but there is always more to the story than you think. Join Ava as she tries to navigate her way through school and watch out for her past that could catch up to her at any time....

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Chapter 1

Some people say going to a new country isn’t scary, it is fun. A new experience and a new adventure. Not me. I would have stayed in England my whole life if it wasn’t for something that happened about 6 months ago. I don’t like to talk about it though.

So, I’m sitting here on a plane flying to California with my whole family. Our sudden move to California may have been planned but it appears that I am the only one who still had reservations about the whole thing. Ironic, considering that it was because of me, my family decided to make this move in the first place.

My twin 17-year old brother, Kush sat on my left, nearest the window and seemed totally into whatever he was watching. Priya, my youngest sister sat in front of us with my mum and my poor dad sat behind with a random old man who kept snoring.

The journey wasn’t too long, I spent most of it thinking about my new life and how it would be. I was excited to see my cousins though. We were going to be staying with my dad’s sister and her family. My aunt owned a chain of restaurants and so had a house big enough for us to stay with her until we get settled. We had already shipped over a lot of our personal belongings and our house back home was currently being rented. My dad had already found a job and my mum was going to help out at one of the restaurants. Us kids had already been enrolled in school, thanks to our cousins, so everything was sorted. This move may have been rushed but I was pretty proud that my parents had managed to sort out everything.

“Ava!” Kush tapped me on my shoulder.

I took my headphones off which were currently blasting one of my favourite songs, Angel with a Shotgun. I raised my eyebrows in question and Kush pointed out the window.

“We’ve landed!” He said.

Damn, I didn’t even realise. Too wrapped up in my own thoughts, very typical of me. The rush to get off the plane and get through customs was terrible. I forgot how much I hated being scrutinized by the customs officer, even if I had all the legal documents.

When we finally collected our luggage and walked through, the first person I saw was my cousin Aisha. She was holding up a sign saying, “The Kapadia’s!”

The smile on my face got bigger and I ran into Aisha’s arms. People were probably looking at us weirdly but I couldn’t care. Aisha was a year younger than me and Kush but her brother Kaylen was the oldest of us all. He was 19 and that meant Priya was the youngest of us all at 15. I always said she acted like she was an old lady, 15 going on 50.

After our hellos were said, we all headed off to the car and Kaylen helped my dad and Kush put the luggage in the car. There was no doubt that Kaylen was probably happy that there were some men around as his dad isn’t in the picture anymore. It didn’t take long for us to head home.

Home, my new home. There was no going back now. Everyone settled into their seats, my aunt decided she would drive back.

My mum and aunt were upfront chatting away as she drove and my dad was busy talking to the boys. Priya and Aisha were in a deep conversation but I was looking out the window and thinking. It was such a sudden move but the whole reason we moved made me want to cry but I held back. I was far away from home now and that was a good thing.

Once we reached their house, it was the dreaded time to unpack. If it was me, I would have put it off but mum said it would be a good way to beat jetlag. Aisha already told me they had put our boxes in our new rooms. I realised that my room was right at the end and I liked that. When I walked in, I noticed that some of my things had been unpacked, thanks to Aisha.

I spent the next few hours unpacking everything and making my room feel like home. Once I was finally done, I lay on my bed and breathed a sigh of relief. I pulled out my phone and sighed, I needed to get an American sim now. Luckily, it was Saturday and I had another day to get ready before school started on Monday.

It was currently 9 pm and I was shattered, jet lag was catching up with me but before I could close my eyes, my aunt shouted up the stairs for us to come down. I sleepily came downstairs and sat next to Kush.

My aunt was just generally talking and turned to me and asked, “Ava, how are you after..?”

But she didn’t get to finish as my dad’s loud voice stopped me, “No, we do not mention that in this house. Ever.”

Everyone nodded while I looked down at my hands and sighed. This was meant to be a fresh start for me. Kush took my hand in his and held it tightly as if to show his support.

The last thing I wanted to think about was that incident. It will probably haunt me till I die.

I yawned again and my mum said, “Well, it has been a long day. Let’s all head up to bed now.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I went upstairs with Kush who refused to let go of my hand. Before going our separate ways, Kush said to me, “Whatever happens Ava, I will never leave your side. You’re my twin and little sis.”

I rolled my eyes and said, “I am only 5 minutes younger than you, but thank you, Kush. I love you.”

I headed off to my room and quickly got changed into some PJs. My eyes were closing and I couldn’t wait to jump into bed and forget everything bad in my life.

I hugged the warm duvet covers and almost immediately, I let the darkness consume me….

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