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You or Me

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Chapter 2

The queen along with her mate travelled towards the South as said by the moon along with their few trusted guards leaving their kingdom in hands of their beta. They travelled for days as they are not aware of their destination it was not until one fine day, the kings men and the king were resting while the queen reached the river to drink water.

As she was about to drink water she heard a cry for help but when she turned she couldn't find anyone. As she was about to brush it off she heard it again if it wasn't for her wolf ears she wouldn't have heard it. She searched for the owner of the voice, now she heard the voice more clearly.

She searched behind the bushes only to find a old woman being bullied by some men. The old woman's eyes were terrified she was pleading them to give her hard earned money back. The queen couldn't hold herself back watching the poor and weak getting bullied. Her claws extended, the beast in her got in attack mode ready for hunt ready to kill.

She didn't care she was pregnant her eyes turned red indicating her beast was in control.

" Let the old woman go", she stepped in ready to face the four men.

Her sound was so terrifying that the birds flew away the small creatures of forest hid in their nest. It shook the entire forest caused her mate to wakeup. Though the king never see the women as equal to men he loved his queen he can never stand the thought of her getting hurt. Yes he avoided her as his thoughts were clouded but he could never hate her.

He knows the sound that woke him up belonged to his queen. Someone has made his mate mad and he is ready to teach the son of the dog a lesson he started to follow her sweet scent.

The queens claws are coated in blood, blood of those low beings bullying the weak. She was not weak as her king believed she was a born warrior but her king never recognised that. He always thought of her as weak girl who need to be protected by his shadow.

"Are you okay", the queen asked the old woman.

"what do you wish for my child ", the old woman asked her the fear that once coated her eyes was long gone.

" oh no granny it's my duty to help I can't stand seeing you getting bullied ", the queen refused any favour what she said was indeed true it was her duty, to protect her subjects. She sensed the old woman was human and the ones that bullied her were beast just like her.

" yet you jumped in without a second thought what if you are hurt my child you are pregnant ", the old woman pointed. That statement shocked the queen how the hell did the old woman knew she was pregnant she didn't start showing yet.

The old woman's laughing echoed "need not be worried child you travelled all way South what was that you need state your wish".

"who are you", the queen questioned her. Soon the old woman transformed into a beautiful young woman.

"looks like we have company ", the queen turned to see her king and their guards.

" I m the life of this forest the heir of Sinclair witches strongest and powerful of all what favour do you want that made you travel all way to south", it was then the king and queen realized this was the reason why the moon had sent them South.

The queen wanted this craziness to end she wanted change of heart for her king to change his thought and accept what is granted. But the king had other thoughts before the queen could say what's on her mind the king asked for a male heir and for his heir to be powerful of all kind that exist.

The witch turned towards the queen cause she was the one who she owed the favour. The queen was helpless she didn't want what the king asked for yet she couldn't go against his wishes she closed her eyes clenching her hand and shook her head.

" you wanted me to change fate you should be aware it may have consequences are you sure it what you want", the witch seem to give a knowing look and asked the queen again.

But the king intervened again " yes I would rather face the consequences than have a girl child and bring my kingdom to ruins".

"As you wish but remember only sacrifice of loved one can melt a stone heart", the witch waved her hand and disappeared.

The king and queen felt a shift in air and before they could blink they are back in their palace.

The queen's heart felt heavy she could sense something was gonna happen because the king without knowing places two wishes to the witch. When a witch makes your wish come true without owing a favour it will have grave consequences.

The king wished for a male heir he wanted to change fate even the witch warned them of consequences but that's not it the king also wished for his heir to be powerful of all which is the second wish only the moon knows what lays ahead.

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