Begin Again

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Ten: Monday

I enter work the following morning, noting that my receptionist isn’t at her desk. I’m not fond of tardy people at the workplace but my receptionist was good at her job, whatever her name is, anyway. Perhaps she’s with Mason helping with something.

Coffee in hand, I take a sip as I enter my office and I take a seat at my desk. When I look at my computer I notice a new email from a Gina. Oh, that’s her name.

“Gina, Gina, Gina...” I mutter under my breath before checking the email.

Mr. Reid,

It is with deep regret that I inform you that I will no longer be able to work for your company do to an urgent family matter in my home country. You and your brother have been wonderful, I will take this learning experience with me to my fellow endeavors.

As of this morning, I had contacted a temp agency who will have a temporary receptionist available if you wish to go that route.

All the best,


“Well, fuck,” I groan, leaning back and calling out to my brother whose office is down the hall from me, “Mason!”

This was a mess, I was never a fan of turning to temp agencies for my workers, I look thoroughly through resumes before allowing someone into my company and giving them access to important files. But at this point, I have no other option.

My mind drifts to Violet, maybe she would be a good receptionist. This would be good for her so she would have no reason to refuse the offer.

Mason walks into my office, raising an eyebrow, “What’s up?”

“Georgia quit.”

“You mean Gina,” He responds before waving his hand casually, “I received an email as well, we have someone from the temp agency coming soon. So we’ll be fine.”

“I’d rather set up interviews so we can select a good fit ourselves.” I tell him, searching online for a website to post a job position availability.

Mason nods his head as he leans against the wall. How was he not freaking out? The guy would hire anyone without giving a damn about their qualifications, “We will do that. But for now, we need to take what we can get. I’ll forward you the girl’s resume.”

I roll my eyes as he leaves, turning to face the window and looking out at the city, “Happy fucking Monday.”

Mondays were never my thing to begin with and when Monday came with bad news, that made things all the more worse. Being a CO-CEO of my own company I had become extremely picky with who I employ and this is just a mess.

A new email appears on my screen from Mason.

FW: Temp Resume

I click into the email and read this girl’s resume. She went to school for reception, she has experience in sales prior to her position at a lawyer’s office, and she has certifications in CPR. I suppose it isn’t too bad, but if I could get Violet into the position that would be my priority.

“Aye, Tommy!” I hear Mason call out to me and by his tone I can only assume that our temp has arrived.

Standing from my desk, I make my way to the lobby and see Mason talking to a girl who is standing back on to me. Her hair is blond and she has good curves which help me feel less annoyed by the fact that I have a temp in my building.

She turns around and her voice noticeably changes, “Hello, I’m the temp.”

I furrow my eyebrows at her slight attitude, “Okay. Is this how you introduce yourself or are you just terrible with communication?”

The girl laughs, shaking her head slightly, “Same asshole from high school, I see.”

“Excuse me?”

Mason cuts in, placing his hand on my shoulder to shut me up, “Tommy, she’s from North Carolina also. She went to our school... Apparently she was in your classes.”

I look at the blond again, my eyes moving up and down her body then settling on her face. I see something familiar about her but I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe she was a chick I fucked when I was in high school, it was highly likely but I didn’t remember names.

“I mean, you look familiar... Look, if we had sex can we please be professional about it?” I ask her, not wanting to bring my past intimacy into my place of work. Those two things never worked well together.

“Oh god... We did not,” She seems disgusted which surprises me because no one is ever disgusted at the thought of having sex with me. In high school I had a pretty damn good reputation, “My name is Ella.”

I shrug nonchalantly, still not understanding who this girl is, “Okay, Ella... That doesn’t ring a bell.”

“Ella Bateau.”

Holy fuck.

That did it for me. I suddenly remember exactly who this girl is and it isn’t necessarily a good thing considering I was terrible to her in high school. She doesn’t even look like the same girl I remember, but then again she had the same face - the body was what changed.

“Holy shit... Bateau? As in...”

She nods her head, “I believe you called me Ella Fateau.”

She puts emphasis on the fat and I cringe at the memories that flood my mind. I remember it perfectly, the chunky blond girl who was quiet and always by herself, then there was me. The pot head that didn’t give a shit about anyone’s feelings and constantly joked about her weight whenever I had the chance.

“Whoa... Look, Elle. I’m not--”

“Ella,” She corrects me and simply shakes her head, “Forget about it, okay? It isn’t worth making a big deal over and I’m just here to get experience for my next job position.”

I glance at Mason who seems completely uncomfortable and I can understand why. Hell, I’m uncomfortable and that never happens to me. Mason clears his throat and offers to show Ella a tour of the office space which I am grateful for. I’m not good in situations that highlight the person I used to be, but I’m different now. I’m nowhere near the jerk that I used to be.

I give an awkward wave when they walk off and as soon as they’re out of sight I release a deep sigh, “I fucking hate Mondays.”

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