Begin Again

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Twelve: Naked

Violet wore a really short green dress. It hugged her body perfectly and managed to keep my eyes on her the entire time which isn’t hard to begin with. She’s gorgeous and tonight I also learned that she’s also a really good dancer. Seeing her this way with lack of clothes and moving her body seems to make me more attracted to her and this time it’s all her. Nothing to do with her cousin or anything, it’s her body and I’m turned on by her.

She drinks like a man, and I mean nothing but good things when I say that. She drinks more and more, causing me to wait for her to fall over but damn, she has a high tolerance level. It’s impressive.

“I can’t believe you didn’t even change out of your work clothes,” She teases me while she dances, moving her fingers through her long red hair and taking a deep breath to relieve some of the sweat on her body.

I chuckle, looking down at my cuffs that were not rolled to my elbows, my white shirt had three buttons undone at the top. Sure, I came in my work attire but being the guy that I am, I’m sure that I look as hot as I always do.

“Is that your way of telling me that I look good? Because if so, thank you,” I wink at her, making my way towards the bar and ordering another round of shots.

When Violet speaks I can almost see her roll her eyes in my mind which makes me smirk, “You are one cocky son of a bitch, Thomas Reid.”

Tell me something I don’t know.

“With good reason,” I answer her.

As the bartender comes back with the shots, before I can take one Violet holds her hand up and takes a short glass with her free hand, sliding it between her cleavage. A grin appears on her face, “Get the shot, no hands.”

I smirk at her and as I’m about to lean down to take the glass between my lips, I’m suddenly hit with a burst of emotions as a memory flashes in my head.

“Putting your face between some girl’s chest isn’t an innocent act. It’s insulting to me!” Jade’s voice rings in my ears.

Oh no. Not the memory I refuse to remember. The biggest fight Jade and I had, I went to a party and got wasted, then there was a video on the internet of me taking a shot between Jenna’s boob. It broke Jade’s heart and she held it in for so long before telling me she had seen it.

“How am I supposed to trust you, Thomas?” Her voice echos again.

I stare ahead without realize just how lost I had become in the moment, my eyes on Violet’s chest but my mind was completely elsewhere. It’s where it has been for years, back in North Carolina with Jade.

“Thomas?” Violet asks me, laughing in an unsure tone as she attempts to take the shot glass from her cleavage.

“No,” I stop her, placing my hands on her waist and dipping my head towards her chest. As I latch my lips onto the side of the shot glass, I tip my head back and down the liquid quickly.

I can’t continue to let these memories haunt me and keep me from living my life. If I fight it, it will go away. Maybe.

I hear Violet giggling and when I look at her she has her head back, uncontrollable laughter escaping her lips, “Okay, that tickled a lot more than I expected it to.”

“Yeah?” I grin at her, lifting my hand to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear slowly. This is a good moment, it could even be a great moment but not if I let my memories ruin it for me. I need to ignore all of the voices telling me no and just go for it. I need to make myself happy again.

I don’t move away from her, instead I dip my head into the nape of her neck and begin to brush my lips against her skin slowly. She smells good, I’m not sure the scent but it seems something like a citrus. Just as I place one little kiss on her neck I feel her inhale a deep breath.


Quickly, I pull away to make sure I didn’t overstep, “I’m sorry if I overstepped. I--”

“No, no... I just think that maybe we should go somewhere private,” Violet tells me, “Somewhere that we can do whatever we want without people watching.”

I stare at her, feeling my dick throbbing in my pants as I realize what she’s implying. Just as expected, I’m going to get laid tonight. But unlike all of the other girl’s I’ve had sex with since Jade passed, I’m actually beginning to have feelings for Violet.

My lips force themselves against Violet’s and I kiss her with a sense of urgency. Our first kiss, it isn’t something beautiful or romantic, it’s sloppy and full of lust but that doesn’t make it feel any less good. In fact, it feels amazing.

When her lips reciprocate the action, I can feel her hands gripping onto the fabric of my shirt while pulling me nearer to her. It felt good to actually have feelings for someone when kissing them, though the feelings aren’t as strong yet, I know it’ll grow.

The feeling of connecting with someone is too good to let go of.


I don’t remember the previous night much but when I wake up my bed is a mess and I’m naked. Completely naked. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy being naked, but it’s a little chilly this morning. Of the entire night, I remember drinking and dancing, the last thing I really remember is kissing Violets.

Flashes of her under me, moaning and breathing heavily flick in the back of my memory and I smirk. Although I may not remember it in fine detail, I know we had a good night and this would only lead up to more amazing things to come which gave me something to look forward to finally. Instead of hopping from bed to bed, I want to try something else with Violet. I want to try to actually make some kind of relationship with her.

This is more than just fun, I think we could be great together.

I sit up in my bed and look around, there’s no sign of Violet or her clothes but I manage to find my boxers and I pull them on as I stand up. I yawn, walking slowly to my bedroom door and when I stick my head out I look around for Violet.

“Vi?” I ask quietly, making my way to the living area.

Violet is still nowhere to be seen and when I hear a knock on the door I assume she ran out for coffee and needed to get back inside. When I open the door I’m disappointed to see my dad, Allison and Mila. I’m no disappointed to see Mila in particular, just the people who accompany her.

“Uh... Hi?” I ask.

My dad chuckles and walks on in, “Tommy, it’s lunch time. You’re just getting up?”

“You’re sleeping the day away,” Mila claims, taking off her pink jacket and tossing it on my couch before she grabs the remote and begins to scroll through the channels.

I scratch the back of my neck, closing the door once they all enter my loft, “I went out last night and didn’t come home until late.”

Mila turns her head to look over at me, an eyebrow arched and a suspicious look in her eye, “Are you hungover?”

“How do you even know what that means? You like - ten or something.”

“Almost eleven,” She corrects me.

“Almost doesn’t count,” I respond, rolling my eyes at how smart this kid could be sometimes, “But yes, I’m a little hungover.”

Allison rests her hand on my shoulder and looks at me sympathetically, “Do you need a tea or water? Dehydrating yourself won’t help.”

I shrug her hand off of my shoulder, “I’m fine.”

The room falls silent for a moment before my dad takes it upon himself to speak up as he always does, “We’re leaving this evening to head back home. We were hoping you would be at Mason and Jenna’s last night but your phone went straight to voicemail. I didn’t want to leave without seeing you again, it seems like we don’t see each other often enough.”

“Yeah, well I was busy last night, so--”

“Hey, Thomas. I used your shampoo, if that’s oka--” Violet suddenly comes down the hallway with nothing but a towel around her slender body and her long red hair wet, dripping onto her collarbone.

Jesus fuck.

She stops in her steps when she sees that there is company here, my dad, again, is the first to speak, “I guess you were busy.”

I chuckle to myself, there’s no shame in having a beautiful woman walk out of your bathroom practically naked. I’m proud of what I would once consider to be my conquests, but now, I consider women to be my company. Whether it be a one night thing or something that will last longer, conquest just seemed to be degrading.

“This is Violet...” I begin.

“Jade’s cousin?!” Mila jumps up from the couch, a big smile on her face and completely ignoring the fact that Violet is practically nude, “Wow! You’re really pretty like Jade. Are you as nice as her? She made me the best hot cocoa ever, but I can’t find one as good anymore. Do you make hot cocoa like Jade?”

Violet looks extremely overwhelmed and uncomfortable, I step in front of Mila and cover her mouth with my hand, “Hey, don’t be rude.”

As I look back towards Violet, she’s scurrying into my bedroom and I sigh heavily, I don’t want my family to scare her away. I know that Mila meant no harm but Jade is a tough subject for the both of us so I understand when she struggles to express herself. I have the same problem,

“I’m sorry, Tommy,” Mila apologizes as I remove my hand, “I was just really excited. Is she a lot like Jade? I miss her, so it would be nice to have her around again in some way.”

My dad and Allison stay silent, allowing me to take over this question. I sit on the couch, pulling Mila next to me as I begin to answer her the best way that I can, “Well, Mila... Jade and Violet are both very different. They’re not the same person and even though they’re related, Violet isn’t going to take Jade’s place. But she’s pretty amazing in ways that are different from Jade, you know.”

“Oh,” Mila sounds disappointed.

“But hey, they do have something in common,” I begin.

Mila speaks up before I get a chance to finish, “They’re both gingers?”

I’m taken aback by her answer but I chuckle lightly, “No... Well, yes. But that’s not what I was gonna say. What I was going to say is, they’re both beautiful. Not just on the outside, but the inside too. And that’s what I like about Violet. I think you’ll like her too.”

The silence worries me, Mila is a feisty girl so if she doesn’t like Violet she will be sure to let me know but I don’t want that for either of us. Mila is the one girl in this world who means more to me than anyone so even though she’s only ten, her opinion means a lot to me.

“You know what, Tommy?” She asks me. When I raise an eyebrow she continues, “I don’t really know Violet. But you’re my brother and as long as you’re happy, then so am I.”

A smile slowly begins to form on my face, this kid has always been wise beyond her years, it’s impressive and I’m not sure who she gets it from because both of her parent’s are idiots. I wrap my arms around her and pulls her into a hug.

“I’m gonna miss you, squirt,” I kiss her head as I pull away, “When we skype sometime, maybe you’ll get to talk to Violet more. But she’s really shy so be easy on her, okay?”

“I will. I promise.”

Saying goodbye to Mila is the hard part, saying goodbye to dad and Allison is something I could do every day and not give a shit. But once they’re all gone I have one thing on my mind and that’s to check up on Violet who still hasn’t come out of the room.

I lock the door behind my family and head back to my bedroom, saying Violet’s name as I approach the door, it isn’t until I open the door that I see her. She sitting at the edge of the bed, fully clothed with her head in her hands and she’s sobbing.

Her tears aren’t little sniffles or something that can be ignored, Violet is crying and I have no idea what to do.

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