Begin Again

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Twenty-Seven: Always

The morning that followed me discovering who Violet really is, I headed to Mason’s place to talk to him. It was early, too early to be at work but I needed someone to confide in and my little brother seemed like the best option. Although he has so much shit going on in his life right now, he seems to be the only person I’m willing to talk about this with. Mason is the least likely to judge me for trusting Violet so quickly.

Everyone else had warned me but I didn’t listen, something inside of me ignored their reasoning and I jumped at the opportunity to be happy again. It’s pathetic and now it has become really embarrassing.

Mason was the only one who didn’t go overboard with judgement or questions, which is why I came to him of all people.

When the front door opened, Jenna stood there with an unimpressed look on her face. She stands in her pyjamas, messy hair and a tired look on her face, “Why are you waking me at this ungodly hour?”

“Not here for you. I’m here for Mason,” I stepped past her, gently pushing her to the side so I could get in, “Where is he?”

“I haven’t seen him since yesterday. The text you sent me indicated that you knew what happened so I’m not sure why you came here to look for him,” Jenna snaps, clearly irritated or just menstruating.

I hear the front door close and I turn to face her, rolling my eyes at her attitude, “I assumed that Romeo and Juliet would have put aside their differences by now. I guess it was more serious than I thought, or you guys are just dramatic.”

I hear Jenna sigh and she shakes her head, “Don’t talk about things that you don’t know, Thomas.”

“C’mon, Jen. Don’t be like that. You know I’m just messing with you... Tell me what Mason did so I can knock some sense into him,” I gently nudge her arm and offer her a soft smile. She and I always had a bickering relationship but we both knew better than to take any of it seriously.

At the end of the day we’re best friends and that gives us the right to be honest and upfront with one another. She would always be the same with me which is why she had been so amendment with me getting close to Violet.

“It wasn’t Mason, it was me. So if you wanna knock some sense into me, you may want to get in line because I’m pretty sure that Mason feels the same way,” Her voice is soft and I can hear the disappointment in her tone. I’m unsure what Jenna could possibly do to make Mason so angry but it’s clear that she’s blaming herself.

I follow her to the couch and when she sits down, I sit next to her, “I’m sure you’re being dramatic like you usually are.”

“Not exactly. I crushed Mason’s dreams, which made him feel cornered and forced to choose. He obviously didn’t choose me, so...”

“What the fuck would be more important to him than you?” I feel enraged, angry that my brother would make Jenna feel so unimportant. If he planned so marry her, she had to be his first priority. No exceptions.

Jenna looks at me as she answers, “Children. He wants kids in the future and I don’t... Ever.”

“That’s a little extreme, though. You’re both young and who knows what the future even holds?”

“I do. I never want kids, Thomas. It isn’t who I am, I’m not mother material and Mason made it clear that he wants a family, more than I’m willing to give him,” She explains, tucking her hair behind her ear as she stares at a photo of her and Mason that was set on the tv stand, “I told him that if he absolutely wanted children that he might as well leave now before it gets harder, and... I took off my ring, set it on the table and watched him pick it up. I don’t know if it’s pathetic of me but I was expecting him to tell me that no matter what we disagree on that our relationship will always come first. But he didn’t. Instead he put the ring in his pocket and said the he can’t believe he would throw everything away all because I’m unwilling to compromise.”

Jenna struggles to finish her explanation before breaking down into heavy sobs. Her pain is evident and I feel my chest tighten. Jenna had never said anything about not wanting kids but then again, she didn’t say anything about wanting them, either. Some people just don’t want to be a parent and that’s there choice, but being in a relationship it’s something that should be discussed before jumping into marriage.

“You guys never talked about this before?” I rest my arm around her shoulders, pulling her against me to give her a comforting hug.

As she rests her head against my chest, I feel her nodding, “I always said that to him, I don’t know if he thought I would change my mind but...”

“Hey, hey...” I lift her chin so she’s looking at me, “Don’t kick yourself for this. If you told him then he was aware... Jen, I don’t know why he would react this way, clearly he just needs a minute to chill and think things through. You two were made for each other, he knows that and so do you.”

Jenna blinks away her tears, quickly wiping her wet cheeks with her hands, “I don’t know, Thomas. Even if he still wants me I’m not sure I could ever risk having him resent me for the rest of our lives. This is something he wants so badly and I can’t handle having him look back and regret choosing me.”

I had no idea that there had been so much going on in Mason and Jenna’s relationship. They always seemed so perfect together and in love, but I guess every relationship has problems sometimes. This is hard to swallow because I had become so accustomed to my best friend being with my brother, family events were easy because they would both be there. But if Mason and Jenna didn’t work this out, my life would become much harder than I needed it to be.

“He would never regret choosing you. You can make him happier than any kid ever could,” I manage a smile, trying to get her to laugh and it works. She lets out out a soft giggle and I cup her face in my hands, “Don’t question his love for you, okay? He’s a smart guy and if he really is as smart as I think, he will know what’s good for him - and that’s you.”

“I hope you’re right.”

“I usually am right, if that helps.”

She laughs and wraps her arms around my, hugging me tightly and hiding her face against my chest once again, “Thank you for being here when I need you the most. I know things have never been easy for you, but I appreciate you being here for me.”

I rest my chin on her head, closing my eyes and whispering back, “Always.”

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