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Twenty-Eight: Unbreak Her Heart

"Are you a fucking idiot?" I slam Mason's office door behind me after I walk inside, seeing him sitting at his desk with a glum expression on his face, "You can't just treat Jenna like that, Mase. You know, I had always been worried that she would be the one to hurt you, not the opposite way around."

As Mason looks up he seems to send me a glare, "Don't talk about things that you don't understand."

"Oh, I understand... I understand that you ignored her saying that she wouldn't want kids and waiting until you promised her commitment!"

Mason stands from his desk, slamming his fists on the surface and this is one of the very few times that I've seen him angry, "Shut up, Thomas! You don't know anything about mine and Jenna's relationship!"

"Well apparently you don't have a relationship now because you're a selfish son of a bi--"

"Hey!" I hear my dad's voice and when I turn around, my dad is in the doorway, shaking his head, "I haven't seen you guys bickering like this since you were teenagers. I thought we moved past this?"

"We did," Mason answers, flailing his arms towards me, "Until he decided to interfere in my relationship which is none of his business."

"No, I'm just confused about why you would treat a girl that you're supposed to love like a piece of trash that you can just throw away!" I feel my anger rising to the surface and I remember Jenna crying in my arms, making me only more angry at Mason for doing this to her. He was supposed to take care of her, "Fix this with her. Unbreak her heart because I swear to god, Mason... Seeing Jenna hurting the way she is right now is killing me."

"Get out of my office, Tommy. Mind your own business and focus on your own relationship for once," Mason rolls his eyes and I see him clench his jaw. I've hit a nerve but I could care less.

Jenna was in my life first. She was my friend first and we go back more than Masom would ever understand, she has no one else to defend her so that's my job.

"You're the same piece of shit you were when we were kids," I say without a thought, walking out of his office and slamming the door behind me.

Son of a bitch thinks he can tell me I'm overstepping. I hear the door open again behind me and I don't bother looking back.

As I reach the reception desk I see Ella sitting there and I stop, giving her a gentle smile, "I'm sorry about what happened before... I want you to stay here."

"Oh no... I am no getting in the middle of relationship drama with my boss," She holds her hands up and shakes her head no, "I appreciate the change of heart but I'm not going to be the reason you have issues with Violet."

"Violet and I are no longer together," I tell her, "She has no impact on my business decisions. Now that I'm newly single my focus is the good of my company and letting you go would do nothing but harm."

"I won't be a revenge tactic," Ella responds softly.

I shake my head, "You're not. I'll give you a two dollar raise and we can call it a day."

Without waiting for a response I head towards the elevator, only being stopped by my dad's hand on my shoulder, "Tommy... There was no need of that."

"Ella is a good employee," I defend, turning around to face him.

"I'm talking about what you said to Mason. You two have come so far, why are you willing to let all of that go suddenly?"

"Suddenly?" I chuckle lightly and shake my head, "I went to see him but instead I found my best friend in tears because that prick took the engagement ring back. All because she doesn't want kids! He should have decided this before making her fall in love with him, dad. Jenna may seem tough but her heart is on her sleeve for him and he's stepping on it."

My dad takes a deep breath, adjusting his jacket before sighing, "I understand that you're defending your friend but they need to deal with their relationship problems on their own. As you need to deal with yours."


"I heard you tell Ella that you're no longer with Violet, so what happened, Tommy? You were so sure of her," He says to me and I don't know how I could possibly explain to him that I had been an idiot and trusted Violet's every lie.

People warned me and I ignored the one's I trusted the most just so I could be with Violet.

"Well, like everyone else in the world, she was a liar," I press the elevator button, waiting for the doors to open so I can escape this conversation.

My dad is never the type to let something go, even if I refuse to discuss my business, "Not everyone lies."

"Everyone I know has lied. Mom lied to you, you lied to her, it seems to be never ending in my life. So maybe I should just stop trusting anyone," I suggest and as the elevator doors open I walk inside, "Just like mom wanted from you, Violet wanted my money. Her story was a lie, okay? She never knew Jade and for all I know her name isn't even Violet."

"You're a human, Thomas. Sometimes we make decisions based on what our heart wants even if our mind is giving us warnings," His voice has turned soft suddenly and he follows me into the elevator, "Your mom initiated our relationship for the perks of being with a Reid, but she never lied. Sometimes things start from a bad place but they become something honest. Her love for me and my love for her had been very real, I just couldn't trust her after everything... It took a while to feel trust again."

"So because you couldn't trust her, you broke her trust. Seems legit," I roll my eyes and press the button to take me to the lobby.

My dad simply shakes his head, "No... I didn't cheat on her for that reason. I was angry at her, yes. But I fell in love with someone while I was married and instead of being responsible and a good husband, I made a bad choice to have an affair instead of ending things first."

Well, at least he can admit that he was a shit husband to my mom. That's the truth. Perhaps I'm bias because she's my mom and I love her, but now that I'm going through the same thing I can't help but finally understand my dad a little. Though, I'll never admit that to him.

"I've apologized to your mom since, I would do anything to make up my betrayal to her but I can't go back in time and change what I did," Dad leans his back against the wall and looks over at me, "But I can tell my son that it's okay to feel betrayed, but don't focus on only the feeling of hurt and let it consume you. Don't let this break you, Tommy. You have a full life ahead of you and there is someone out there that's worthy of your love. Sometimes we just need to look further than what's in front of us."

I stare at the elevator buttons as the light changes when we reach each floor. My chest is heaving and I try to push away the hurt I'm feeling but the longer I'm in this stupid city, the more I think about how Violet destroyed me just when I was finally managing to become myself again.

I shake my head, looking at the floor as I mumble, "I need to get out of here..."

"We're almost to the lobby," My dad answers.

"Not the elevator. I need to get out of New York... I just need some time away," I tell him, finally looking in his direction, "I'm thinking about going back to North Carolina with you, stay a week or more, just long enough to get this negative energy off of me. Being around family could do me good."

He doesn't hesitate to nod his head, agreeing instantly, "I think that's a great idea. Clear your mind and if you want, we can even go out on the water for a day or even a weekend. The yacht doesn't get used nearly as often as it did when we first purchased it."

"A day on the water sounds fucking nice right about now."

My dad and Allison purchased a vacation home in Sunset Beach, there they have a yacht and a great view of the water. I haven't been there yet but I've seen photos. Mila talked about it all the time, but this past year my dad has been working on expanding THR, his business, he and my grandfather are joining to get a branch in Canada. The long days have prevented trips to the beach house but I could easily use this to my advantage.

"If you don't mind, maybe I'll contact Maks and see if he'd be down to go to the beach house... get back to my roots and enjoy life without being dependent on women," I roll my eyes at how pathetic I've become. Women, whom I had once kept at a distance now seem to control every aspect of my life.

My dad nods his head and we exit the elevator together, "Of course. But no parties, okay? I'm okay with you inviting Maks and another person or two, but I don't need the placed trashed like you did in high school."

I scoff, "First of all, I'm not in high school anymore. Second, that wasn't me."

We chuckle as we make our way outside the building and I finally feel like I have something to look forward to. Going home and relaxing, no thoughts about work or Violet. Just me, one of my best friends and the water.

It seems almost too good to be true but at this point I'm putting all of my eggs into one basket and hoping for a good vacation away from my life.

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