Begin Again

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Thirty-Two: A Little Lost

When we arrive at the beach house, we each take out bags to the rooms we have chosen and of course I get dad and Allison’s room. A part of me enjoys getting the master but at the same time it’s obvious they’ve had sex in this bed, I can only hope the sheets have been washed since.

The room is very modern for the beach house and there’s a small balcony overlooking the ocean. The bed is neatly made with an oceanic blue bedding set, six pillows and a large panoramic photo of the beach over the headboard. A typical cliche-type decor for beach houses.

There’s three photos framed on the dresser. Mila on her second birthday, blowing out candles. The other is Mason with his childhood dog Chester, and the last is a photo of me when I was ten wearing a Packers jersey.

I smile at the memory, picking up the frame and looking. That weekend my dad had brought me to an NFL game, my first game. It was awesome and I remember the excitement of seeing my favorite team play along with the one on one time with my dad.

“Awe, it’s little Thomas Reid,” Jenna’s voice says from behind as she enters the room.

I turn to look at her, rolling my eyes playfully before setting the photo down, “Who would’ve thought that little kid would turn out to be such a miserable jackass, huh?”

“Nah,” She disagrees, “Just a little lost, but he turned out to be a pretty good guy.”

“Yeah, whatever.” I take her hand, turning it over to look at her palm, “See? The bite isn’t even there anymore. Always so dramatic.”

“It hurt when it happened,” She pouts, pulling her hand away and looking towards the bed, “Why did you get the big bed?”

“Because it’s my beach house,” I answer.

She shoots me a smirk, “Your dad’s, actually.”

As she takes a seat on the edge of the bed, I look over with a raised eyebrow, “Settling in okay? Maks and I brought beer, probably just relax here for the evening.”

“How about no?” She instantly rejects my suggestion before clapping her hands together, “It’s your birthday! We’re going on the beach and we’re going to party. That’s what this trip is all about, right?”

I shake my head, “No. No birthday celebrations. This is an escape from life, not a celebration.”

“Happy Birthday to you...” She begins to chant in a taunting manner, only teasing me more, “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Tho--”

“Enough!” I chuckle, taking a pillow and hitting her over the head, “Get out of my room so I can change.”

Jenna stands from the bed and hurries towards the door, finishing her birthday chant as she goes. When she’s done, she stops and turns to look at me once more, “10 minutes. Be downstairs and ready to have fun, okay?”

“Yes, okay.” I sigh in defeat and watch her close the door when she leaves.

I pull off my shirt and toss it on the floor before digging through my bag for some swim trunks. I don’t want to celebrate my birthday by no means, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy this time with my friends.


“Birthday shots!” Maks screams as he prepares three shots for us to take.

Now, this is my kind of party. I stand by the counter, waiting for him to finish and when he does he counts down from three and all of us down the shot we have, slamming the glass back on the counter when we finish.

“Fuck, that’s strong.” I make a face, listening to Maks chuckle at my comment.

Jenna takes the shot like a champ, though she always had been good at hiding her reactions to alcohol. No one could ever tell if she thought it was strong or not.

We make our way to the beach, dragging the cooler of beer with us as we go and stopping in an empty area where no one else was around. Maks doesn’t hesitate to take off his shirt and sit onto the sand, “To Tommy, the man, the myth, the legend!”

He holds up his beer and tips it towards his mouth, beginning to chug. I chuckle to myself, sitting beside him and opening my own beer, “Not much of a legend, but I am the man.”

I raise my beer, taking a sip after.

Jenna sits next to me and is typing on her phone. By the look on her face, I assume she’s texting my brother. Before coming downstairs I had texted him a simple message to let him know that Jenna is here with me. He responded with “What? Why?” But when I explained that we were just catching up with Maks, he never ended up responding.

I drape my arm over Jenna’s shoulders, raising an eyebrow at her in concern, “You okay? Mase isn’t giving you a hard time, is he?”

“No, no... He uh,” She takes a deep breath, “He just said that he thinks this time apart is good for us because he lost himself in me, now he gets to find himself again.”

“It’s just a breather, Jen.” I assure her, “Then when you guys get back together you will be better for both yourselves and each other.”

“It doesn’t matter,” She tells me, stuffing her phone into her purse, “No negativity, no over thinking. I’m here with my two best friends in this world, I want to enjoy it.”

Maks cheers, “Aye! That’s the spirit!”

I open the cooler, taking out a beer and passing it to Jenna, “For you.”


After sitting and talking together for half an hour, Jenna stands up and sets her empty beer bottle down. As she unzips her shorts, Maks raises his brows at her, “Whoa. Am I missing something?”

“Shut up,” She snaps at him, “I’m going swimming. You boys can have your booze, but I came to relax. There is nothing more relaxing than swimming in the ocean.”

She heads towards the water in her bikini and I find myself watching her longer than I should. Not only I notice because Maks nudges my shoulder, getting my attention, “What’s up?”

“Don’t ask me what’s up,” He snarls, motioning towards Jenna, “I’m surprised your cock isn’t based on how you were just looking at her.”

“No. Don’t even say shit like that. She’s with my brother, man. That’s fucked to even joke about,” I tell him, rolling my eyes and leaning back on my elbows, “Don’t start drama you won’t be able to take back.”

When Maks looks over at me, he gives me a very telling look. He’s thinking a lot more than he’s saying but he keeps his response short, “They’re not together right now.”

“Fuck off,” I suddenly stand up, tossing my empty bottle at the ground and getting upset with how Maks was making this a thing. This was a line that we shouldn’t even be joking about, one that I refuse to sit here and entertain the thought, “Sometimes you really should learn when to drop things.”

He groans as I begin to walk back towards the beach house, “Tommy, come on...”

I ignore him, walking back to the beach house and slamming the door behind me. My mood has completely evaporated into oblivion and I begin to wonder if this trip really was a mistake to begin with.

Jenna and I have been friends longer than I can remember, for whatever reason once we became curious teenagers we decided to have sex with each other - I took her virginity and she took mine. It was a simple interaction between friends that continued for years to come, but when I started dating Jade, that was it. There was never anything else with Jenna, but prior to that it was only sex.

Everyone knew this happened between Jenna and I. Maks knew, Jade had known and even Mason knew. The little fucker had even interrupted us making out a few times. If Mason had to feel insecure about my relationship with Jenna then he should have thought about that before perusing her.

I can’t change what happened in the past but I can change the future. I’m not going to stop being friends with Jenna because of Mason, if he has a problem with it, that’s something he will need to resolve, not me.

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