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Little Note:

Hi, some of you’ve been adding my book. And some of you’ve been asking where to read the full version. I appreciate your interest, but what I can’t appreciate is these type of readers that begs for me to give free version, unless I want to and I like you! And these type readers suddenly gives me a bad review on Amazon. I don’t know why I keep encountering such bad experiences there with readers. Maybe because it requires readers to buy the book? A lot of you can access this with internet. You can buy internet. Why can’t you buy a book? A single book? And then go on a revenge by giving me a bad review that can lower the visibility and reputation of my book product(s). So, there are such people like that when they can’t get what they want. Or if anyone bought my book just to throw off bad review for fun, shame on the person who does it. Why would readers beg to read the full version of my book just to badmouth my book in the end? These kind of readers don't have conscience. Very shameful. I'd say my book doesn't match those kind of readers. I believe if we are meant to be, then we will be.

I notice I get more good experience here when I put my book for free. I’m happy that people are reading my book and enjoy it. But I can’t tolerate those who attack my books because of their personal problems. I spent a lot of energy and time to finish my book. Just put your shoes in my shoes. What do you feel if you go attacking an author just because you don’t want to buy her/his book? That’s childish and shameful behavior.

Hello, thank you for reading my romantic comedy book β€œWrite A Prisoner” for free since 2019! Now I’d like to start fully put this book on sale. You can still read my book by purchasing the physical copy or the eBook version on your local online bookstores. The book is available for purchase on Amazon, Google Books, Bookdepository, OpenTrolley, and other online retailers.

Write A Prisoner is adapted as an interactive game by Tales: Choose Your Own Story! The game is currently in beta version. It will be updated in the future for more episodes. You can install the app on Android or iOS.

I have a plan to write the sequel for this book. It will be about Messie and Joe’s after wedding life. I think it will be very intriguing to imagine what will happen when Messie tries to live alongside Joe’s rich family. Stay tuned.

Thank you for kindly supporting me. Your enthusiasm means the world to me, I well appreciate it. Have a nice day!

Best regards;

Keefe R.D

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