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5. Fresh Start

It’s Friday morning, she still has to go to work. When she arrives at the office, all of her co-workers have gone hectic with the internet problem. The technical team says something gone wrong with the system, and perhaps, it may take some days to fix the issues. Therefore, all the peer therapists are forced to return home today.

With one day off from the office, she’s half happy, but half insecure. It’s all because she keeps thinking about the Penpal program; whether she continues writing a letter or not. Now, she starts jittering on her knees. She fears the idea of visiting Ottawa County Jail, which is very far away from New York, and she can’t risk another dollar to spend.

Libby and other co-workers ask her to join their breakfast at this funky restaurant near the office, but she refuses, instead bluffing about the money she has to save for other stuff. Whatsoever, it’s not at all about the money, knowing the cost of breakfast won’t be that expansive like in the five-stars hotel she usually visits for her own selfish indulgency.

Especially when she’s remembering the exclusive offer of participating in the Penpal interview, which again, if she enters, she needs to spend money for the flight ticket. Bruce Wells told her the other night; the advance event of Penpal interview will be held three days, starting this Friday. She can choose whichever day she is available. And surely, she doesn’t have any schedule this morning with TalkPeers website still under maintenance.

The event itself is free of cost, but it’s not about the cost anymore, it’s about her pride.

The more she remembers about Mister J. Mark’s letters, and for all of his ill-manner words, she gets pissed off, tremendously. Never in her life, has she encountered a stranger with such an annoying personality, if she may assume more about him.

Because of her insecurity, she calls Bruce Wells again, only to confirm if she can bail on the event and write a letter again. Then he suggests her if she wants to exchange letter with other inmate other than Joey Dayson Mark. He’s afraid that she may get uncomfortable, since he also admits that Mister J. Mark is not a person that easy to deal with, in other words, his personality is much more complicated.

It takes a few seconds for her to contemplate her decision, but anyway, it’s been settled since the night she received his last letter. Something in the last paragraph of his letter has caught her off guard. He wrote; “May you find what you’re looking for” and maybe this is all what she’s been looking for. She needs a distraction from facing the reality of living in New York City; and the bills, the creditor, and just everything. She needs an escape button.

On the phone, Messie tells Bruce that it doesn’t matter. Mister J. Mark or anyone in the prison may as well be the same. She can’t even see their faces, which for a fact, the Penpal program doesn’t allow it either.

In the afternoon hour at her apartment, she writes a letter with her laptop instead in a traditional way. She needs a fresh start.

Dear Mister Joey Dayson Mark;

I honor your bravery on apologizing to me, although seemingly you’re not being sincere after all, well, it doesn’t matter. You’re a challenge for me.

Let’s have a fresh start, Mister.

Seems likely you’re being forced into this Penpal program, huh? I think my guess is highly accurate. I can tell a person’s character by their handwriting, and by how he structures his words, you know what I mean? Your supervisor says you’re a complicated person. And I already feel that first.

But, hey, I’m not writing to you this time for fighting with you. I offer you a friendship, well, as your Penpal, I’m ready to share my real life story.

The ugly truth is; I feel consumed by the idea of self-indulgence. I’ll go to the extra miles for having the luxury of life. But do you know where it led me now? The great debt of bills. Yeah, just like everyone says; bill comes due. Living in New York City is a real burden, but it’s also a heavenly place for me. Cannot you imagine what else have I achieved to live here? A cold sweat, fear, and trepidation.

If you’re not ready to write back to me, that’s fine. I get it anyway, I’m the one who got mad in the first place. Thank you for praying on my days here. I wish for you too, the best of all things.


Messie Denver

Friday, 02 September 2016

Gramercy Park, Manhattan, New York City

At the time she’s done writing the letter, she receives a text message from Libby, asking whether she wants to join the town rooftop party tonight. It sounds intriguing to enjoy life once more, the party seems like a good idea to release stress.

The wild hectic party takes place in Libby’s apartment rooftop, which is just a couple block from Messie’s place. Gramercy Park seems wild for tonight with all teenagers occupying the land, and the electric music keeps filling the background, along with everyone’s noise.

“Messie, I know you’re coming!” Libby shouts from afar, waving her hand at her, while other hand bringing a cup of apricot tea.

“Hey, everyone’s invited, huh?” Messie mutters as her eyes are scanning the room, where young people dance along the electric music.

“Yeah, this party’s gonna be epic,” Libby says as she hands her another cup of apricot tea available from the nearest table.

“Look at there—” Messie’s half smiling when she notices the presence of the black magic woman, as everyone also calls her, “Lisa the Voodoo woman, our Haitian boss seems enjoying the party as well.”

Libby chuckles along, and says, “Oh, Messie, darling, it’s not like this is your first time coming to a local party. Sometimes Lisa comes too, you know.”

Romantic couples are dancing, screaming, and making out. Just so crazy that most people getting drunk on the floor as the music gets louder in time.

People gathers in their own group, and so does Messie and Libby. They’re meeting their co-workers here. Everyone’s just having fun; no work, no stress.

The fun is in the air, until Libby taps her shoulder alertly.

“Uh, Messie—” her voice sounds worry for a second, “Isn’t that guy the one I met at your porch the other day? What the hell is he doing here?”

Messie tries to follow her gaze, and there she finds the shortest man in the room, wearing a baby blue shirt and denim jeans.

Under the spotlights, Messie just notices how perfect his strong jawline is, but somehow, he tries so hard to look cool with that overwhelming self-confidence, which makes him rather look geeky.

Messie already feels nervous. “Oh, no, I don’t think he’s gonna embarrassed me in here, right?”

“Okay, can you tell me who is he again?”

Messie narrows her eyes peevishly, and can’t assume whether Libby really forgets or she just tries to annoy her a little with that question.

She bends down a little to whisper in her ear, since Libby is shorter than her “—Mister Repo man.”

“Wait, Repo man? What are you saying—”

Before Libby continues on forgetting that it is a top secret matter, Messie covers her mouth hurriedly with only a bare hand.

Libby almost jerks off from the touch of her cold hand, then surprises fills her almond-shaped brown eyes when Messie warns her, “No one can know, remember?”

“Oh, okay—”

But that geeky guy already walks over, and he keeps smiling widely.

“My baby, did you miss me?” He asks, tries to look cool.

They burst to laugh out loud, right at his face after he has a nerve to ask confidently. And whenever he does that wide smile, he looks pretty creepy. They almost believe that he may be a psychopath.

“Why are you here?” Libby’s still curious. “I thought only the locals that are invited.”

“I am, darling. My place is not far from Gramercy Park. Well, if you want to visit my—”

Messie can’t handle the annoyance of facing his geeky manner anymore, so she takes over the conversation rashly, and says, “Just, can you go on with your life while we continue on enjoying this party without your presence?”

Slightly, he looks hurt when she says that, but then he manages to smile.

“Gladly, Ladies.”

He walks away to grab a drink.

Libby still can’t understand with his strange behavior, so does Messie. They’re still watching him alertly, and somehow, they get the feeling it won’t be good when he starts occupying the dance floor all by himself, and looking really nerdy with that strange dance technic he invents.

Libby watches him dancing alone, then she murmurs, “Okay, he tries to do an electric dance, and with electric music, that’s just—”

“Archaic. That’s the right word to describe him,” says Messie, sarcastically.

If he tries anything silly in this party, they won’t even look at him, or making people think that they know him in person, because that would be too embarrassing.

“MESSIE, MY LOVE!” He suddenly exclaims, while still dancing among the crowd. “COME DANCE WITH ME. BE ROMANTIC PLEASE!”

People starts looking at him, and laughing altogether at his show.

“Oh, God,” Messie tries to cover her face with one hand.


He won’t stop mumbling, and embarrassing himself.

Some people start talking behind his back, of how nerdy he is, and crazy.

“Just, don’t look at him. Pretend you don’t know him at all,” Libby says, then she grabs another drink at the table.

Messie follows to stand near the table, and she listens to her advice—pretending as if he’s invisible in the room. But that won’t do, he approaches them, and then he stares at Messie for a second.

“My lady, don’t you hear what I said?” He just won’t stop bugging her. “And don’t you forget, Miss Denver... you still owe me a date.”

Messie agapes. She doesn’t know what to say in return.

“How ridiculous of you!” Libby snarls. “Who do you think you are?”

He smiles widely again with his full lips. “I am Dan Jacob. The prince of your dream. And the man who shall bite the snake’s tongue for you. I am just so ready for this party, and so do you, darling.”

“Oh, gross!” Libby can’t handle him, she almost throws up to hear all that.

“Listen, I can’t now,” Messie says. “So, you better stop whatever you’re doing.”

For a second, he stares at her frozenly, then his smile turns mischievous as he whispers, “Have you used your discount coupons of bills, Miss Denver?”

Messieshushhim alertly, she looks really nervous.

“I will much appreciate it, if you return me the favor now,” he says calmly.

Libby steps forward to face him. “Are you threatening her?”

“Oh, no, surely I understand the girl’s problem. I just remind her, politely,” he still has a nerve to talk back.

“Alright, whatever, Mister Dan Jacob. Just be aware that I don’t care about your stupid invitation for a date, because I am so busy with life, earning money is all I can think for now,” Messie says.

“Oh, right,” he pretends to look surprise, “to pay your bills, am I right?”

Then he leaves them to dance along with a bunch of teenagers.

As they watch him from afar, he smiles again, mischievously this time.

At that time when everyone’s enjoying the party, he exclaims daringly, “MESSIE, JUST ACCEPT MY CONFESSION, BECAUSE YOU’LL REGRET IT LATER! JUST THINK ABOUT IT. THINK ABOUT ME, DARLING!”

And he keeps on and on, until his exclamation annoys almost everyone in the room. Some muscular black guys who sit together on the sofa raises up to approach him. They get mad at him, of course. But he won’t compromise, and still exclaiming to confess his undeniable love for Messie. Therefore, he gets dragged outside forcefully from the rooftop party by those muscular black guys.

“What a complete idiot,” Libby mutters, while shaking her head altogether.

“I know, huh? He’s super gross,” Messie adds.

And she feels relieved after seeing that strange guy gets kicked out from the party.

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