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Love is strange, isn't it? You want to cry holding that one person who makes you cry. It's funny how sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for is standing behind the trigger. 17 years old, Ariel Hastings comes to live in New York with her aunt Sophie and uncle John after her parents pass away in a car accident. She just wants to keep her head down and finish high school, but her life takes a drastic turn when for an assignment, she's paired with a certain dark haired, blue eyed boy who resembles her childhood friend, who was supposed to be dead years ago. Tyler Evans, the official bad boy of Redwood High, the renowned player who has slept with almost every girl in the school and is famous for his one night stands. He also happens to be involved with the mafia. And the worst of all, Ariel finds herself falling for him. Everything was great. Ariel was enjoying the life of her dreams. Until one day. One mistake to fall in love was all it took to leave her broken and shattered. This is a tale of love, friendship, heartbreak greed, jealousy and betrayal. It's about second chances that perhaps not all of us get in life. Cover by : Ammad Malik Profile : @DesignedUp Portfolio : Author's Note: This is my first novel, and I've put too much love and effort in writing it. I really hope you guys like it. Please give this book your love and support.

Romance / Drama
Baby doll
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"I remember the day when I met you. You were new and a charming one. I remember the day I came to talk to you. You just pushed down a girl on a hip of sand. I remember the day I asked you to be my friend,you were all happy to accept my offer."

"I remember the day when we became close friends. We were so happy to get each other. I remember the day we both declared ourselves, best friends forever. "

"We were in the basketball court, but we were playing football. I remember the day in the cold winter morning, we were freezing to the ground. I remember the day on my birthday in my house. It was my first birthday with you. "

"I remember the the day before the final exam, we were both tension free. I remember the day before Christmas, we were so excited about it."

"I remember the days in the hot weather, we were tormented by the heat."

"I remember the days we spent together, you were always by my side. But I want to forget the days I spent without you, not having you by my side.

"I want to forget the day I saw you for the last time, you were in my favourite coloured dress. I want to forget the day I was walking alone in the fiery autumn road. "

"I remember all the good moments that we spent together. But I want to forget that you left me alone in this selfish world. You were the first and last who created a special place in my life.

Tyler Evans, the international mafia, feared by everyone. He's a terror. Even the simple mention of his name is enough to make powerful, experienced men run for the hills.

He's cruel, ruthless and would go to any lengths to get what he wanted. And whosoever dared to come in his way, wouldn't live to see the light the next day.

In other words he ruled the world and who is foolish enough to try to stop him?

But what changed when a certain girl barged into his life? She came in like a tornado, swirled everything around. And when the storm finally stopped, everything seemed different. Everything changed.

Is the purity of soul and innocence of this girl enough to bring the international mafia Lord to his knees? After everything that destiny has thrown their way, will her unconditional love be enough to teach his cold heart to beat again? Will she will be able to rewrite their incomplete story?

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