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Chapter 7 One day

I thought it was of no use to fall asleep right now, it would only make it harder to wake up at six. So I kept pacing back and forth between the four walls of my room. I thought of calling Savanna or Mike, but it would be unwise to wake them up from their sweet slumber, just because I decided to spend the night out.

I spend some quality time, playing games on my computer, but got bored with it pretty quickly. I checked out my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account, but there wasn't much to do there either. I didn't have much of an active social life, my studies and grades always kept me occupied.

I spent the rest of the night thinking about my time with Tyler and unknowingly opened the book of poems. I read a few lines. A card fell from the book. I opened it, my eyes fell on something and immediately closed it.

I again opened it and looked at the top of the card only to find a handwritten dedication, "My love- from Nicole ". I quickly closed the card again. The strong, clear and bold handwriting made me uneasy, as if intruding into someone's private life.

It was a valentines day card, I wonder who Nicole was. I wonder if she was close to Tyler, was she his girlfriend? I couldn't help the sudden pang of jealousy that hit my chest.

Tyler wasn't my boyfriend, I know I had no right to envy whosoever Nicole was. They had every right to be together but I couldn't visualise Tyler with another girl , no matter how hard I tried. It would always leave an empty ,excruciating pain in my heart whenever the slightest thought of Tyler ever disappearing from my life would bring.

It was more or less his fault, I tried to walk away from him, he didn't let me go. Now he has to bear with me his whole life. I know we belong to two different worlds but one day we will be together.

"One day", I whispered, hugging the soft toy baby panda close to my heart. Leaning on the headboard, I played played the recorded voice again and again. Hearing his calming voice helped sooth my aching heart.

I looked at my bedside clock, it was finally five minutes past six. I decided it was finally time to get ready for the new day. I went to take a shower, after I was done, I decided to wear my black skinny jeans with a white laced crop top and matched it with a pair of ankle boots. I tied my hair in a top knot and went down for breakfast.

Since no one was there, I decided to explore the kitchen and perhaps find something to eat as well. I was hungry. As I entered the kitchen Reshma's figure came into view, she was cooking something.

"Hmm, what's that delicious smell of?", I asked taking a whiff mouth watering smell, which filled the kitchen. "Oh!",she shrieked, jumping a feet above the ground. "Sorry to have startled you. I was just hungry and since no one was there in the house. I thought I would find something nice to eat in the kitchen. ",I apologised, I shouldn't have scared her like that. By the look on her face, it's very clear that she was very close to a severe heart attack.

"Oh, it's all right dear. I wasn't expecting anybody to be here right now. Mr and Mrs Roosevelt aren't home and I thought you were asleep. I was actually about to wake you up after finishing with the breakfast. But you are early today, is there anything special? ",she asked.

"No nothing special. By the way what are you making for breakfast? ",I asked in a cheerful tone. Who would have guessed, that a sleep loving person like me could be so full of life in the morning after missing out on her sleep. And all of that because I had a night out with Tyler Evans.

"Pancakes, do you like it? I thought it would be nice to have something different, once in a while ",she said. "Yes, I love pancakes. My mom used to cook it for me all the time.", I replied wiping off the single tear that rolled down my cheeks, I really missed her.

"I heard about their accident from Mrs Roosevelt. I am so sorry for your loss",she said, giving a tight squeeze to my hand. There was sympathy in her eyes. I shouldn't have brought up that topic, now she would feel bad about it the whole day.

"ah! And there I've spoiled your mood as well. Let's eat the breakfast before it gets cold", I said and took the plate with the pancakes and the syrup to the table, before she could protest. Reshma followed behind with some cutlery.

After placing them on the table I grabbed the nearest chair I could get and sat down. Reshma began serving me, but after she was done she was about to move out the door. I called out to her. "Where are you going? won't you have breakfast? ",I asked thinking that she might have already had breakfast.

"No, I'm fine",she replied turning around, towards my direction. " why don't you it with me? ",I offered, thinking that she might feel uneasy sharing breakfast with me. Since I was still somewhat a stranger to her. But I guess I anticipated it wrong, the actual reason was something else. "Because I work for your uncle and aunt, how can I have breakfast with you! ",she tried to reason.

But I wasn't backing away easily either. "But that's just rubbish! Take a seat right now or I will think you haven't forgiven me for my behaviour on the first day we met till now ",I said, trying to persuade her.

"Okay! okay! I'll have breakfast with you. Such a drama queen! ",she said rolling her eyes, to which I just gave out a full bloomed laughter as she took her seat beside me. I was clearly overjoyed with my victory.

My first day here was actually a disaster. I shut everyone out, and refused to come out even for dinner. I clearly remember, I had red, swollen eyes and tear stained cheeks. I surely must be looking like a walking dead. We didn't even have the perfect introduction. She must have been very afraid to be in my near visinity that day.

After we were done, I helped Reshma to wash the plates, but not before complementing her for that delicious breakfast.

"you didn't come down for dinner last night, that's why you must have woken up so early, due to hunger",she said as we were done with the last plate. "Yes, I was studying in my room, didn't realise when I drifted off to sleep", I said, trying to hide the actual fact that I was out the whole night, well most of the night.

"Well, where has everyone suddenly vanished to? ", I asked as I was drying the last spoon she handed me, with a towel. "As you know, your aunt is still in Tokyo. And your uncle is very busy now a days with a new case. Yesterday, he came home around four thirty, and that too just to fetch an important file. Both of them are very busy. ",she said the last line as a matter of factly.

I wondered what she was doing at that time of the night. Reshma was more like my parlour maid. She was hired to help me with my daily activities, when I first came here. Since uncle and aunt couldn't be here most of the time, she was supposed to look after my needs. However, she turned out to be an amazing cook, and she was assigned the all times duty meals, especially for me, since uncle and aunt would remain out most days. But the thing is, she would always go back to her apartment at night, after cooking dinner for me. But I thought asking her would be rude, so I kept that thought to myself.

"So I think I'll head for school ",I said, walking out of the kitchen, with her following close behind me. "Oh! You have school, right? But Morris has gone to deliver some files to Mr Roosevelt. It might take him some time. Should I call him? ",she asked indicating to her phone.

"Oh no, it's fine. Since I'm early today, I would rather like to have a nice morning walk. It's really good for health, you know. ", I said, relief evident in my voice. Now I wouldn'thave to make any unreasonable excuse to Mr Morris for not accompanying me.

"Are you sure, Ell? It won't be a problem to call him ",she asked, concern laced her tone. "Yes, I'm fairly acquainted with the roads by now. And after the accident, I actually like to avoid cars as much as possible ",I told her honestly. It was true, although I didn't have any phobia towards cars, but whenever I would sit inside one, the memories of that night would come gushing in.

Numerous times, when Mr Morris dropped me to school or some other places, if I sat quietly, the scenes of that fateful night would occupy my mind. And if I dared peek at the driver's seat, two familiar faces would come into view, smiling and chatting to their heart's content. Never anticipating for a single moment that it might be their last.

But when I was with Tyler, it was different. I didn't feel alone. And there wasn't space for a single sad memory, to corrupt my mind and soul. When I am with him, only he occupies my head. I always feel comfortable and safe when I'm with him. It may seem crazy for me to be affected so much by a murderer. But the thing is I don't regret it a bit. I know it's insane, but that's just the way it is.

Few things in life happen unplanned, and my friendship with Tyler was one of them. We can control our mind but we can't control our heart. One moment it's there with you and the next, it belongs to someone else. Love makes us do crazy things, even after knowing that we might get hurt, we still fall head over heels for that one person.

Was Tyler that one person for me, I don't know. Was I already falling for him, I don't know. But yes, there was certainly some kind of connection between us. It felt like we've known each other for years, but the memories have washed off from our minds.

I moved out of the house after wishing Reshma "bye" and "have a nice day ",which she returned with a smile. After a ten minutes walk I was standing in front of the flower shop, hopefully the one Tyler had mentioned. I couldn't be mistaken since he said it was the only one here. I was still deciding on whether I should get in or just wait for him outside.

As I wasn't going to buy anything I decided on waiting outside. Even if I wanted I couldn't buy anything, since I didn't have the money. I am not saying that I have nothing but it's very limited. I would have to spend it as judiciously as possible.

I didn't want to ask from uncle or aunt, they have already done enough for me. Although I'm sure they would definitely give me money to spend, even if I don't ask for it, and it won't be less. They forgot about it now, since both of them were so busy with their work. They care too much about me, their affecting has grown more after the accident. Not that I take any advantage of it, I thank God every day for having such loving people in my life.

I took out my phone and dialed Tyler's number. He picked up after two rings, "hello?",I heard his voice from the other side."hey Tyler, it's me me, Ariel. I'm standing before the shop you mentioned yesterday. ",I said. "Yeah, Ari, I'll be there in a minute, okay ",he said before ending the call.

A lady seemingly in her mid forties, suddenly came out of the shop with a baseball bat in her hands "If you're planning on breaking into my shop, I'm telling you I'm a black belt in karate.",she threatened.

"Oh, no no! I was just waiting for my friend Tyler ",I said taking a step back, incase she decided to attack. "I'm so sorry! You were standing here for so long I thought you were planning on stealing something ",she said putting down the bat.

"It's all right. If someone was standing like this in front of my house, I might have thought them to be a thief as well ", I said, although my heart was still palpitating at the speed of light.

"So you are Tyler's friend, huh?", she asked, which I responded a nod of my head. "My name is Rachel ",she said extending her hand for a handshake. "Nice to meet you Rachel, my name is Ariel, but you may call me Ell ",I said, shaking her extended hand.

"So you are Tyler's friend, I didn't know he had any friends. Well come in then",she offered leading me inside the shop. It wasn't medium sized, with a counter on the left side. The shop was was beautifully decorated in different variety of exquisite flowers. Especially, the roses, they were my favourite.

"Do you know that each flower has a different meaning. For instance, the yellow roses stand for friendship and happiness. Whereas, the pink roses stand for elegance, beauty and grace.",she said, as I was admiring the roses. The lavender roses caught my attention. "what do they symbolise? ",I asked pointing at them.

"They stand for fascination and adoration. If someone sends you these roses, it means that they have fallen in love with you at the first sight. But in your case, someone might send it you, because it matches your eye colour, without any other intentions. ",she said.

"Oh I see ", I said, turning to look at the red ones. I didn't realise she had already noticed the colour of my eyes. "I thought red roses symbolised love ",I said after admiring them for a few seconds. "yes they do, they represent love and administration, but not necessarily love at first sight. Many people don't know about it ",she replied.

She continued, "There are so much to know about flowers, every thing about them has a meaning. Even by the number of flowers someone sends you, you can understand the motive of the sender. One red rose means that 'I love you', two red roses mean 'be mine' and so on. And a bouquet of two or more flowers may be send to represent mixed feelings. Like a bouquet of red and white roses could be sent to mean' I love you 'and my feelings for you are honest '."

Our discussion was interrupted by the sudden ringing of the bell which was hung above the door, and would make noise whenever someone opened the door. Tyler entered into the shop with a basket in his hand, the chihuahuas were in it.

Oh my! They are so adorable! ",Rachel rushed to take them from his hand. "Where did you find them?",she asked Tyler. "Actually Ari found them, or more precisely made me steal them from a research centre. I see, you've already met her.",he said indicating me.

"Yes, I have just met her a few minutes ago, or I guess attacked her with a baseball bat would be more accurate. ",she said with a smirk, giving a quick glance at my direction.

Seeing the confused look on his face, I explained, " she thought I was a thief ". "But I wasn't completely wrong either, she did steal the chihuahuas ",Rachel protested.

"But it's a good thing that you did, you saved two lives.", she said with a smile, after placing the basket on the counter. That's when a man entered the shop, making us divert our attention towards him. "I need a bouquet of red roses, it's my girlfriend's birthday, today ", he said excitedly, to Rachel.

"Well, Rachel we need to go or we will be late for school. I just thought I'd leave them with you, since you're an animal lover.", Tyler said, placing his hand around my waist.

"Okay, have a nice day, then. And Ell visit again. ",she said as Tyler opened the door. "sure, and it was nice to meet you again, Rachel.", I said turning around. "And thank you again for the chihuahuas ",she said. "You are most welcome ",Tyler said with a smile before existing the shop, with his hand still around my waist.

I didn't seem to mind though. I did blush a little in the shop, which I'm pretty sure Rachel wouldn't have missed to notice. But after some time, it felt really casual, and not something to be blushing that much for. I know, I have officially lost it, right? Definitely so, or else how could I let someone I've just met- more or less still a stranger to me -to have that influence over my brain, heart and soul.

"Do you believe this stupid stuff, buying a bouquet of red roses for your girlfriend ", Tyler said agitatedly, once we were out of the shop. "I think it's kind of cute. His girlfriend will definetely love it.", I said thinking about about the huge smile on his girlfriend's face, when she will get the bouquet.

"I still think it's useless ", Tyler said, looking at me. "That's because you've never been in love before. When you will meet that one person, who will make your life special, all these won't seem useless anymore. Her happiness will matter to you more than anything else in the world. ",I said looking in his eyes. Although I couldn't help the sudden pang of jealousy, which enveloped me when I imagined him with another girl.

"I don't think so. I don't believe in love. I was trained to not fall in love. ",he said, and I could see him clenching his jaw, from the side. I already knew about his one night stands, and how he would use the girls for his amusement and then leave them. But I guess, here he was referring about how he was trained to not feel any pain for the people he killed. That was understandable, because if he did, it would make it much more difficult for him to kill them.

It was actually strange how we would read each others thoughts without the help of much conversation.

"Few things in life happen unplanned. You can't decide whether to fall in love or not, it just suddenly happens, one day. One moment, your heart is with you and the next it belongs to someone else. ",I said, trying to alter his mind. But by the look on his face, he surely wasn't buying any of it.

So I continued, approaching differently, this time. "god gave us everything in pairs, you see. Two legs, two hands, two eyes, two ears and so on. Then why do you think he gave us one heart? ",I asked. He stopped in his track and seemed to think for a while but gave up soon enough.

"Why?",he asked, turning to look at me. "Because he gave the other one to someone else for us to go find and complete ourselves ", I said with a smirk. "we will see about that. ",he said before grabbing my hand and leading me to his car.

"One day you will find that other heart Tyler, that beats like your own", I said as he opened the door for me to get in.

"One day ", he said, shaking his head before getting inside the car.

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